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Black Bolt – Inhumans Checklist


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The Inhumans movie will be arriving in 2019. By then, Infinity War part II will have hit the screen. A question one may ask here is, will the Inhumans pick up where the Avengers movies cease? Short answer, probably yes. Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man (additions Wasp, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision) will fill in the new Avengers team roster after the current team is dismantled in Infinity War I & II. The Avengers can and will continue with an all new lineup one day, but until then, the Inhumans will probably take the mantle for a while. It makes total sense here. Some of the Avenger stars have become way too big for their roles, commanding more money and are also getting “older” as the series progresses. Remember when the phase just started? Chris Evans? Chris Hemsworth? Scarlett Johansson? Robert Downey Jr.? And the list goes on. No one really knew if any of this would work. It did. Now that “it did” and the success has and will run its course, ending with Infinity War II (2019), the only logical monetary thing to do is…..start over. Enter the Inhumans.

Since we all know that Marvel does not own the rights to the X-Men, this will be their workaround. Their version of the X-Men and come hell or high water, Marvel will make this work. Just to drive home a point that they don’t need the X-Men, they have the Inhumans.

It’s all going to start the same way it all began back in 2008 with Robert Downey Jr. Get that name everyone recognizes and get it to work. So with the Inhumans, the character that needs to be front/center and to work is Black Bolt. He’s the leader of the Inhumans. The King of Attilan. Who will be chosen to lead the way to another successful 11 year (more or less) run? Black Bolt will be the next “Tony Stark” because of the lead in to introduce the next phase. The character (the team) will play an intricate role in setting the table for everyone to follow.

The Avengers Infinity War parts I & II will probably (most likely) end many of the Marvel on screen careers. Our favorite characters will be gone. Marvel will set a new precedence in offing characters at a ridiculous clip. The reality is, Robert, Chris, Scarlett, Jeremy and all the others who have been around these movies for years are going to move on eventually to other roles other than superheroes. What better way to add finality to an unprecedented run than sending our heroes to sacrifice themselves against the greatest threat the planet and universe has ever seen, Thanos. Do not kid yourselves, there will be many deaths in the Infinity War parts I & II. In actuality, there has to be. The stadium is over capacity. There has to be closure so that the new blood can come in. That new blood being the Inhumans.

So in 2019, it’s all going to come to a head. 11 years to arrive to the greatest battle of all time. The greatest battle in cinema since dad and son went at it with their Lightsabers. It’s going to take every character fans have seen throughout the years and mash them into two movies. The Avengers cannot and will not defeat Thanos alone. Not happening. The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Winter Solider, Loki, Spider-Man, Warlock and so many more will probably appear in both films. Most will not make it to the next phase.

The comic book speculator has four years to compile their Inhumans comics library. What InvestComics has given the speculative community throughout our ten years is the ability to buy low and….sell high. This checklist is just that. Some of these books are movers right now, but their value in four years time will be immensely different. Tremendous upside here. Yes the first appearance of the Inhumans might be a bit pricey now, but it will not be anywhere near as close to the price it is now when 2019 rolls around. Think big. Think X-Men #1 (1963) or Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975). Marvel Studios’ version of the X-Men will become the next big franchise, do not miss this boat. Inhumans will be huge.

Most of these books if not all of them are extremely affordable…..for now. As time beckons, as news breaks, as announcements are made, as villains are cast, as the Infinity War movie starts coming into light, the Inhumans will become more and more of a household name and you will be very late to the party if you put things on hold until then. Be sure to thank InvestComics for throwing this early party now when the time comes.

As always, there will be missed books within the checklist below. We’re Inhuman, Ha! See what we did there?! There are many books listed. All kinds of first appearances, key issues and cool books in general. We simply do not know what the Inhumans movie will bring, so we tried to cover as many bases as possible for the speculator. If you have a comic you’d like to add, please help the fellow speculators in listing it below in the comment section. AND PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER on this site.

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Fantastic Four 47 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four 45 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four 46 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four 44 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four 36 InvestComics

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Fantastic Four #36 (1965) The first appearance of Medusa. Black Bolt’s main squeeze. Brought to us by the creative team of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Fantastic Four #44 (1965) The first appearance of Black Bolt’s bodyguard (cousin) Gorgon.

Fantastic Four #45 (1965) First appearance of Black Bolt (cameo) and the first appearance of the Inhumans team. Lee, Kirby and Sinnott. A must own comic if you are truly in the speculative market. This comic also serves as the first appearances of Triton and Karnak. Must own.

Fantastic Four #46 (1966) First full appearance of Black Bolt. His first cover as well. Same creative team as the previous issues and the same speculative rules apply as well. A must own here.

Fantastic Four #47 (1966) Every hero needs an adversary. A sibling at that. In this issue, Black Bolt’s insane brother makes his debut; Maximus. This comic also has the first mention and appearance of the land called Attilan.

Huk Special 1 InvestComics

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Thor 148 InvestComics

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Thor 149 InvestComics

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Thor 150 InvestComics

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Marvel Super Heroes 15 InvestComics

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Thor #148 (1968) The first of three consecutive, most desirable comics to own (besides the first appearance) if one is collecting key Black Bolt books. The origin of Black Bolt starts here (in a backup story). Still very affordable right now, but this will in fact change. This is also the first appearance of the Wrecker. An absolute non-factor because this comic will triple in value in a few years because of the Black Bolt origin, not because of the Wrecker. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Thor #149 (1968) The continuation of Black Bolt’s origin. Must own.

Thor #150 (1968) The Inhumans origin. Must own.

Marvel Super-Heroes #15 (1968) First solo Medusa story. Black Bolt appearance.

Incredible Hulk Special #1 (1968) Hulk vs the Inhumans. Classic Steranko cover.

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Amazing Adventures 9 InvestComics

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Avengers 95 InvestComics

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Iron Man 57 InvestComics

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Marvel Team-Up 11 InvestComics

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Silver Surfer 18 InvestComics

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Silver Surfer #18 (1970) Black Bolt and the Inhumans appear in the Silver Surfer series.

Amazing Adventures #9 (1971) The first solo Black Bolt/Inhumans comic.

Avengers #95 (1972) Another important comic because of the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s going to take more than just the Avengers team to defeat Thanos in Infinity Wars parts I and II. Will the Inhumans join in the fight along side the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy? Maybe. Maybe not, but this comic here is the first Avengers book the Inhumans appear in. Neal Adams art, Roy Thomas writes and John Buscema provides the cover. It’s also an origin story on Black Bolt and Maximus. Another must buy here.

Iron Man #57 (1973) Black Bolt/Inhumans first appear in an Iron Man book.

Marvel Team-Up #11 (1973) First appearance with Spider-Man. John Romita Sr. cover.

Inhumans 1 InvestComics

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Inhumans 3 InvestComics

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Inhumans 10 InvestComics

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Inhumans 11 InvestComics

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Captain Marvel 53 InvestComics

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Inhumans #1 (1975) The first team solo comic. First appearance of Iridia.

Inhumans #3 (1976) First appearances of Falzon, Shatterstar and Phae-Dor.

Inhumans #10 (1977) First appearances of Skorn and Mon-Tog.

Inhumans #11 (1977) The first appearance of Korath The Pursuer.

Captain Marvel #53 (1977) Black Bolt teams with Captain Marvel. Art by Al Milgrom and cover by Gil Kane.

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Daredevil 272 InvestComics

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Daredevil 279 InvestComics

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Dazzler Black Bolt InvestComics

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New Warriors Black Bolt InvestComics

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The Inhumans Graphic Novel InvestComics

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Dazzler #19 (1982) Here’s a rare odd appearance. Danny Fingeroth writes, John Romita Jr./Bob Wiacek cover art.

Daredevil #272 (1989) First time in a Daredevil comic. Art and cover art; John Romita Jr.

The Inhumans Marvel Graphic Novel (1988) The first appearance of Black Bolt’s son Ahura.

Daredevil #279 (1990) The first comic book appearance of Ahura (Black Bolt’s son).

The New Warriors #6 (1990) Black Bolt/Inhumans appearance. Mark Bagley art/cover.

Inhumans_Vol_2_1.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans vol 2 2 InvestComics

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Marvel Comics Presents 168 InvestComics

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Guardians of the Galaxy 27 InvestComics

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Alpha Flight Inhumans Annual InvestComics

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Guardians Of The Galaxy #27 (1992) Inhumans appearance. First time in a GOTG book.

Marvel Comics Presents #168 (1994) A Black Bolt/Inhumans story. Black Bolt cover.

Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual (1998) The first (and last?) team up of these two teams.

Inhumans Vol 2 #1 (1998) Marvel Knights series imprint begins. First appearances of Aeric and Marista. A classic Jae Lee cover.

Inhumans Vol 2 #2 (1998) First appearances; Neifi, Tonaja, Woz, Nahress, Carthus, Kalikya and Dinu.

Inhumans_Vol_2_5.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans_Vol_2_6.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans_Vol_2_7.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans V 3 1.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans V 3 2.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans Vol 2 #5 (1999) First appearances of Elejea, Mendicus and Black Widow;Yelena Belova.

Inhumans Vol 2 #6 (1999) First appearance of Veritus and Naanis.

Inhumans Vol 2 #7 (1999) First appearances of Belial Toiven and Rexel.

Inhumans Vol 3 #1 (2000) First appearances of Arvak, Dine and Ikarys.

Inhumans Vol 3 #2 (2000) First appearances of P’krrd, G’anym and Master Shakati.

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Incredible Hulk 92 InvestComics

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New Avengers 7 InvestComics

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Inhumans_Vol_4_1.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans_Vol_4_2.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans V 3 4.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumans Vol 3 #4 (2000) First appearances of Boeder and Eson.

Inhumans Vol 4 #1 (2003) First appearances of San, Alaris, Nallo and Senschi.

Inhumans Vol 4 #2 (2003) First Jolen.

The New Avengers #7 (2005) An important comic if (when) the Planet Hulk movie ever comes to fruition. InvestComics called the Planet Hulk movie years and years and years ago. We’re the best for a reason! The Illuminati first appear in this issue and guess who is on that board? Yep, Black Bolt.

Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) …And here’s the first Planet Hulk comic Black Bolt appears in with the Illuminati.


Incredible Hulk 100 InvestComics

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New Avengers Illuminati 1 InvestComics

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Silent_War_Vol_1_1.jpg InvestComics

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Silent_War_Vol_1_2.jpg InvestComics

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Black Panther 18 InvestComics

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Black Panther #18 (2006) First time appearing in a Black Panther title. Civil War crossover book. And Black Panther weds Storm. Awww…..

New Avengers Illuminati #1 (2006) The Illuminati get their own book. Might be only a dollar in some places right now for this comic, but this comic will explode once the Planet Hulk is announced. Could be years for that to happen, but when it does…….look out.

Incredible Hulk #100 (2007) First World War Hulk appearance.

Silent War #1 (2007) First appearances of Kurani and Avia.

Silent War #2 (2007) First appearances of Somnus and Desidera.

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Silent_War_Vol_1_4.jpg InvestComics

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Guardians of the Galaxy 13 InvestComics

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Secret_Invasion_Inhumans_Vol_1_1.jpg InvestComics

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Secret_Invasion_Inhumans_Vol_1_3.jpg InvestComics

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War of Kings Saga 1 InvestComics

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Silent War #4 (2007) First appearance of The Pacifiers. Awesome John Watson cover.

Secret Invasion Inhumans #1 (2008) First appearances of Flugron and the Inhuman Royal Family Skrull. The Skrull dies in the very next issue.

Secret Invasion Inhumans #3 (2008) The first appearance of Pelagians and the Pelagia location.

War of Kings Saga #1 (2009) First time The Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy (current team, minus Starlord/Groot) are in the same book.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 (2009) Black Bolt/Inhumans appear with the current GOTG lineup in a Guardians book.

Realm_of_Kings_Inhumans_Vol_1_3.jpg InvestComics

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Realm_of_Kings_Inhumans_Vol_1_1.jpg InvestComics

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Realm_of_Kings_Inhumans_Vol_1_4.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumanity_Vol_1_1.jpg InvestComics

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Inhumanity_Vol_1_2.jpg InvestComics

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Realm of Kings Inhumans #1 (2010) First appearance of Raankor.

Realm of Kings Inhumans #3 (2010) First appearance of Cteno.

Realm of Kings Inhumans #4 (2010) First Dendrok.

Inhumanity #1 (2014) First Petras.

Inhumanity #2 (2014) First appearances of Drive and Jim.

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Inhuman_Vol_1_1.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_Vol_1_2.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_Vol_1_3.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_vol_1_4.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_Vol_1_5.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman #1 (2014) First appearances of Agent Mason, Dante, Lash and Gabriela.

Inhuman #2 (2014) First appearances of Vinatos, Chynae and the new Attilan.

Inhuman #3 (2014) First appearances of Sterilon, Korvostax and Mother Bones.

Inhuman #4 (2014) First appearances of Xiaoyi and Forey.

Inhuman #5 (2014) An appearance by an unnamed NuHuman. Never know who later on this could be.

Inhuman_Vol_1_7.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_Vol_1_9.jpg InvestComics

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Inhuman_Vol_1_11.jpg InvestComics

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Deadpools Secret Secret Wars 1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid










Inhuman #7 (2014) First appearances; Auran, Nur and the New Attilan Force.

Inhuman #9 (2014) First Ennilux Corporation, The Capo and Xiaoyi as Iso.

Inhuman #11 (2015) First appearance of Bryan Horowitz.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1 (2015) Black Blot and the Inhumans first appearance in a Deadpool book. It could be the first time they meet up actually.


Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz


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Rocket Raccoon – Checklist

Rocket Raccoon is set to make Disney a lot of money.  If they can pull it off there is no ceiling for this wise ass, gun toting animal.  But unlike many other Marvel properties that have been translated to the big screen there are few appearances of the furry outlaw prior to 2006.  The time to hoard these comics was 6 months ago and now comics like Marvel Preview 7 and Hulk 271 are nowhere to found.  Since the first GOTG trailer certain comics have tripled in value.  There is still time to find some of these for very little money and even if you don’t collect comics you might be surprised to learn where RR has appeared in the past!

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Quasar 15


The RR 1980’s mini is finally seeing the  internet sales action its deserves.  So why no love for this comic especially with a Mignola cover?  Note:  Mignola also did the mini-series.

Contest of Champions 3


This odd formula has since become a favorite of writers.  Series like there are usually full of both popular and obscure characters which might be why he’s said to be in this issue.  So far this one is not confirmed.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

She-Hulk 44,45,46

Rocket Raccoon in She-Hulk?!  What’s next, Dazzler?  This isn’t the last time RR appears in a She-Hulk comic either!

Incredible Hulk 272


Ok so 271 is a monster, we all know that.  High grade sales are now well over 100 on Ebay and only look to go higher but did you know RR also briefly appears in issue 272!

GOTG ( 2008 ) 1,1 2nd print


In 2008 Marvel gave us the greatest incarnation of the GOTG to date.  All this happened on the heels of one of the best cosmic crossovers ever done in comics.  If you go back and read Annihilation and others you will not be disappointed  and it’s no surprise that Marvel has based it’s current cosmic plans around these characters.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Annihilation Conquest 6


Debate is already raging over this one.  Is it the first appearance of the 2008 GOTG or not?  Whatever the market decides this comic is a key origin issue and leads directly into issue one of the 2008 series.

Annihilators 3 Variant


This one is starting to see some heat but is still affordable enough to buy cheap and hold.  It features Rocket’s origin and is a tough variant to track down.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Starlord 1 0f 4


This issue is important as it relates to Rocket’s relationship with Groot and other members of the team and their origin.

Exiles 73 ( newsstand only ) Note: I could only find the Direct Edition for a photo so do not use the picture below if you actually go looking for this comic.  Newsstands will NOT say direct edition next to the barcode.


There is a significant market for collectors of alternate reality comics.  Exiles was once considered to be one of Marvel’s finest comics.  Though there are few issues which hold any real value there are some yummy nuggets if you know where to look.  Take this issue for example, a rare RR appearance lies within.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Marvel Age 25


Another early RR appearance on a cover!

Universe X 5


Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.


Comic Broker Report – January 2013

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( January )

By Topher Seal

     The Guardian of the Galaxy have a long history.  Since their first incarnation in Marvel Super-Heroes  they have appeared in many titles and stared in their own series. But when Marvel announced the production of a feature film even the most die hard Starlord fans must have been surprised.  Thankfully Marvel has a plan and it seems to center around Thanos-Marvel’s biggest, baddest cosmic despot.  We can also be thankful that the team will be based on Dan Abnett’s acclaimed series which followed the Annihilation crossover event.

     It’s time now to give those of us who collect comic books the run down on the Guardians of The Galaxy.  You may not be the only one wondering how a super tree and a talking raccoon with big guns will translate to screen but before they do look for these comics in high grade.  Some will be worth flipping for fast cash right before the film hits while others should be stored neatly in your vault.

Marvel Super-Heroes 18 & Astonishing Tales 29

The cosmic defenders first appeared here and were later reprinted in Astonishing Tales 29.  Both are selling well beyond their true value, especially Heroes 18.  I have seen internet sales over 200 for the issue in VF.  The comic will continue to generate high sales even after the film comes out but A bomb in theaters will reduce the value of both.

marvel super heroes 18   astonishing 29

Bronze Age books can be a very lucrative investment.  Some of the most renown creators worked for Marvel and on comics featuring the Guardians.  Collectors will eventually be searching for more and more GOTG appearances so I suggest you start looking now.  Also a savvy collector should remember that there were pricing and regional variants for many comics from this era.

Marvel Presents 3-12 / The Avengers 167,168,170,173,177,181 / The Defenders 26-29 / Marvel Two In One 5,61,69 / Contest of Champions 3 / Marvel Team up 86 / Giant Size Defenders 5 / Thor Annual 6 etc.

13720-2681-15375-1-giant-size-defenders_super  Avengers 167  champions 3  team up 86

Subsequent decades were not kind to the Guardians.  Issues from Volume 1 hold little to no value unless you own a complete set.  There are exceptions though.  There are some Mark Jeweler variants of early issues, issues 25, 50 have newsstand variants and the last five issues had low print runs making them quite rare!  And you could buy these-

avengers log 1  marvel age 88  What if 39

Moving on to the current team ( which the film will be based on )

Annihilation Conquest 6

I have mentioned this comic before and I say again, this comic is primed to explode!  Issue 6 of this series is basically the first appearance of the new team.


This series ran for 25 issues.  Issue 1 is hot in high grade ( there is a 2nd print variant as well ) and the final issue features Thanos on the cover but it too has a variant worth purchasing.

guardians vol 2 1  guardians vol 2 25

As a bonus here are some truly rare and collectible GOTG comics!

These are my favorite UK Guardians of the Galaxy issues.  Good luck finding them in the states though!

2288819-sw73_super    marvel super heroes 362  Rampage monthly 2

First appearances of characters known to be in the film have already seen significant value increases.

First Groot


First Gamora


First Starlord


First Rocket Raccoon!


And finally if you are as big a Groot fan as I am you can look for these books!

Hulk Weekly 23,24  Uk 1979

Where Monsters Dwell 6

Weird Wonder Tales 19  ( Look for the Mark Jeweler as well )

Hulk Annual 5

Marvel Age 83

Spider-Man Team Up Special 1 2005

Supernaturals 4 1998  ( with mask! )