Comic Broker Report – January 2013

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( January )

By Topher Seal

     The Guardian of the Galaxy have a long history.  Since their first incarnation in Marvel Super-Heroes  they have appeared in many titles and stared in their own series. But when Marvel announced the production of a feature film even the most die hard Starlord fans must have been surprised.  Thankfully Marvel has a plan and it seems to center around Thanos-Marvel’s biggest, baddest cosmic despot.  We can also be thankful that the team will be based on Dan Abnett’s acclaimed series which followed the Annihilation crossover event.

     It’s time now to give those of us who collect comic books the run down on the Guardians of The Galaxy.  You may not be the only one wondering how a super tree and a talking raccoon with big guns will translate to screen but before they do look for these comics in high grade.  Some will be worth flipping for fast cash right before the film hits while others should be stored neatly in your vault.

Marvel Super-Heroes 18 & Astonishing Tales 29

The cosmic defenders first appeared here and were later reprinted in Astonishing Tales 29.  Both are selling well beyond their true value, especially Heroes 18.  I have seen internet sales over 200 for the issue in VF.  The comic will continue to generate high sales even after the film comes out but A bomb in theaters will reduce the value of both.

marvel super heroes 18   astonishing 29

Bronze Age books can be a very lucrative investment.  Some of the most renown creators worked for Marvel and on comics featuring the Guardians.  Collectors will eventually be searching for more and more GOTG appearances so I suggest you start looking now.  Also a savvy collector should remember that there were pricing and regional variants for many comics from this era.

Marvel Presents 3-12 / The Avengers 167,168,170,173,177,181 / The Defenders 26-29 / Marvel Two In One 5,61,69 / Contest of Champions 3 / Marvel Team up 86 / Giant Size Defenders 5 / Thor Annual 6 etc.

13720-2681-15375-1-giant-size-defenders_super  Avengers 167  champions 3  team up 86

Subsequent decades were not kind to the Guardians.  Issues from Volume 1 hold little to no value unless you own a complete set.  There are exceptions though.  There are some Mark Jeweler variants of early issues, issues 25, 50 have newsstand variants and the last five issues had low print runs making them quite rare!  And you could buy these-

avengers log 1  marvel age 88  What if 39

Moving on to the current team ( which the film will be based on )

Annihilation Conquest 6

I have mentioned this comic before and I say again, this comic is primed to explode!  Issue 6 of this series is basically the first appearance of the new team.


This series ran for 25 issues.  Issue 1 is hot in high grade ( there is a 2nd print variant as well ) and the final issue features Thanos on the cover but it too has a variant worth purchasing.

guardians vol 2 1  guardians vol 2 25

As a bonus here are some truly rare and collectible GOTG comics!

These are my favorite UK Guardians of the Galaxy issues.  Good luck finding them in the states though!

2288819-sw73_super    marvel super heroes 362  Rampage monthly 2

First appearances of characters known to be in the film have already seen significant value increases.

First Groot


First Gamora


First Starlord


First Rocket Raccoon!


And finally if you are as big a Groot fan as I am you can look for these books!

Hulk Weekly 23,24  Uk 1979

Where Monsters Dwell 6

Weird Wonder Tales 19  ( Look for the Mark Jeweler as well )

Hulk Annual 5

Marvel Age 83

Spider-Man Team Up Special 1 2005

Supernaturals 4 1998  ( with mask! )

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