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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for New Comic Releases on 9-25-13

(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments should be used as a judgement upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

It’s been a fantastic start of the week for InvestComics. That’s if Saturday and not Sunday is counted as the first day of the week on your calendar. For me, I’m counting Saturday as the first day because of the great things that happened and are on the horizon!

InvestComics Publications received the last shipment (First printing) of our first ever publications comic ‘The Dawning #1’. Look for an InvestComics Newsletter coming in your inbox to be the first to snag a copy! InvestComics will be giving out FREE SIGNED copies to those who make and send a short video (5 to 10 seconds) professing your love to InvestComics. Send your video to either dropbox or wetransfer to Be sure to sign up to get your newsletter at the end of this article. 

Palm ConSaturday InvestComics visited an old friend with a dream and a passion coming to life for him. Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times Publications has done something that has been sorely missed in the West Palm Beach Florida area for quite some time. He started a comic convention appropriately named ‘Palm Con’ 3 years ago. The first 2 years were held in the American Polish Club in Lake Worth Florida. The show quickly outgrew the space needed in the first year, forcing to rent more space the second year, and now this year the show resided in the West Palm Beach Convention Center! Yes Martin is on to something here. In speaking with Martin for the brief few minutes we had at the show (he was a runnin’), you can see and feel the tenseness of the hard work he put into this show. He’s worked hard for this and it shows. In speaking with Andra Walt (mama), one can hear the proudness ooze off of every word, and justly so. Martin Pierro’s Palm Con has arrived.

InvestComics was invited to the event and came out with a few pictures and some video. Those will come out in the days to come. Overall the show had a nice crowd and people were really enjoying themselves. The guest list included Ethan Van Sciver, Deep Roy, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Allen Bellman, Jose Delbo, Carlos Castellanos, Jeff Dekal, Jessis Melero, Vinnie Tartamella, Creature Entertainment, and a host of others.

As already said, Martin Pierro is obviously on to something here. The West Palm Beach area was in dire need of some sort of comic book entertainment forum and Martin will provide this to the genre for years to come. I personally am very proud of him and look forward to the years ahead. Thanks for the invite Palm Con, I had a blast!

There will be some more news on the horizon from InvestComics, so sit tight. It’s very exciting, but cannot speak about anything until confirmation comes in. Such a tease right?

Let’s head into the DC 3D books for this week. Seems like forever now with these books no? How’s that saying go? Too much of a good thing is bad for you?  Well what seemed to be a fun idea is starting to run its course. The 3D covers are nice and all, but the 90’s are calling and they want real comic book covers back.

As InvestComics has done for the collectors each week regarding the 3D covers, we will present the comic and the first appearance of the villain takeover of that particular book. As the weeks pass, it looks as though the field is getting very thinned out. But this shouldn’t deter the collector, it only takes that ONE book to hit and you have chaos within the aftermarket. Be smart about which books to pick up as far as the speculation market goes, the story and the actual character (and print run sometimes) is what causes “that” particular comic to uptick. Not because of a pretty cover.

InvestComics – DC 3D Hot Pick Covers 9-25-13

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Wonder Woman (2011 4th Series) #23.2 – Wonder Woman never really had the rouge gallery that stood out from most, and this week it’s a case in point with ‘First Born’ taking over the WW book. First Born debuted in Wonder Woman #12 (New 52).

Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – Metallo, another forgettable character takes on Superman in this takeover. Metallo makes his first appearance in Action Comics #252 (1959). Cover by Curt Swan.

Superman (2011 3rd Series) #23.4 – Staying with the Superman talk we have another one of those huh? Characters. The much bigger purple blob thing names ‘Parasite’ visits Supes. Back in 1966’s Action Comics #340, Parasite wasn’t on the roids yet and wore green shorts. The big question is will Parasite wear his green shorts in the new Superman Parasite book?? The tension mounts!

Aquaman (2011 5th Series) #23.2 – Moving right along here, Ocean Master, yes Ocean Master will give Aquaman his problems in his own book this week. Ocean Master. Okay, just like saying that for some reason. OM first appeared in Aquaman #29 (1966). All joking aside, maybe OM will be Aquaman’s nemesis in a film or television show one day. Image that…?

Justice League (2011) #23.4 – The ultra-cool Secret-Society will have the rights to the new JL book this week. Look for Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 from 1976 for their first appearance.

Batman (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – One of four Batman titles coming out this week. Overkill? Anyway, one of Batman’s biggest adversaries to ever come along after Bats was introduced all of those many moons ago was Bane. Just like Spidey had Venom, Bats has Bane. Not saying that the rest of their rouge galleries are a weak one, but to have a villain come out of the modern era and make such an impact like they have is a big deal. Bane has already been covered in two Batman films. Now granted the first one doesn’t really count, but it did happen and that accounts for something. It wasn’t until the second go around that Bane became the total bad as* that the character should have portrayed. The villain was spot on in The Dark Knight Rises, a fantastic film and a fantastic villain. Do yourself a favor, if you do not already own the first appearance of Bane in Bane: Vengeance of Bane Special #1 (1993), you need to. Although a big print run keeps the cost down a bit, it’s still a wonderful book to have.

Justice League Of America Vol 3 #7.4 – Just like the aforementioned, Black Adam is a total bad as*. This dude needs to appear in a film, stat! Check out Adam’s debut in Marvel’s Family #1 from 1945 (Fawcett Comics).

Batman and Robin (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – DC’s answer to Marvel’s Lizard came some 20 years later in 1983’s Detective Comics #523. Look for Killer Croc’s debut here.

Green Lantern (2011 4th Series) #23.4 – Too bad the Green Lantern didn’t get as much love as it did. Fans were not at all pleased with the film as box office numbers would show. Sinestro however will remain a main staple in the GL gallery. Look carefully through Green Lantern #7 (1961) and there you will see Sinestro’s first appearance.

Batman Superman (2013 DC) #3.1 – Speaking of movies fans are not receptive to, the new Superman/Batman movie seems to be getting dumped on because of the actor choice Ben Affleck playing Batman. Don’t forget that InvestComics supports Ben as Batman on the Facebook page: ‘Affleck as Batman – I’m On Team Ben’. Click HERE to join the crusade against the naysayers! Any who, within this takeover issue we have the only “thing” to ever “unofficially” kill Superman. Doomsday first appeared in Superman: Man of Steel #17 (1992). Just like Bane and Venom for their respective rouge galleries, Doomsday has become “that villain” within the Superman gallery. A late, modern introduction that has caught on and never let go. Doomsday in the Superman/Batman movie? Hey you never know!

Batman The Dark Knight (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – One of the hottest “surprise” issues to come out recently is the Catwoman #23 (New 52) book. The aftermarket went bonkers when word got out that this comic contained the first appearance of the Joker’s daughter. This week the Joker’s daughter will make here “second appearance”. Don’t miss this comic, it’s definitely a sellout book.

Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #23.4 – The last of the Bat books has Man-Bat gracing the 3D cover. Sometimes a simple switching of a word can create a new character! Although not a recognizable, oh my God I need to buy the issue with Man-Bat in it, it’s the first appearance that’s more appealing than anything. Check out the debut of Man-Bat in Detective Comics #400 (1970). A story drawn by legend Neal Adams and a classic cover by Neal to boot! Good stuff here.


InvestComics Hot Picks 9-25-13

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Marvel Comics debuts the new Sun-Girl in Superior Spider-Man Team Up (2013) #3. Sun-Girl is a great looking 70 year old character. Check out the first appearance from back in 1948’s Sun-Girl #1 from Timely Publications! That’s pre-Marvel folks.

Also from Marvel,  check out Infinity Heist (2013) #1 and Punisher Trial of Punisher (2013) #1. With any kind of buzz with these two comics, they will be sold out very quick.

Speaking of sold out comics, if these comics bring it, expect the aftermarket to be a buzzing. Farlaine The Goblin (2013) #1 stands right in front of this line (Interview right now on InvestComics with creator Studio Farlaine!! Click HERE!). Sold out at Diamond Distributors, get your hands on this comic if you can. Zombie Annihilation One Shot from SILVER PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT is also sold out at the distributor level. Other Dead (2013 IDW) #1, Powerpuff Girls (2013 IDW) #1 are sold out as well.

On the cusp of second prints are Sex Criminals (2013) #1, Super (2013) #1, Rat Queens (2013 Image) #1, and Planet of the Apes Giant (2013 Boom) #1. As always mentioned here, Image Comics have been on a serious roll lately. Their products have been outstanding. Watch out for the sell outs of their comics, because interest will eventually reach the “another” medium as Hollywood will start picking off some of their stories.

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See you soon! Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


FARLAINE THE GOBLIN #1 – in Stores Sept 25 – Interview with Studio Farlaine

FARLAINE THE GOBLIN #1 first issue is in stores this week on September 25th 2013
Top notch artwork and a very small print run!
Retailers were sent an advance copy a few months ago.
This is a fairy tale.

This week Terry Hoknes at spoke with Studio Farlaine( who explained the comic story and makes sense of the various printings.

This week #1 comes out shipped through Diamond to all comic stores. This is the first time its been available in a mass print run to the public, however its not the first printing as a promotional copy was printed a few months back. In total about 300 stores in North America received 1 advance copy of #1 – the first promo printing, in addition to fans that picked up early copies of the book at the Boston and Baltimore Conventions.

After that point, a fire at the printer destroyed much of the remaining stock, requiring a new printing to fill Diamond orders. The new printing is an improvement and there are subtle changes making this a unique printing.

Some call it the 1st Diamond printing, the 1st retail printing, the “fire” printing or the 2nd printing.

To confuse matters #1 was originally listed by Diamond as shipping to stores on July 17th(this was the promotional copies), and then combined with the fire the September release date was pushed back. These delays and changes made it harder for retailers to order copies during July and August as the Diamond ordering system was confused about whether the book was sold out or just not available.

Farlaine the Goblin, a tree goblin shaman from the Forest of Fin-Din, has spent years wandering the very many Oddlands of Wug in search of a forest to call his own. He only has 10 lands left

Farlaine has been searching for years. He’s had a lot of failures. His tree is getting a little beat up. He only has 10 lands left to explore of the hundreds he started with. None of the remaining options sound promising, and if he finishes exploring the world without finding a forest, poor Ehrenwort will wither and die, and he will wander like a ronin forever.

We follow Farlaine and Ehrenwort as they continue through the remaining lands, each with a distinctive trait indicated in their names – The Tinklands, The Saltlands, The Racelands, The Twistlands, The Winglands, The Vaultlands, The Traplands, etc.

TH: I recall Farlaine #1 was scheduled to come out on July 17th and at the time Diamond was saying no more copies were available – but now i’m wondering does that mean it sold out OR was it due to the delay that they just were saying none were available?

SF: Ahh, this was a Diamond mistake. The book was only solicited in July and we sent off 300 free copies that month. Somehow they slipped into Diamond’s system as normal books, so suddenly all of these sites started reporting that book 1 was being released in mid-July. That was only the free copies. The book was scheduled for September 4th since the beginning, and only shifted after the fire.
Farlaine 2 was solicited in August and will come out in late October. I haven’t heard sales numbers yet but expect them to trickle in sometime in the next week. What’s funny about this book is that we also sent off free copies, 450 this time, but they arrived late!! So they would only have gotten to stores last week, after the deadline. Diamond had discussed possibly ordering extra surplus in case late orders came in, but I never heard any more about that. So I would not be surprised if book 2 sells out just because of the timing glitch!

TH: Which brings up a question of #2. Are there then 2 printings of #2 as well? The first batch you printed up for promo but then you are going back to the printer for the official solicitation?

Yes, that’s right. We did a first printing in time for promo copies and reviewers, but since we didn’t know the sales number for even book 1 yet, we didn’t know how many to print for the public. So when we got the orders for book 2 we did a second identical printing using the same files. Book 3 will only be a single printing.

In both cases, books 1 and 2, I printed a few hundred extra copies for conventions and people buying through the website. On the positive side book 3 orders won’t be due until after book 1 is out and we’ve hit the NYCC, so hopefully those orders will go up(we’re also finally offering ‘buy 5, get 1 free’, which was supposed to be offered on the first two books but wasn’t).

TH: Tell me about the print run of the #1 1st customers printing, the “fire printing”.

SF: They came in at 1,350 copies. My original expectations were lower than that, figuring a minimum of 700 and ideally 1000, which makes 1,350 seem downright spectacular!

TH: To complicate issues on August 15th, due to a fire at the printer, all the early printed copies of Book #1 were destroyed and the comic would have to miss the original release date of September 4th, which is why it was delayed again until September 25th. I have been constantly monitoring Diamond every day for the past two months to see how many copies are available and if they are even available for order I found most of the time I could not order any copies as the system had to deal with a July 17, September 4th and September 25th release date.

SF: Yes, very unfortunate for sure. Who knows what the orders would have been like without the mixups and confusion!

TH: An amazing new comic book, top quality story and artwork, unique format and small print run make this all a great book to check out.


If your local comic shop is sold out today contact or hoknes at to order copies as this will sell out quickly !  Diamond Distributors is already sold out in advance of release date.