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InvestComics Hot Picks #401

Gwenpool Special J Scott Campbell

Hot Pick of The Week – Gwenpool Special #1 – J Scott Campbell Midtown Variant – Click To Buy/Bid

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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 12/9/15

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Have you seen the latest contest on the InvestComics Facebook page regarding the new release Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 coming out this Wednesday? The contest is to WIN a Hall of Comics Ivan Reis variant. This variant rocks. All you have to do is LIKE both the InvestComics Facebook page AND The Hall of Comics Facebook page, then share the post and you become eligible! Enter now! Buy this variant directly from Hall of Comics right HERE.
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. So what is there NOT to love here? An awesome Kevin Eastman variant will be available.
This week’s new DC/Vertigo title is a good one. New Romancer #1 will be written by Peter Milligan and art from Brett Parson.
In another Batman book this week, the first appearance of Sculptor(?) in Batman And Robin Eternal #10.

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Symmetry 1

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Star Wars Annual 1

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Montress 2

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InvestComics gave our fans a heads on on Monstress #1 back in the InvestComics Hot Picks #396 article. Here’s a recap from that article; “There are a few reasons why to love Monstress #1 from Image Comics. First and foremost, it’s written by the talented Marjorie Liu. Second, it’s drawn by X-23 artist Sana Takeda. Third, it’s a new ongoing series, and fourth, it contains 66 (yes 66) pages of comic story with no interruptions. All for a $4.99 price point. There are currently none of these comics available on Ebay right now.” So with all of that, we tell you that Monstress #2 will be out this coming Wednesday. Buy it.
The new Image comic; Symmetry #1 has the looks and the making of a possible sell out. The same can be said about Violent #1. Two Image Comics to look out for this week.

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Marvel teases an appearance of Venom Hulk in the new Contest of Champions #3. Hopefully we see this within the pages and not get let down. In case you’re wondering, Venom Hulk first appeared back in 1989’s What If…? #4. The title of the story was “What If the Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man?” In the story, the Alien Symbiote attacks the Hulk and alas, Venom Hulk! So that would be the first appearance.
Not only is there a possible first appearance(s) in Deadpool #3 this week, but the variant cover is a homage to X-Force #2 (1991) by Rob Liefeld. Which happens to be the second appearance of Deadpool. Anyway, the variant cover will be done by…..Rob Liefeld. Paying homage to yourself is sweet. And it’s sold out, that’s sweet too!

Deadpool 3

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X-Force 2

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What If 4

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Contest of Champions 3

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One of the hottest Marvel characters at the moment is Gwenpool. Marvel knows this. They know very well. What to do? What to do? Well if you’re Marvel you cash in, hence the new Gwenpool Special #1 comic this Wednesday. Tremendous eye candy from J Scott Campbell (Midtown Comics) and Robbi Rodriguez. The two covers provided by them will make comic fans take notice. If for some reason this comic possesses a key first appearance, it will be an explosive comic. If it doesn’t, it’s still going to sell out and be a good aftermarket book because it’s Gwenpool’s first solo number one comic. Gwenpool fever, catch it.

Spider-Man 2099 #4 may hold a first appearance. Check that one out. Check out Star Wars Annual #1 because it looks as though it will be the first appearance of Haarkon Dak! You know what happens when there is a first appearance in a Star Wars book right? A must get for any Star Wars fan and comic collector. A must get. Got that?

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A dark cover from Valiant Entertainment this week! Ninjak #3. There are 3 different glow in the dark covers to choose from. This is most excellent. Great storytelling and a very cool glow in the dark cover! Yes, we dig it. We’ll also get a final issue Fred Hembeck variant with Unity #25. Legend Fred Hembeck on a Valiant Entertainment comic? Yep! Awesome.
451 Media Group continues to sell out almost every new release. This time it’s Humbug #1. Looks like their version of Doctor Strange.

Gwenpool Special 1 Robbi Rodriguez

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Ninjak 3

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Humbug 1

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After-Shock Comics comes back this week with another new release; Insexts #1. Written by Marguerite Bennett and art from Ariela Kristantina. After-Shock will continue to deliver great product due to their creative firepower with their new releases. We are at the beginning of something special here.

We informed readers of Steam Wars First Empire #1 (Antarctic Press) selling out and now we’ll let you know about Steam Wars First Empire #2 selling out! Also from Antarctic Press; Super NHS one shot. That will be a fun read for Manga and video game fans.

Here is the must list from the LCSD comics; Jughead #1 (Archie Comics), Black Mask Secret Box Set, Hangman #1 (Dark Circle), Shield #1 (Dark Circle), Luminae (Sold out) (Magnetic Press), Exodus Life After #1 (Oni Press), Invader Zim (Oni Press), Rick and Morty (Oni Press), Book Of Death Fall Of Harbinger #1 (Valiant), Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #1 (Valiant), and Welcome To Showside #1 (Z2 Comics).

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Wrapping of the week, these are comics to definitely check out; The Eighth Seal #1 (IDW Publishing), Munchkin Deck The Dungeons #1 (Boom Studios), Snow Blind #1 (boom Studios), Troop #1 (Titan Comics).

Black Mask

Click To Buy/Bid

Jughead 1

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Insexts 1

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Luminae 1

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Creator Spotlight – Rob Liefeld



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As all of the Creator Spotlights on InvestComics, each and every one of the creators have their own uniqueness. Rob Liefeld stormed into the industry back in 1987 and took the industry by the proverbial ears, starred into its eyes and said “I’m taking over.” So he he did.

He was one of the busiest creators in the industry at one time. The man was churning out comics at a ridiculous rate. That was good for the fans because they couldn’t seem to get enough.

Check out some of Rob Liefeld’s key books in his vast career thus far. Everything from Deadpool to Jada Pinkett Smith. Yes Jada….

Megaton Explosion #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Megaton #5 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Please note: there will in fact be some comics on here that are not listed. It’s not done intentionally, If you have a comic you think we should add, simply list it under the article here.

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Megaton #5 (1983) First published work. And mega cheap.

Megaton Comics Explosion (no number) (1987) This freebie features the first appearance of Youngblood.

Boris The Bear #1 (1987) Rob’s first published work for a major publisher. Dark Horse Comics. A pinup page from Rob.

Who’s Who in the Legion of Super Heroes #1 (1988) DC Comics claims Rob Liefeld. His first work for the big two. Rob does a backup story.

Tales of The Teen Titans #89 (1988) First cover art. Collaboration with George Perez.

Secret Origins #28 (1988) Pencils a story here that includes his first Batman, Green Lantern, Deadshot, and a host of others.

Whos Whos in the Legion of Super Heroes #1 InvestComics

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Boris The Bear #1 InvestComics

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Secret Origins #28 InvestComics

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Tales of The Teen Titans #89 InvestComics

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Ex-Mutants: The Shattered Earth Chronicles #4 (1988) The first solo Liefeld cover with inks from another relatively new gun; inker Jimmy Palmiotti.

Hawk and Dove #1 (1988) It only takes Rob one year to get a solo DC comic under his belt. This series was a hot one back in the day too. Pencils and cover art.

X-Factor #40 (1989) Here is Rob’s first Marvel comics work. Art and cover collaboration with Al Milgrom. Boy are things going to change for him now………

Marvel Comics Presents #19 (1989) During the same month, Rob did a collaboration cover with Phillip Craig Russell.

Ex-Mutants The Shattered Earth Chronicles #4 InvestComics

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Hawk and Dove #1 InvestComics

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Marvel Comics Presents #19 InvestComics

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X-Factor #40 InvestComics

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Uncanny X-Men #245 (1989) Could you imagine your second story pencil gig at Marvel is with their flagship team? Pencils and solo cover here. Rob is taking over…..

Wolverine #8 (1989) Supplies a pin-up on the back cover.

What If #7 (1989) Classic cover with Scott Williams. Interior art as well here.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 (1989) From one flagship to another. Here’s Rob’s first Spidey. John Byrne cover too.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Uncanny X-Men #245 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

What If Wolverine #7 InvestComics

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Wolverine #8 InvestComics

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New Mutants Annual #5 (1989) Busy year so far for Rob. His first stab on the New Mutants. Cover art only.

New Mutants #85 (1990) Cover art with Todd McFarlane. Eventually these two along with a few others will get sick of Marvel and everyone else and start their own company. Thus changing the course of comic industry history forever.

X-Factor #50 (1990) More Liefeld/McFarlane Cover art team-up.

New Mutants #86 (1990) First interior art by Liefeld on this title. McFarlane/Liefeld cover once again. A Cable cameo.

New Mutants #85 InvestComics

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New Mutants #86 InvestComics

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New Mutants Annual #5 InvestComics

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X-Factor #50 InvestComics

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New Mutants #87 (1990) The first appearance of Cable. Pencils by Liefeld, cover art with McFarlane. A classic cover that still gets paid respect in today’s cover art.

Marc Spector, Moon Knight #19 (1990) A solo Rob Liefeld Moon Knight cover with Spider-Man and the Punisher.

New Mutants #98 (1991) Well here it is. The Holy Grail. Only fours years into his professional career, Rob hits on a character that will forever change his career and the Marvel character landscape. The cover alone has been paid respect to so many times throughout the years. Rob Liefeld introduced the world to Deadpool and Marvel had a character for the ages. Not much can be said about this comic and character that hasn’t been said already, but Rob is officially a superstar now.

X-Force #1 (1991) This comic was ridiculously hot back in the early 90’s. Too many copies released prevented it from gaining any substantial aftermarket heat. Rob pencils/inks and cover art. Many collectors these days go after the bagged issue with the Deadpool trading card. Claiming it’s an early appearance of Deadpool. It’s a card. Seriously, it’s a card, not a comic appearance.

Moon Knight #19 InvestComics

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New Mutants #87 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

New Mutants #98 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

X-Force #1 InvestComics

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X-Force #2 (1991) Deadpool appears here, in this comic. This is his official second appearance in a comic book that doesn’t involve a card.

Malibu Sun #10 (1992) Here is the first appearance of Rob’s creator owned Youngblood team in Image Comics. Not an easy find.

Supreme #1 (1992) Here is Image Comics’ version of Superman. Never quite panned out. Rob is co-writer and the inker on this book.

Phantom Force #1 (1993) Cover collaboration with Jack ‘King’ Kirby.

Malibu Sun #10 InvestComics

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Phantom Force #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Supreme #1 InvestComics

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X-Force #2 InvestComics

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Troll #1 (1993) What a great looking whacked out character. Written by Rob.

Victory #1 (1994) Topps Comics. Cover artist; Rob. Writer Kurt Busiek, pencils Keith Giffen.

Battlestar Galactica #1 (1995) Rob Liefeld writes and does the cover art.

Avengers #1 (1996) Marvel tries to bring the New Mutants/X-Factor magic to their Avengers title. Rob co-writes, co-pencils and collaborates on the cover art.

Avengers #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Battlestar Galactica #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Troll #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Victory #1 InvestComics

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Captain America #1 (1996) The same month Rob does the Avengers book, he’s on the Captain America comic too. Rob co-writes with Jeph Loeb and Chuck Dixon. He pencils the issue, he co-edits, and collaborates on the cover. This is a busy man here. Turns out the Cap and Avengers books will be short lived stints.

Spider-Man Badrock #1 (1997) Liefeld pencils and cover art. Dan Jurgens writes.

Menace #1 (1998) Did you know that Jada Pinkett Smith wrote a comic book? In fact, she wrote two. This one has a variant cover done by Rob. Only one available on Ebay as you read this.

Superman #165 (2001) A pinup page of Superman and Aquaman done by Rob.

Superman #165 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Spider-Man Badrock #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Captian America #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Menace #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid










Cable and Deadpool #1 (2004) With Deadpool making his way to theaters and Cable possibly coming on board in the New Mutants movie, this is a nice team-up book with cover art from Liefeld. Rob had a hand in creating both of these characters.

Teen Titans #27 (2005) Nice to finally get something other than an Image/X book. Here Liefeld does the artwork, inks and cover art. Gail Simone writes.

Deadpool #1 (2008) Variant cover art.

Spawn #196 (2010) Collaborates with Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo; interior art.

The Infinite #1 (2011) Robert Kirkman writes, Liefeld interior art/inks and a collaborative Todd McFarlane cover.

Cable and Deadpool #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Spawn #196 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

The Infinite #1 InvestComics

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Dark Cybertron Transformers #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deathstroke #9 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deathstroke #9 (2012) Writes, pencils, and handles the cover art.

Dark Cybertron Transformers #1 (2013) Pays homage to himself with this cover.

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Deadpool Checklist


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One of the biggest characters to hit the scene in the 90’s was Deadpool; The Merc with the Mouth. He’s built a cult and fandom following. So much so that comic fans and non comic fans will see Ryan Reynolds next year as Deadpool on the big screen. From the leaked clips and the legit images coming out, it’s going to be a blast.

Here are a few comics to check out as you await the arrival of the movie. Have fun and if you want to add to the list, don’t be shy, comment below!

Remember to click any RED links or comic cover to buy/bid the comic you want on Ebay. Don’t worry if you click a link or comic cover, you won’t lose your place. The click will open a new window for you on a new page, thus saving your spot.


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Deadpool Checklist

New Mutants #98 (1991) First appearance of Deadpool. Rob Liefeld writes, pencils and cover art. Also the first appearance of Copycat.

X-Force #2 (1991) The very sought after second appearance and the first appearance of Garrison Kane.

X-Force #4 (1991) How about the sideways comic as the third appearance? Like that too?

Nomad #4 (1992) This being his seventh appearance. In a Nomad comic? Yep! His first outside of a mutant title too.

X-Force #4 InvestComics

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X-Force #2 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Nomad #4 InvestComics

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Click To Buy/Bid










X-Force #15 (1992) A Greg Capullo Deadpool cover? Yes, right here. (Collaboration)

Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993) Deadpool’s first solo comic. Joe Mad pencils and cover art. Fabian Nicieza writes.

Avengers #366 (1993) An early and random Deadpool appearance in an Avengers title. A backup story.

X-Force #22 (1993) Deadpool appearance and the first appearance of Sluggo.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Avengers #366 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool The circle chase #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

X-Force #15 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

X-Force #22 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid










Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #23 (1994) Another random appearance. This time in a Silver Sable book. He even appears on the cover.

The Secret Defenders #15 (1994) Deadpool stars in this three issue arc. Makes all three covers too.

Deadpool #1 (1994) The second mini-series for Deadpool. Mark Waid writes.

Wolverine #88 (1994) Deadpool appears in a Wolverine comic for the first time. Larry Hama writes, Adam Kubert pencils and cover art.

Deadpool #1 1994 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #23 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

The Secret Defenders #15 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Wolverine #88 InvestComics

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Deadpool #1 (1997) This number one comic is the beginning of a regular series and not a limited series. First appearance of Patch, Blind Al and Steele Fitzpatrick (C.F.). Art and cover by Ed McGuinness. Words by Joe Kelly.

Daredevil/Deadpool 97 #1 (1997) The first Daredevil/Deadpool team-up.

Deadpool #14 (1998) First appearance of Ajax. To appear in the movie.

Black Panther #22 (2000) Here’s a random appearance in a Black Panther comic. A scarce book.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Black Panther #22 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Dardevil Deadpool InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool #1 1997 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool #14 1998 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid









Cable & Deadpool #1 (2004) Two of the most fierce characters in the 90’s team-up for a regular ongoing series. Liefeld cover naturally.

Superman Batman Annual #1 (2006) This comic already made its rounds all over the place years ago, but here it is folks. Deadpool meets Deathstroke in a DC Comic!

Deadpool #1 (2008) Reset button hit.

Ms. Marvel #40 (2009) Random appearance in a Ms. Marvel book. Makes the cover too.

Click on any RED link or comic cover in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now from ALL available sellers on Ebay. A new tab will open, so don’t fret you will not lose your place here.

Superman Batman Annual #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Cable and Deadpool #1 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool #1 2008 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Ms MArvel #40 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid










Amazing Spider-Man #611 (2010) First appearance in a Spidey comic. Awesome Skottie Young cover.

Wolverine #1 (2010) Amazing J. Scott Campbell variant. Extremely scarce retail variant. $2500 or more……

Deadpool #1 (2013) ….And another reset button push. Tony Moore pencils.

Deadpool #34 (2014) This 3D cover was an unexpected surprise and is a hard one to get.

Wolverine #1 2010 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Deadpool #1 2013 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid

Amazing Spider-MAn #611 InvestComics

Click To Buy/Bid


Click To Buy/Bid









Invest Wisely. Read Comics.

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Top 100 Hottest Comic Titles during LATE SEPTEMBER 2014

Top 100 Hottest Comic Titles during LATE SEPTEMBER 2014


Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –

This chart is styled like the old classic Wizard Magazine Top 10 Hottest Comic charts that were published every month in the 1990′s.

This list is updated every 2 weeks. This list is compiled from my non-stop research of the current market. I believe these were the most demand and growing in value books this month. This list focuses on all regular edition covers. (Variants are not listed otherwise they would likely dominate the entire list due to instant high prices and calculated small print runs). If you think I have missed any hot MODERN titles/issues please let me know. Here are my picks of what I believe are the hottest comics at this very moment from all sold out releases of MODERN comics online based on back issue sales ABOVE cover price.

Note these are all the “hot” recent sold comics that your comic shops will not have still on the shelf for cover price. However many speculators will hunt their local comic shops looking for that “hot” book that is still on the shelf – sometimes you find them!

This market report is based on very current constant online sales. Number of sales online above cover and the amount above cover price are the criteria I use for ranking books highest on the list.

(If you spot an error or a forgotten book/price please let me know)


#1 X-FORCE #2 and #11 (MARVEL 1991) 2nd full app of Deadpool skyrocketed in media coverage and demand once the Deadpool movie was confirmed in Sept 2014.

#2 MARVEL SUPER HEROES WINTER SPECIAL (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Squirrel Girl in this ignored giant size annual from 1991. Prices continually climbing every month.

#3 EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 (MARVEL 2014) 1st app of new Gwen Stacy Spider-woman had a high print run but yet still sold out with sales up to $13.00 within weeks of release. 1:25 ratio variant cover up to $50.00

#4 SHAZAM #28 (DC 1976) 1st bronze/modern app of Black Adam – major DC villain who will appear in the upcoming Shazam movie caused prices of this book to continue to climb as high as $315.00 for a VF copy in early September 2014. Demand for all issues of the #1-35 series were up and all cheap copies sold and super high demand for #1 from 1973.

#5 HUGH HOWEY’S WOOL #1 #2 #3 (2014) Book adapted to comic book series sold out quickly due to small print run and hype of a new movie. The variant cover was printed as a 1:4 and sales of both issues up to $20.00 each and a huge buzz for this title. #2 was also an instant sellout hitting $15.00 each in August 2014. #3 came out in Sept and hit $12.00 each

#6 SHAZAM #25 (DC 1976) 1st app of Isis rumoured to be the wife of Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie – prices up to $50.00

#7 EX-MACHINA #1 (DC/WILDSTORM 2004) Recent sales up to $50.00

#8 BLACK WIDOW #11 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL 2014) Deadpool variant had smaller print run and hit up to $40.00

#9 WOLVERINE #80 (MARVEL 1994) Rumours that X23 first appeared in this issue shot prices up.

#10 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #22 (MARVEL 1988) 1st app of Speedball high demand starting in Sept 2014

#11 ANNIHILATOR #1 (LEGENDARY COMICS 2014) Classic comic writer Grant Morrison published his new series with this new indie publisher which led to a sell out instantly with small print run and tons of sales in the $10.00 range immediately.

#12 FACE VALUE #1 (FACE VALUE COMICS 2014) Small print comic about an autistic hero reached TV news media coverage and comic became super hot overnight hitting a high of $80.00 within days of release.

#13 LUCIFER #1 (DC 2005) Reports of a new TV series based on the character boosted demand in Sept 2014

#14 SANDMAN (DC VERTIGO 1989) #1-4. Reports of a movie caused new interest in this key DC 80′s book so we are sneaking it on The chart. #1 Sales over $100.00 in late Dec 2013. #4 has increased demand starting in Sept as it features 1st app of Lucifer who gets his own series.

#15 WAYWARD #1 (IMAGE 2014) Jim Zub’s new series debuted with 4 covers but all sold out and tons of sales mostly in the $8.00 range for each cover.

#16 ENORMOUS #1 and #2 and #3 (215 INK 2014) Small indie publisher released new ongoing series which is a followup to the 2 year old Image treasury one-shot from 2012. Regular covers of #1 hit up to $20.00 each and the smaller print run of issue #2 and #3 sold out super fast causing shortages everywhere with sales immediately up to $28.00 with Diamond selling out way in advance for issues #2 and #3. #2 had shipped late to some retailers. #3 came out soon after and hit up to $25.00.

#17 DEATH OF WOLVERINE CANADA VARIANTS (MARVEL 2014) All 4 issues feature a special Canada variant cover with flag that many retailers surprisingly didnt order enough so once again Canadian cover variants heated up quickly and hitting $10.00 mark.

#18 BOB’S BURGERS (DYNAMITE 2014) #1 sold out instantly with sales up to $10.00 each based on the TV show.

#19 ADVENTURES INTO FEAR #19 (MARVEL 1971) 1st appearance of Howard The Duck skyrocketed in demand after appearing in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that debuted on August 1st in theatres prices easily hitting $200.00 for VF copies

#20 HOWARD THE DUCK #1 (MARVEL 1976) 1st ongoing issue of Howard The Duck skyrocketed in demand after appearing in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that debuted on August 1st in theatres prices hitting $100.00 for NM copies and $1,000.00 for CGC 9.8

#21 MARVEL PREMIERE #47 (MARVEL 1978) 1st modern Ant-Man became hot after a movie was announced based on this version of the character. NM copies hitting $200.00 and CGC 9.8 hitting $800.00

#22 WOLVERINE #8 9 10 11 12 (MARVEL 2014) Three months to die storyline begins and all issues sell out quickly and immediately go to 2nd printings causing high price increases for this debut issue of the storyline hitting up to $15.00 each on #8 and #9 – Higher price sales as well for later issues. Selling well in sets.

#23 BAD DREAMS #1-4 (RED 5 2014) New mini-series had very small print run and sales of all issues up to $10.00 each

#24 DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (MARVEL 2012) Super hot 4 issue mini-series which is now selling for up to $150.00 a set after 2 years of release.

#25 SPREAD #1 (IMAGE 2014) New release in July 2014 sold out with sales up to $8.00 each immediately and a 2nd printing on the way. Small print run for the 2nd printing of #1 with a unique action figure cover was super hot with dozens of sales at $10.00 each the week of release.

#26 SAGA OF SWAMP THING #25 (1984) 1st cameo appearance ever of John Constantine became hot once TV show news became official in April 2014.

#27 SAGA OF SWAMP THING #67 (1987) 1st appearance of Hellblazer in preview heated up with new Constantine TV Show news in May 2014.

#28 THE FADE OUT Magazine (IMAGE 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately of the magazine sized edition with instant sales up to $20.00 each and tons of sales online.

#29 JAEGIR (REBELLION 2014) One-shot with some sales at $10.00 for this 2000 AD series.

#30 FIGMENT #1 AND #2 (MARVEL 2014) New Disney tie-in series was vastly underordered by retailers causing sellouts of the first 2 issues which both hit up to $15.00 each and went to 2nd printings immediately.

#31 FIVE GHOSTS – HAUNTING OF FABIAN GRAY (Image) Mini series #1 and #2 sold out and 2nd printings – rumour of ongoing series. TV Series confirmation in July 2014 sent prices skyrocketing up to $25.00 each for #1 and sets selling later issues up to $10.00 each

152, Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray, 1, $3.50, Image, 13,163
152, Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray, 2, $2.99, Image, 13,127
162, Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray, 3, $2.99, Image, 13,153
175, Five Ghosts Haunting of Fabian Gray, 4, $2.99, Image, 11,357

#32 HAUNTED (RED 5 2014) #1-4 Mini-series – new horror series small print run of 1,800 copies sold out instantly. All issues have sold for $10.00 each and #1 has super high demand selling as high as $15.00. Reports of a new movie based on the comic help sales.

#33 AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #1 and #2 (COMIXTRIBE 2014) Small indie publisher mini-series. Two regular covers of botgh issues have all sold up to $10.00 each

#34 BEE AND PUPPYCAT (KABOOM 2014) #1 and #2 sold out 1st printings and both selling above cover with sales of #1 up to $10.00 each.

#35 RAT QUEENS (IMAGE 2013) #1-6 Kurt Wiebe (writer of Peter Panzerfaust) had rave reviews which helped lead to a new cartoon TV series announced on June 15th which sent a frenzy for any/all issues of Rat Queens into super high demand with #1 selling up to $16.00 each and within days all other issues were hitting up to $12.00 each. Even 2nd printings of #1 and #2 in high demand. #1 variant cover hit $100.00

#36 ALPHA FLIGHT #17 (MARVEL 1998) 1st Big Hero 6. Sales up to $40.00 for this new key issue before the new movie from Disney appears.

#37 BIG HERO 6 (MARVEL 2008) #1-6 Disney plans an upcoming movie based on this series and all back issues are hot and have sales up to $50.00 for #1.

#38 RAGNAROK (IDW 2014) First printing sold out immediately with some higher sales up to $14.

#39 BREATH OF BONES (DARK HORSE 2013) Mini-series became hot overnight in August 2014 with reports of a potential TV/movie deal hitting up to $17.00 for #1 and sets of #1-3 selling for $25.00

#40 ENORMOUS TREASURY (IMAGE 2012) One-shot oversized treasury comic magazine with retail cover price of $9.99 was selling up to $30.00 each with the release and hype of the new ongoing series.

#41 BRASS SUN #1 (2014) #1-5 mini-series – issues #1-3 have sold up to $10.00 each

#42 OUTCAST #1 (IMAGE 2014) New title from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman sold out its hefty print run immediately and within a day of release was up from $2.99 to $15.99 before settling. 2nd printing on the way. TV Show news reported in July 2014 leading prices up to that point to fluctuate greatly with a high of $22.00 for #1 and $5.00 for #2.

#43 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (Marvel 2008) Entire run is super hot due to interest in upcoming movie. #1 hit new high close to $150 by May 2014 however all non-key issues bring anywhere from $5 to $15 each.

#44 KEVIN KELLER #14 (ARCHIE 2014) Batman Dark Knight tribute variant cover instantly sold out at Diamond and hit $8.00 week of release. Issue #15 is an X-Men tribute variant cover and also sold out quickly.

#45 THE HUMANS #0 (2014) New kickstarter comic to be picked up by Image comics with sales up to $25.00 each.

#46 AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #1 (ARCHIE 2013) 4 regular covers and 52 variant exclusive store covers made this the hottest new comic released in Oct 2013. High critical praise and a rumour of a new movie based on this series helps keep the demand high. Sales up to $24.00 for #1 or $50.00 for a set of the 4 covers of #1. #2 now sells for $15.00.

#47 HELLBLAZER (DC VERTIGO 1988) Issue #1 growing constantly in demand as new TV show Constantine approaches.

#48 FIRESTORM (DC 1977) Prices have been rising since July 2014 hovering around $50.00

#49 BOOSTER GOLD (DC 1986) High demand for this #1 issue 80’s book up to $40.00

#50 STATIC #45 (DC 1996) Final issue small print run hitting up to $40.00

#51 AVENGERS #257 (MARVEL 1985) 1st app of Nebula of the Guardians of the Galaxy

#52 MARVEL TEAM UP #95 (MARVEL 1979) 1st app of Mockingbird who appears in the TV Show Shield.

#53 THE FADE OUT #1 (IMAGE 2014) regular cover size edition of #1 is sold out and hit up to $8.00

#54 A-NEXT #7 (MARVEL 1999) 1st app of Hope Pym caused high demand with rumour of appearance in upcoming Ant Man movie. Prices jumped up to $15.00

#55 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #35 (1995) 1st app of Venom 2099 – sales up to $20.00

#56 JASON SHIGA’S DEMON #1 (SHIGABOOKS 2014) Very small print mini sized comic sales up to $20.00 in August 2014

#57 OWLGIRLS #1 (2014) New small indie print run sold out instantly and sales immediately up to $10.00 each

#58 V-WARS #1 (DYNAMITE 2014) Regular cover sales jumped to $10.00 each immediately with news of a new tv series and a 2nd printing was on the way. 2 months after release some copies selling at $20.00 each.

#59 SOUTHERN BASTARDS #1 (IMAGE 2014) Pre-sales were super strong and within days of release the comic had reached $12.00 for first printings leading to an instant 2nd printing announcement. Two weeks after release sales hit $20.00

#60 THOR #1 (MARVEL 2014) New series featuring female character sold out even the regular cover with high print run some sales up to $8.00 each

#61 NAILBITER (IMAGE 2014) #1 sold out in advance of release and within first week of release copies hit $10.00 for new ongoing series about serial killers.

#62 MS MARVEL (MARVEL 2014) #1 1st printing of #1-2 both sold out and interest high in new Muslim superhero and prices hit high of $27.00 for #1 regular cover and tons of sales around $10.00 recently.

#63 THE STRAIN (Dark Horse) Original 12 issue mini-series very popular due to TV series. This book has been hot off an on for a year now and prices have pushed it up to $100.00 for #1.

128 Strain 1 $1.00 Dark Horse 16023 2011 12
191 Strain 2 $3.50 Dark Horse 7650 2012 1
228 Strain 3 $3.50 Dark Horse 7384 2012 2
220 Strain 4 $3.50 Dark Horse 6767 2012 3
236 Strain 5 $3.50 Dark Horse 6054 2012 6
262 Strain 6 $3.50 Dark Horse 5742 2012 7
300 Strain 7 $3.50 Dark Horse 5376 2012 8
289 Strain 8 $3.50 Dark Horse 4977 2012 9

#64 THE WALKING DEAD (Image) #127 was the first truly hot key issue since #108 a year earlier. #127 began a new storyline with new direction and new character and up to $13.00 a copy a week after release with 2nd printing on the the way. #53 is super hot with the introduction of another comic character into the TV series. #108 1st app Ezekiel and #110 origin and battle of Ezekiel with Michonne. All back issues #1-110 are sold out and bring above cover prices. #92 and #93 extremely hot at $30.00 each. Retailers upped their orders yet again starting with #109 onwards after the sellout of #108. This is the highest print runs have ever been (not counting #100). By May 2014 the more recent issues #100-108 had doubled in price with #108 now at $22.00. Demand in spring of 2014 grew strong on speculation for issues #60-70 as the TV series approached those issues.

30 Walking Dead 99 $2.99 Image 55710 2012 6
264 Walking Dead 99 $2.99 Image 6472 2012 8
1 Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 335082 2012 7
117 Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 21987 2012 8
70 Walking Dead 100 Chromium Ed. $9.99 Image 30969 2012 7
31 Walking Dead 101 $2.99 Image 51732 2012 8
24 Walking Dead 102 $2.99 Image 53337 2012 9
9 Walking Dead 103 $2.99 Image 74378 2012 10
35 Walking Dead 104 $2.99 Image 57456 2012 11
28 Walking Dead 105 $2.99 Image 57781 2012 12
19, Walking Dead, 106, $2.99, Image, 70,526
19, Walking Dead, 107, $2.99, Image, 63,575
21, Walking Dead, 108, $2.99, Image, 67,423
8, Walking Dead, 109, $2.99, Image, 90,362
13, Walking Dead, 110, $2.99, Image, 76,455
13, Walking Dead, 111, $2.99, Image, 74,857

#65 THE FADE OUT (IMAGE 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately of the regular comic sized edition and sales up to $8.00

#66 ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #14 (DC 2014) This low print run Superman title was mostly ignored so retailers did not order enough of this Joker cover which sold out instantly hitting up to $20.00 within days of release.

#67 SOUTHERN DOG #1 (2014) 2 covers both sold out and hit up to $10.00 each shortly after release.

#68 SAGA #1-12 (IMAGE 2012) With the relaunch of the title at #19 and every issue selling out demand and high praise has kept interest up and #1 now selling on average $110.00 highest ever. All issues in demand even with high print runs. #12 was hot for a moment when banned by Apple. Print runs have gone up the last 5 issues in a row. #12 has a much larger print run than #1. After The Walking Dead sensation Saga is always Image’s best selling title. Even issues up to #20 are still selling out immediately even with high print runs.

40 Saga 1 $2.99 Image 37641 2012 3
177 Saga 1 $2.99 Image 9641 2012 4
267 Saga 1 $2.99 Image 4484 2012 6
48 Saga 2 $2.99 Image 36885 2012 4
264 Saga 2 $2.99 Image 6252 2012 5
57 Saga 3 $2.99 Image 38895 2012 5
47 Saga 4 $2.99 Image 41143 2012 6
44 Saga 5 $2.99 Image 40556 2012 7
46 Saga 6 $2.99 Image 40584 2012 8
51 Saga 7 $2.99 Image 46971 2012 11
51 Saga 8 $2.99 Image 42324 2012 12
38, Saga, 9, $2.99, Image, 45,629
36, Saga, 10, $2.99, Image, 48,388
33, Saga, 11, $2.99, Image, 50,023
27, Saga, 12, $2.99, Image, 53,339

#69 PREACHER (DC 1995) Once the hottest back issue almost 20 years ago and word of a new tv/movie in the works saw back issues reach for highest prices ever for #1. A raw copy hit $385.00 on Nov 24th 2013. #13 with 1st Herr Starr super hot selling up to $65.00 a copy in speculation of appearing in the new TV series. Issue #51 later also became super hot with a 100 Bullets preview.

#70 SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL (DC 1992) #17 first cameo appearance of Doomsday who eventually killed Superman a month later. This issue had much smaller print run than the hyped up Superman issues once Superman died. Two printings exist and many charging more for the 2nd printing. In past month sales jumped as high as $50.00 and $100.00 for the 2nd printing raw.

#71 MANIFEST DESTINY (IMAGE 2013) Hottest Image title of the past year with #1 selling up to $50.00. #2-3 both approaching $20 each. Reprint sets even selling very strong. 4 printings of #1 all above cover price. #7B had a Silvestri/MacFarlane cover which hit up to $10.00 immediately.

#72 SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #4 #5 #22 #23 #65 #66 (DC 1996) DC female villain Livewire is the hottest back issue series and her first 6 appearances all happened in this smaller print Superman title from the 1990′s aimed at younger readers. All issues are hot with sales of #4 up to $50.00 and #5 up to $125.00 a high sale on #23 so far at $16.00

#73 BATMAN #1-9 – Most issues from #3-9 sell averaging $20-$30 each and #1 sells for up to $60.00. Complete sets of #1-10 bring $150.00. Batman is the #1 selling regular monthly comic book these days and it is the most valuable “complete set” of all current titles.

#74 ACTION COMICS #835 (DC 2006) 1st app of female Livewire in regular DC universe. Recent hot book and prices increasing quickly now at about $13.00 2nd-4th appearances are in issues #839 and #842 which should all sell out easily.

#75 X-FACTOR (MARVEL 1986) #5 #6 1st appearances of Apocalypse are continually hot yet common with new movie news coming.

#76 CAPTAIN MARVEL (MARVEL 2013) #17 Final issue features a cameo at the end of the new muslim Ms Marvel who gets her own new series next year. Sold out quick and went to 2nd printing. Copies so far up to $8.00

#77 LUMBERJANES (BOOM 2014) #1 and #2 both sold out fairly quick and went to 2nd printings causing interest to grow and prices at about $6.00 within a month of release and mini-series now announced to be an ongoing series.

#78 CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 and #14 (MARVEL 2006) #6 1st full app of Winter Soldier to star in the new Captain America movie has interest high hitting a peak of $30.00 plus there is a variant cover as well. #14 features a classic cover and the origin of Winter Soldier and hit a high of $50.00. The real 1st app is in the common issue #1.

#79 WINTER WORLD (IDW 2014) #1 Chuck Dixon’s 1984 classic mini-series was brought back with also media news causing sellouts of #1 and hitting up to $10.00 immediately for the regular and subscription covers.

#80 LOW (IMAGE 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately but large print run with some copies selling up to $6.00 each.

#81 LITTLE NEMO RETURNS TO SLUMBERLAND (IDW 2014) #1 sold out instantly and some sellers getting a bit above cover.

#82 EXTINCTION PARADE (Avatar) 4 different covers – high quality format similar to Uber. Online pre-sales were doing well above cover. Print run of each cover was less than 5,000 each. In November talk of a TV show heated up the series a little bit.

136, Extinction Parade, 1, $3.99, Avatar, 16,061

#83 ROBIN RISES OMEGA #1 (DC 2014) Released in July and sold out by September with some sales up to $6.00

#84 CATWOMAN #51 (DC 2006) Adam Hughes classic jail cover artwork constantly in demand with copies selling as high as $55.00

#85 IZOMBIE (DC VERTIGO 2009) #1-28 Series became hot in early November when news of a tv/movie show was potentially in the worls and all related issues have become hot sellers. #1 frequently selling for $20.00 each. The series lasted 28 issues and sales had dropped down to 7500 copies by the last issue #28.
60, Izombie, 1, $1.00, DC, 33,025

107, Izombie, 2, $2.99, DC, 18,620

237, Izombie, 28, $2.99, DC, 7,507

#86 LIFE OF ARCHIE #36/37 (ARCHIE 2014) Magazine sized double sized memorial issue. First printing sold out quickly and hit a high of $60.00 per copy with a 2nd printing shipped the very next week to fill demand.

#87 LIFE OF ARCHIE #36 (ARCHIE 2014) The Death of Archie received widespread media coverage and sales were very strong the first week of release peaking at up to $15.00 per cover. Five different covers available with the Fiona Staples cover possibly the most popular. Issue #37 featuring Archie’s funeral was released the next week and sold out quickly at Diamond.

#88 INVINCIBLE #110 (IMAGE 2014) Media report of Robert Kirkman talking about the rape in the story caused a sellout and instant overnight hit on April 11th 2014 with online sales hitting up to $40.00 immediately before cooling down. Interest in issue #44 started shortly after for the first app of Anissa – the villain who does the raping.

#89 EAST OF WEST (Image) #1 Hot as a pre-seller and now sells up to $12.00. 4th printing already and sets of #1-4 sell really well. This is a rare modern example of a comic with a huge print run that still sells out due to popularity and goes to reprints on every issue. It’s the “2013″ version of Saga in terms of popularity. All 5 issues have gone to 2nd prints.
35, East of West, 1*, $3.50, Image, 49,518
193, East of West, 1 2nd printing $3.50, Image, 9,742
296, East of West, 1 3rd printing, $3.50, Image, 5,024
46, East of West, 2*, $3.50, Image, 41,838
54, East of West, 3*, $3.50, Image, 39,441

#90 IMAGE COMICS WHATS NEXT (IMAGE 2013) This preview comic holds the 1st printed appearance of Rat Queens and become extra hot hitting up to $30.00 once the Rat Queens TV series news was announced on June 15th 2014.

#91 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 (MARVEL 2014) The connecting cover version instantly hit $9.00 the day of release and sold out everywhere helping the regular cover to sell out quickly as well and go to 2nd printing.

#92 GRAYSON #1 SUBSCRIPTION COVER (DC 2014) New series based on Robin debuted and sold out with the subscription cover hitting higher dollars immediately.

#93 WOODS (BOOM 2014) #1 new ongoing series sold out quickly at Diamond and quickly went to 2nd printing with regular covers selling a bit above cover and high demand for variant covers.

#94 WONDER WOMAN #184 (DC 2002) Adam Hughes classic cover artwork constantly in demand with copies selling as high as $40.00

#95 HARLEY QUINN (DC 2013) #0 1 2 – all sold out and have 2nd printings. Sets selling especially well up to $30 for #0-4 1st prints. #1 many sales at $8.00

#96 ROCKET RACCOON #1 (MARVEL 2014) Giant print run but yet a sell out and already a 3rd printing has caused sales to start slowly sneaking up on #1.

#97 INCREDIBLE HULK #271 (MARVEL 1982) 1st app Rocket Raccoon in Marvel universe continuity and comic format.

#98 ROCKET RACCOON #1-4 (MARVEL 1986) Mini-series released before character joined Guardians Of The Galaxy. $80.00 per set is a standard price.

#99 MOON KNIGHT (MARVEL 2014) #1 and #2 are both in 2nd printings and sporadic sales prices but some sales up to $10.00 each.

#100 COWL (IMAGE 2014) #1 sold out instantly and hit up to $8.00 week of release and quickly went to 2nd printings on the first 2 issues.


SEX CRIMINALS (IMAGE 2013) #1 has 6 printings all sold out and all early issues sold out and commanding higher prices. 4th printing of #1 had a very small print run and a fun photo cover which had high demand and prices hit $20.00 immediately.

GHOSTED #9 (IMAGE 2014) 1st app of Nailbiter in this issue caused a sell out and sales up to $15.00 in early May 2014.

PAX ROMANA #1 (IMAGE 2007) Older image title from Jonathan Hickman heated up like crazy in May 2014 as high as $60.00 a copy when TV Show news were announced.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (MARVEL 2013) New ongoing series – new movie in the works for next year. Early issues #0.1, 1, 2 had very high print runs and then retailers pulled back. Issues #3 and #4 instantly sold out and both have 2nd printings. Sets now all sell above cover.

SATELLITE SAM TIJUANA BIBLE (IMAGE 2014) To boost sales of regular #8 a special 8 page black and white graphic sex promo comic was given out to retailers. The comic was not even shipped to the UK due to content causing strong demand and instant sales as high as $45.00 a copy week of release.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN #23 (DC VERTIGO 1999) DC adult title from 15 yrs ago that featured a preview of “100 Bullets” which is now announced as a new TV/movie in the works. Sales recently up to $20.00 Preview also appeared in Preacher #51.

PLANETOID #1 (IMAGE 2012) Previous Image series became hotter and hotter in late May 2014 hitting up to $10.00 a copy with new TV news.

WORMWOOD GENTLEMEN CORPSE (2006) This older series became hot in April 2014 with sporadic high sales.

DR. STENSON PRESENTS SANITARIUM (2014) #1 mini comic based on a real horror movie had small print run selling out instantly and hitting high of $15.00 week of release.

EPIC ILLUSTRATED #3 (MARVEL 1980) 1st app of Dreadstar in this common magazine became super hot in early April 2014 with numerous sales of $100.00 each and one copy hit $200.00 raw.

RUNAWAYS (MARVEL 2003) Brian K Vaughan (Saga) decade old Marvel series has been hot all year long with a high of $80.00 for #1.

DC COMICS PRESENTS #26 (DC 1980) Key issue features 1st app of Cyborg (will be in the new Superman movie) and the New Teen Titans before they received their own title.

TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #44 (DC 1984) Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing. Tons of interest for high grade investment copies and raw selling up to $100.00

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #1 (DC 2014) Canada variant cover some sales up to $8.00 week of release and sold out immediately at Diamond leading to new Canada variant covers to come out this summer.

BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #45 (DC 1998) Early Harley Quinn appearance sales up to $50.00

INVINCIBLE #111 (IMAGE 2014) Start of a new direction but smaller print run led a quick sellout of all covers and even the regular cover was up to $8.00 a week after release in the storyline followup to the rape in the issue before.

100 BULLETS (DC VERTIGO 1999) #1 and early issues all selling well with #1 up to $50.00 due to new tv/movie announcement.

DREDD UNDERBELLY (TITAN 2014) One-shot based on new movie was underprinted and overlooked by most retailers and prices hit $16.00 the week of release in January 2014 but continued to be hot after a month reaching a high of $50.00. 2nd print came out a month later and sales all over the board from low to high but many high sales up to $30.00 each.

WATSON AND HOLMES (NEW PARADIGM 2013) Small print run of 3,800 copies between 2 regular covers sold out instantly and brought sales of up to $50.00 each in first week and then cooled off. Print run was so small that it did not even rank in the Top 300 of the month. Currently #1 sells at above $10 and #2 sells at $7.00. We helped bring awareness to this amazing book before release date. 9 months later in June 2014 news of a movie deal hit and sparked new interest in the title with a few high sales.

THE OTHER DEAD (IDW 2013) Mini-series with new rumour of potential Movie brought new interest in August 2014 after it had originally been hot at release week in 2013. Some sales above cover.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #30 (MARVEL 2014) the Return of Peter Parker took readers by surprise and issue sold out instantly and some sales up to $10.00 each for 1st prints the month before Amazing Spider-man #1 reboots.

GREEN LANTERN (DC 2014) #28 Red Lanterns – Daughter storyline with Supergirl sold out and gone to 2nd printing. Many sales up to $10.00 each.

SUICIDE SQUAD (DC 2011) New ongoing series features Harley Quinn including some new origin issues. All early issues sold out and sets selling quite high. #1,6,7 are major key issues selling up to $30.00 each.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – GLOBAL CONQUEST MINI-SERIES #1-5 – These printings seem to have disappeared and the few sales that appear if marketed correctly bring $20.00 an issue.

BLACK SCIENCE (IMAGE 2013) #1 sold out and some early sales up to $9.00 per each of the 2 regular covers. #2 sold out instantly from Diamond and stores appeared to be shorted everywhere and copies hit up to $25.00 each immediately for the 2 covers.

SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #18 (DC 1992) The first full appearance of Doomsday who would kill Superman in the same storyline a month later. Rumours of Doomsday being in the next Superman movie has helped drive a ton of interest in his early appearances. Sales up to $30.00 for this one. There are 5 printings and the 5th printing is the rarest with the highest asked prices online.

BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 (DC 1992) 1st app of cartoon version of Harley Quinn – super hot 1990′s DC issue all year long.

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (DC 1994) Early app of Harley Quinn – hot like all 90′s Harley appearances.

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS (DC 2009) Harley Quinn is super hot and demand is strong for this older title.

HARLEY QUINN #1-38 (DC 2000) Harley Quinn is the hottest character currently from the last 20 years and seems almost any appearance of the character is up in value and demand this year. First and last year bringing the most interest.

FUTURAMA (BONGO 2000) #1 and #2 lead the pack with sales of $25.00 or higher for these TV show inspired series which is still running after 14 years and 70 issues.

WARRIOR #1 (2006) When the ultimate warrior died in April 2014 demand for this back issue skyrocketed up to $100.00 a copy.

SHELTERED #1 (IMAGE 2013) Series reported in Jan 2014 to be a new TV series saw new interest with #1′s selling constantly at $10.00

X-FILES CONSPIRACY (IDW 2014) There are a few series and the rarer 1:25 ratio variants are super hot selling between $25 and $60 each.

DMZ (DC 2006) #1-72. DC Vertigo series from creator Brian Wood is reported in early Feb 2014 coming to SyFy channel. ith the announcement of Sandman movie, and the iZombie TV show and now DMZ. Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, both of whom previously collaborated on “Mad Men” for AMC, are set to produce. Copies of #1 hit a high of $40.00 in early Feb 2014.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #3 VARIANT (MARVEL 2013) This variant cover featuring rapper Eminem has been super hot and brought up to $100.00 for this 1:25 ratio variant which has stayed hot after months.

HOUSE OF MYSTERY ANNUAL #1 (DC VERTIGO 2009) This DC classic title was brought back as a halloween annual and featured the first appearance of IZombie. Print run was much smaller on this high cover price book. High sale of $80.00 for this one recently.
164, House of Mystery Halloween Annual, 1, $4.99, DC, 11,127

ALIAS #1 (MARVEL MAX 2002) Decade old series announced to be turned into a new TV series drove demand up quickly with prices hitting $34.00 for #1. Not to be confused with a different TV show from last decade with the same title. Demand for the character also brought renewed interest for the Spider-man series Pulse featuring Alias but prices have not yet gone up.

SECRET SERVICE (MARVEL 2012) Mini-series by Mark Millar will be turned into a future movie causing some interest and random high sales.

LETTER 44 (ONI 2013) #1 came out as a $1.00 book and yet early reviews were so great that the book sold out and now selling at $6.00

BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE #1 (DC 1992) There are 3 printings of the 1st app of Bane in this rare one-shot selling at $40.00

NEW MUTANTS #98 (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Deadpool – the hottest Marvel character of the 1990′s.

LIFE WITH ARCHIE #23 (ARCHIE 2012) There are 2 covers and the 2nd cover is a horror theme and the first appearance on cover only of the “Afterlife With Archie” zombie theme which is now an ongoing series. 2nd cover hit $30.00 a year after release.

SIMPSON COMICS AND STORIES (BONGO 1993) #1 early one-shot comic and 1st full app of The Simpsons in comics

SIMPSON COMICS #1 (BONGO 1993) First issue of ongoing series and many following issues now in higher demand by TV fans.

WWE ONGOING (2014) New ongoing series based on World Wrestling federation sports characters. #1 had 4 regular covers which now sell for up to $50.00 for a set of 5 including the Undertaker variant. Undertaker was very popular bringing at least $15.00 on its own.

DREADSTAR #1 (1982) Hype of this character coming to movie theatres drove up demand starting in April 2014.

WEIRD LOVE (IDW 2014) New pre-code 1950′s horror romance theme book small print run and some sales immediately higher than cover. 2nd printing came out a month later and 1st prints up to $7.00 each

DEAD LETTERS (BOOM 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately and hit a high of $18.00 a copy week of release before cooling a bit.

THE LAST OF US (DARK HORSE) – 4 issue mini-series all issues instant sellouts and tie-in to video game. All issues are sold out and Diamond has sold out of #4 a month before its release. Currently all 3 1st print issues are selling for on average $23.00 EACH ! #3 hit a high of $41.00 the week of release. Print runs of issues #1-3 are very low. Print run of #4 jumped way up and is a common book. Complete set of 4 issues hit high of $160.00 in early July. I sold a few sets at $100.00. Only #1 has had a reprint so far and that 2nd printing might be so rare that it did not chart which means likely a print run of less than 3,000 copies. Reprints were scheduled by Dark Horse for #1-3 and then cancelled but now just came out. Prices dropped down after the series was done.

Last of Us American Dreams, 1, $3.99, Dark Horse, 6,012
Last of Us American Dreams, 2, $3.99, Dark Horse, 4,991
Last of Us American Dreams, 3, $3.99, Dark Horse, 5,014
Last of Us American Dreams, 4, $3.99, Dark Horse, 7,138

PREACHER PREVIEW (DC 1995) Considered the 1st true appearance of this thin preview issue reached a high sale of $350.00 on Nov 24th 2013.

DC STEAMPUNK 1:25 VARIANT EDITIONS (DC FEB 2014) Many of DC’s main core titles had a 1:25 variant ratio with a steampunk theme and #28 issues of Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Detective, Nightwing and Harley Quinn #3 all were selling at record prices due to extra high demand as high as $50.00 each. Wonder Woman #28 was the hottest hitting a high of $85.00

A VOICE IN THE DARK (Kickstarter Edition) This early original printing came out before Image Comics put out the official series. Copies hit a high of $60.00 on Nov 24th 2013. Regular Image edition has sold out but not yet risen.

LEGENDS #3 (DC 1986) Common 80′s mini-series with 1st app of Modern Suicide Squad which is getting media attention, not only in the Arrow TV series, but a stand alone script that hit the internet. Prices hit up to $15.00 for this 60 cent book.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE (DC VERTIGO 2010) #1 New series helped boost interest in earlier series. Sales recently of $25.00 for #1.

DAY MEN #1 (BOOM 2013) New ongoing series – #1 sold out instantly – kept rising during early August and then new movie news and the world went nuts for this book. I received long distance calls for this book and so did other local comic shops as people wanted to buy this book in major multiples. Hit a high of $20.00 and then online got flooded with too many copies and prices settled now at $9.00.

CRYPTOZOIC MAN #1 (IDW 2013) At first the title did not even sell out but eventually did and then went to a 2nd printing and continuous promotion on the Comic Book Men TV series led demand to grow and grow. A #1-2 set regular print cover sold for $41.00 this week.

Y THE LAST MAN (DC 2000) Brian K Vaughan rumours of a potential new movie started brewing but not yet confirmed. Authors popular series once again in demand as his current series Saga continues to dominate in current popularity.

PETER PANZERFAUST (Image) #1-9 prices peaked in March. #8 and #9 really hot but less demand for #4-6. One season of the TV series seems guaranteed. #1 hit high of $300 now around $200.00 Current prices #2 $60 / #3 $20 / #4-7 $10 each / #8 $20 / #9 $20. Print runs for #6 7 8 were so low they did not even chart during the month. Note the print run increaes for #10 and then #11. #11 is the most common issue and now print runs are leveling back down again.
285 Peter Panzerfaust 1 $3.50 Image 4814 2012 2
276 Peter Panzerfaust 2 $3.50 Image 4416 2012 3
252 Peter Panzerfaust 3 $3.50 Image 5515 2012 4
292 Peter Panzerfaust 4 $3.50 Image 5177 2012 5
283 Peter Panzerfaust 5 $3.50 Image 4546 2012 7
292, Peter Panzerfaust, 9, $3.50, Image, 4,456 2013 1
181, Peter Panzerfaust, 10, $3.50, Image , 10,989 2013 3
123, Peter Panzerfaust, 11, $3.50, Image, 17,683, 2013 6
226, Image Firsts Peter Panzerfaust, 1, $1.00, Image, 8,756, 2013 4
215, Peter Panzerfaust, 12, $3.50, Image, 9,951

ABSOLUTE VERTIGO (DC 1995) A regular produced comic featuring another Pre-#1 appearance hit a high of $55.00 on Nov 24th 2013.

FURY OF FIRESTORM #23 (1983) 1st app Byte Felicity Smoak Green ARROW TV show – popular female character helped drive demand for this 1980′s comic.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #20 VARIANT (MARVEL 2013) Normally I do not include variants if they just have a predictable higher market value due to small print run but I am including this issue as its truly a hot issue climbing in value and selling way more than expected for the print run. Currently at about $70.00 instead of an estimated $25.00 for a 1:50 variant.

CATWOMAN #23 (DC 2013) 1st appearance of Joker’s Daughter appears in the last page and is a prelude to her big appearance coming up soon in the 3D DC Villain take over month. Prices hit $13.00 the day of release.

RED STAR (IMAGE 2000) Older series with recent news of potential TV show in the works shot prices up as high as $20.00 for #1 in early Feb 2014.

OUTLIERS #1 (2013) Indie comic self published with financing. Highest ratings online for story and art. Super small print run. More and more hype every week and a print run of less than 1800 copies kept prices continually rising up and currently at $50.00. We helped bring awareness to this amazing book before release date. Strong popularity kept prices high on this one after 2 months.

SKYWARD #0-3 (2010) Originally a self published mini series in 2010. (3 years before the new ongoing series). Jeremy Dale self-published the first three issues a few years ago. These black and white “Graphite Editions” have sold on eBay for over $300 for a set of 0-3 in the last few weeks. A number 1 Graphite sells for around $100.

47 RONIN (DARK HORSE 2012) 5 issue mini-series recently came out as a movie and drew interest up as high as $25 for #1.

INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US (DC) – the hottest DC title of 2013 with small print runs and 3rd prints selling out. Peaked in May at $85.00 for set of #1-4 Many sellers with reprint sets that also sell well. #1 2nd printing hit $12.00 #1 $40 #2 $25 #3 $8 #4 $5 #5-6 $4. I predicted this could be a hit when I saw the initial print run numbers so low and yet featuring major characters Batman, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. Print runs peaked with #6 and are now leveling out.

96, Injustice Gods Among Us, 1, $3.99, DC, 20,733
120, Injustice Gods Among Us, 2, $3.99, DC, 17,068
118, Injustice Gods Among Us, 3, $3.99, DC, 18,068
98, Injustice Gods Among Us, 4, $3.99, DC, 21,669
89, Injustice Gods Among Us, 5, $3.99, DC, 25,215
83, Injustice Gods Among Us, 6, $3.99, DC, 26,011.
98, Injustice Gods Among Us, 7, $3.99, DC, 25,731

TODD THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH (Image) #1 hit high of $20 immediately in January week of release and then settled down. Smaller print run. Mini-series #1-4 is sold out and will become ongoing soon from Image with #5 coming out in a month. News of a new tv/movie reported on July 13th made the #1 a super hot comic instantly with sales as high as $60 in July but then cooled down again. #1 and #2 have a 2nd print which are both rarer typically in print run than the originals.

197, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, 1, $2.99, Image, 7,879
240, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, 2, $2.99, Image, 6,177
224, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, 3, $2.99, Image, 7,140
230, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, 4, $2.99, Image, 7,113

HAWKEYE #1-10 The hottest back issue current Marvel title with all issues in multiple printings. #1 and #2 each now settled at about $25.00. Every issue has been reprinted – #1 and #2 on 5th printings. New issues still sell out. It is rare to find a series that issue #10 has a higher print run still than #1. Print runs saw their peak with #10.
42 Hawkeye 1 $2.99 Marvel 41952 2012 8
256 Hawkeye 1 $2.99 2nd printing Marvel 6394 2012 9
60 Hawkeye 2 $2.99 Marvel 33563 2012 9
69 Hawkeye 3 $2.99 Marvel 35403 2012 10
66 Hawkeye 4 $2.99 Marvel 34208 2012 11
61 Hawkeye 5 $2.99 Marvel 34385 2012 12
65 Hawkeye 6 $2.99 Marvel 33440 2012 12
57, Hawkeye, 7, $2.99, Marvel, 37,000
56, Hawkeye, 8, $2.99, Marvel, 36,898.
53, Hawkeye, 9, $2.99, Marvel, 39,678.
48, Hawkeye, 10, $2.99, Marvel, 42,090.
50, Hawkeye, 11, $2.99, Marvel, 40,510.
50, Hawkeye, 12, $2.99, Marvel, 40,837

ADVENTURE TIME – animated cartoon series – numerous printings now. #1 is truly rare – no sellers on ebay even have a copy for sale. $50 to $100 per copy of #1 first print. #2 currently in the $20-30 range. #3 $10. #1-6 have been reprinted with connecting cover image. #1-6 and #9-10 sold out from diamond.

187 Adventure Time 1 2nd printing $3.99 Boom 8523 2012 3
153 Adventure Time 1 $3.99 Boom 12392 2012 2
190 Adventure Time 2 2nd printing $3.99 Boom 8864 2012 4
157 Adventure Time 2 $3.99 Boom 11329 2012 3
111 Adventure Time 3 $3.99 Boom 17131 2012 4
125 Adventure Time 4 $3.99 Boom 20289 2012 5
110 Adventure Time 5 $3.99 Boom 20889 2012 6
110 Adventure Time 6 $3.99 Boom 19767 2012 7
130 Adventure Time 7 $3.99 Boom 19423 2012 8
117 Adventure Time 8 $3.99 Boom 19755 2012 9
121 Adventure Time 9 $3.99 Boom 20636 2012 10
94 Adventure Time 10 $3.99 Boom 23656 2012 11
212 Adventure Time Cover Showcase One Shot $3.99 Boom 7478 2012 12
102 Adventure Time Fionna & Cake 1 $3.99 Boom 20290 2012 12
102 Adventure Time Marceline Scream Queens 1 $3.99 Boom 21182 2012 7

DAREDEVIL #1-4 (Marvel 2011) Early issues sold out and sell for $10.00 each or higher!
6 Daredevil 1 $3.99 Marvel 64866 2011 7
32 Daredevil 2 $2.99 Marvel 40990 2011 8
64 Daredevil 3 $2.99 Marvel 39477 2011 9
61 Daredevil 4 $2.99 Marvel 40311 2011 9
55 Daredevil 5 $2.99 Marvel 39413 2011 10
58 Daredevil 6 $2.99 Marvel 38302 2011 11
45 Daredevil 7 $2.99 Marvel 38824 2011 12

MORNING GLORIES – early issues sold out and popular back issues.

167 Morning Glories 1 $3.99 Image 8687 2010 8
218 Morning Glories 2 $3.50 Image 8265 2010 9
156 Morning Glories 3 $3.50 Image 11258 2010 10
151 Morning Glories 4 $3.50 Image 11292 2010 11
167 Morning Glories 5 $3.50 Image 11193 2010 12
121 Morning Glories 6 $3.50 Image 10795 2011 1
155 Morning Glories 7 $2.99 Image 11037 2011 2
180 Morning Glories 8 $2.99 Image 10809 2011 3
143 Morning Glories 9 $2.99 Image 10975 2011 4
172 Morning Glories 10 $2.99 Image 11385 2011 6
192 Morning Glories 11 $2.99 Image 10653 2011 8
176 Morning Glories 12 $2.99 Image 10537 2011 9
205 Morning Glories 13 $2.99 Image 10094 2011 10
183 Morning Glories 14 $2.99 Image 9850 2011 11
166 Morning Glories 15 $2.99 Image 9565 2012 1

THE SIXTH GUN (Oni) – All 31 issues sold out – many not even on ebay and low print runs. Sold a #1 for $250 in Mid April. #1 now at $90.00. Prices have dropped by about 70% since their peak from April 2013 when the news of the potential TV show was at its highest hype. Still some of the rarest comics to collect will keep prices and sales up on this title. The image speculating boom peaked by April 2013 and orders were raised drastically on issues #30-32 which were the highest since issue #2 three years earlier.

256 Sixth Gun 1 $3.99 Oni 4899 2010 7
249 Sixth Gun 2 $3.99 Oni 5061 2010 7
261 Sixth Gun 3 $3.99 Oni 4105 2010 8
333 Sixth Gun 4 $3.99 Oni 3850 2010 9
298 Sixth Gun 5 $3.99 Oni 3590 2010 10
274 Sixth Gun 6 $3.99 Oni 3589 2010 11
310 Sixth Gun 7 $3.99 Oni 3360 2010 12
239 Sixth Gun 8 $3.99 Oni 3317 2011 1
282 Sixth Gun 9 $3.99 Oni 3279 2011 2
271 Sixth Gun 11 $3.99 Oni 3418 2011 4
296 Sixth Gun 15 $3.99 Oni 3403 2011 9
351 Sixth Gun 16 $3.99 Oni 3442 2011 10
329 Sixth Gun 17 $3.99 Oni 3408 2011 11
277 Sixth Gun 18 $3.99 Oni 3328 2012 1
325 Sixth Gun 19 $3.99 Oni 3183 2012 2
312 Sixth Gun 21 $3.99 Oni 3184 2012 4
343 Sixth Gun 22 $3.99 Oni 3169 2012 5
304 Sixth Gun 23 $3.99 Oni 3204 2012 6
367 Sixth Gun 24 $3.99 Oni 3122 2012 8
326 Sixth Gun 25 $3.99 Oni 3081 2012 9
366 Sixth Gun 26 $3.99 Oni 3043 2012 10
363 Sixth Gun 27 $3.99 Oni 2930 2012 12
358, Sixth Gun, 28, $3.99, Oni, 2,901
338, Sixth Gun, 29, $3.99, Oni, 3,097
306, Sixth Gun, 30, $3.99, Oni, 4,227
325, Sixth Gun, 31, $3.99, Oni, 4,350
300, Sixth Gun, 32, $3.99, Oni, 4,277

NOWHERE MEN (Image) #1-3 prices had peaked at $40,25,15 in March. Set of #1-5 now sells for $60.00 #1 $30 / #2 $20 / #3 $10 / #4 $3 / #5 $3. Note the print run increases for #4 and then #5. #1 already has a 5th printing – with so many reprints of all issues on the market its hard to sell the reprints at any price currently.172 Nowhere Men 1 $2.99 Image 11815 2012 11 213 Nowhere Men 2 $2.99 Image 7368 2012 12209, Nowhere Men, 3, $2.99, Image, 7,421
150, Nowhere Men, 4, $2.99, Image, 13,368
141,Nowhere Men, 5, $2.99, Image, 15,608

THIEF OF THIEVES #1-12 Early issues still super hot – value peaked in January but still selling well

112 Thief of Thieves 1 $2.99 Image 17877 2012 2
126 Thief of Thieves 2 $2.99 Image 14286 2012 3
135 Thief of Thieves 3 $2.99 Image 13644 2012 4
137 Thief of Thieves 4 $2.99 Image 17774 2012 5
116 Thief of Thieves 5 $2.99 Image 19833 2012 6
111 Thief of Thieves 6 $2.99 Image 19733 2012 7
139 Thief of Thieves 7 $2.99 Image 18266 2012 8
134 Thief of Thieves 8 $2.99 Image 17070 2012 9
144 Thief of Thieves 9 $2.99 Image 16645 2012 10
136 Thief of Thieves 10 $2.99 Image 16424 2012 11

132 Thief of Thieves 11 $2.99 Image 15605 2012 12
135, Thief of Thieves, 12, $2.99, Image, 14,974
135, Thief of Thieves, 13, $2.99, Image, 15,201
129, Thief of Thieves, 14, $2.99, Image, 16,938.

DETECTIVE COMICS #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $25.00

RACHEL RISING (Abstract) #1-16 TV announcement this week helped drive demand up as Diamond sold out of even the current issue not yet out this week. #1 hitting $200.00 peak around May 1st. Many issues still available direct from publisher website at cover. #1 settled down now to about $50.00. Sellers hyping rarity of 2nd and 3rd printings and getting high amounts as well.

186 Rachel Rising 1 $3.99 Abstract 10989 2011 8
206 Rachel Rising 2 $3.99 Abstract 8189 2011 9
196 Rachel Rising 3 $3.99 Abstract 8872 2011 11
269 Rachel Rising 4 $3.99 Abstract 4331 2011 12
241 Rachel Rising 4 $3.99 Abstract 4737 2012 1
258 Rachel Rising 5 $3.99 Abstract 4180 2012 1
296 Rachel Rising 5 $3.99 Abstract 4412 2012 2
189 Rachel Rising 6 $3.99 Abstract 8399 2012 3
199 Rachel Rising 7 $3.99 Abstract 8210 2012 4
224 Rachel Rising 8 $3.99 Abstract 8103 2012 5
203 Rachel Rising 9 $3.99 Abstract 8194 2012 7
223 Rachel Rising 10 $3.99 Abstract 8330 2012 8
219 Rachel Rising 11 $3.99 Abstract 7915 2012 9
219 Rachel Rising 12 $3.99 Abstract 7987 2012 10
205 Rachel Rising 13 $3.99 Abstract 7782 2012 12

NIGHTWING #4 (DC) 2011 – hot key issue from this Robin/Batman series. $25.00 for this key issue.

27, Nightwing, 4*, $2.99, DC, 51,668

AMAZING SPIDERMAN #700 DITKO VARIANT (MARVEL 2012) Normally I do not include variants if they just have a predictable higher market value due to small print run but I am including this issue as its truly was hotter than normal. It came out in December 2012 featuring the death of Peter Parker. But this rare variant was a 1:200 ratio which usually are worth about $100.00 but by January this comic hit a high peak of $1200.00 making it a record high sales price for any new comic in 2013.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Marvel) 698-700 Death of Peter Parker storyline super hot in January – still popular due to storyline continuing in Superior-Spiderman

29 Amazing Spider-Man 697 $3.99 Marvel 59872 2012 11
13 Amazing Spider-Man 698 $3.99 Marvel 81342 2012 11
14 Amazing Spider-Man 699 $3.99 Marvel 74904 2012 12
18 Amazing Spider-Man 699.1 $2.99 Marvel 66245 2012 12
1 Amazing Spider-Man 700 $7.99 Marvel 200966 2012 12

REVIVAL (Image) #1-10 Early issues still hot but definitely cooled in value from Jan/Feb peak of #1 $45.00

120 Revival 1 $2.99 Image 18039 2012 7
198 Revival 2 $2.99 Image 10486 2012 8
153 Revival 3 $2.99 Image 13943 2012 9
155 Revival 4 $2.99 Image 15251 2012 10
154 Revival 5 $2.99 Image 14098 2012 11
114, Revival, 6, $2.99, Image, 17,396
124, Revival, 7, $2.99, Image, 16,639
124, Revival, 8, $2.99, Image, 17,082
121, Revival, 9, $2.99, Image, 16,977
134, Revival, 10, $2.99, Image, 16,314
153, Revival, 11, $2.99, Image, 13,536

BATGIRL #13 – death of family storyline – these sold out and huge price increases in some areas up to $30

BATMAN #13 / death of family storyline – these sold out and huge price increases in some areas up to $40

FABLES (DC/Vertigo) Long running ongoing series recently announced of potential tv/movie so already expensive #1 selling out at bout $70.00 first printings. Series has over 120 issues so lots to collect.

GAMBIT (Marvel 2012) New ongoing series popular #1 $8 #2 $5 but #3 sold out everywhere and current asking price from only online copy is $25.00 !!

47 Gambit 1 $2.99 Marvel 40418 2012 8
70 Gambit 2 $2.99 Marvel 32336 2012 8
79 Gambit 3 $2.99 Marvel 28530 2012 9
92 Gambit 4 $2.99 Marvel 27828 2012 10
84 Gambit 5 $2.99 Marvel 26723 2012 11
86 Gambit 6 $2.99 Marvel 25522 2012 11
89 Gambit 7 $2.99 Marvel 23978 2012 12

PROPHET #21 (IMAGE 2012) Sold out immediately in early 2012 – hot issue at $15.00

219 Prophet 21 $2.99 Image 6029 2012 1
257 Prophet 22 $2.99 Image 6030 2012 2
232 Prophet 23 $2.99 Image 6289 2012 3
228 Prophet 24 $2.99 Image 6639 2012 4

THE DAMNED (Oni) #1-5 Generally #1 is a $50 book but a #3 hit $100 earlier in April 2013 on ebay. Author of Sixth Gun

238 Damned 1 $3.50 Oni 2989 2006 10

294 Damned 3 $3.50 Oni 2116 2006 12
273 Damned 5 $3.50 Oni 1892 2007 3

SUPERMAN #1 New 52 issue multiple printings currently at $15.00

SWAMP THING #1 (DC 2011) New 52 issue multiple printings currently at $9.00

ACTION #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $8.00

BATGIRL #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $8.00

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $6.00

MANHATTAN PROJECTS (Image) #1-10 All issues sell well but way down from Jan peaks #1 was at $90 now at $30. Title is steady sales as print run of #12 is about the same as #1.

102 Manhattan Projects 1 $3.50 Image 17955 2012 3
121 Manhattan Projects 2 $3.50 Image 15697 2012 4
136 Manhattan Projects 3 $3.50 Image 18001 2012 5
124 Manhattan Projects 4 $3.50 Image 18544 2012 6
117 Manhattan Projects 5 $3.50 Image 18398 2012 7
127 Manhattan Projects 6 $3.50 Image 17981 2012 9
127 Manhattan Projects 7 $3.50 Image 17543 2012 11
113 Manhattan Projects 8 $3.50 Image 17028 2012 12
262 Manhattan Projects 1 rep $3.50 Image 5213 2012 4
119, Manhattan Projects, 9, $3.50, Image, 17,229
125,Manhattan Projects, 10, $3.50, Image, 17,028
116, Manhattan Projects, 11, $3.50, Image, 17,517
129, Manhattan Projects, 12, $3.50, Image, 17,076

MIND MGMT (Dark Horse) #1-10 #1 is really the only valuable issue at $40 but easy to sell sets at $80. Very low print run.

262 Mind Mgmt 0 $2.99 Dark Horse 5526 2012 11
236 Mind Mgmt 1 $3.99 Dark Horse 7537 2012 5
266 Mind Mgmt 2 $3.99 Dark Horse 5566 2012 7
292 Mind Mgmt 3 $3.99 Dark Horse 5579 2012 8
286 Mind Mgmt 5 $3.99 Dark Horse 5017 2012 9

GHOST PROJEKT #1 (ONI 2010) It was announced about Sept 22nd 2013 that the show was optioned for NBC tv series and the 3 year old title became super hot with #1 selling as high as $35.00 each. It has now cooled off and settled more around $15.00

LOCKE AND KEY (2008) Talk of a new movie based on this already hot comic from 2008.

ANIMAL MAN #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $15.00 for a while was most valuable new 52 #1.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $15.00

CHEW (IMAGE 2009) #1 is down to about $200.00 from a high of $400.00 Earliest issues still bring decent $$.

287 Chew 1 $2.99 Image 4576 2009 9
246 Chew 1 $2.99 Image 5246 2009 6
247 Chew 2 $2.99 Image 6731 2009 7
142 Chew 3 $2.99 Image 13748 2009 8
169 Chew 4 $2.99 Image 12284 2009 9
142 Chew 5 $2.99 Image 13490 2009 10
144 Chew 6 $2.99 Image 13133 2009 11
156 Chew 7 $2.99 Image 12902 2009 12
137 Chew 8 $2.99 Image 12727 2010 1
143 Chew 9 $2.99 Image 12867 2010 3
127 Chew 10 $2.99 Image 13335 2010 4

3D VILLAINS MONTH WEEK #4 (DC 2013) 13 different 3D covers came out in week #4 of the villains month campaign. Here are the highest prices achieved for each. Some high sales actually came in pre-sales online. Most prices have settled to about 50% of these listed prices. Week Four Joker’s Daughter at $110.00 Doomsday at $20 Black Adam at $20 Killer Croc at $13 First Born at $13 Man-Bat at $13 Bane at $12 Sinestro at $12 Secret Society at $12 Ocean Master at $12 Parasite at $11. Joker’s Daughter is without the single most hyped up and hottest comic of the entire year and may have set world record prices for a pre-sale of a new release as collectors were paying up to $110.00 each for a copy of this book just to make sure they got one. That is paying almost 40x cover price before it even came out. Very few customers got a copy unless they were a regular file customer for Batman: The Dark Knight series. It was the hottest of all the 3D covers and the hottest comic of the entire year. However the downside I predicted is that prices could only come down and that has already started to happen.

3D VILLAINS MONTH WEEK #3 (DC 2013) 13 different 3D covers came out in week #3 of the villains month campaign. Here are the highest prices achieved for each. Some high sales actually came in pre-sales online. Most prices have settled to about 50% of these listed prices. Week Three Clayface at $20 Dial E at $46 Eclipso at $20 Deathstroke at $25 The Rogues at $15 Cheetah at $14 Penguin at $13 Ra’s Al Ghul at $13 Arcane at $13 Black Hand at $12 Scarecrow at $12 Shadow Thief at $12 Lex Luthor at $11 H’el at $7

3D VILLAINS MONTH WEEK #2 (DC 2013) 13 different 3D covers came out in week #2 of the villains month campaign. Here are the highest prices achieved for each. Some high sales actually came in pre-sales online. Most prices have settled to about 50% of these listed prices. Week Two Harley Quinn at $36 Mr Freeze at $31 Lobo at $31 Riddler at $20.50 Reverse Flash at $20 Court Of Owls at $18 Killer Frost at $17.50 Solomon Grundy at $13 Trigon at $13 Black Manta for $12 Mongul at $12 Brainiac at $10.50 Zod at $10

3D VILLAINS MONTH WEEK #1 (DC 2013) 13 different 3D covers came out in week #1 of the villains month campaign. Here are the highest prices achieved for each. Some high sales actually came in pre-sales online. Most prices have settled to about 50% of these listed prices. Week One Forever Evil #1 – $280 (1 per store variant cover). Darkseid for $31 Poison Ivy for $27 Ventriloquist for $26.50 Joker for $25 Count Vertigo at $20 Creeper at $20 Deadshot at $16.50 Two-Face at $15 Relic at $14 Bizarro at $13.50 Grodd at $13 Desaad at $13 Cyborg Superman at $10

Thanks to John Jackson Miller at for the initial Diamond sales figures data

You can see complete monthly Diamond sales chart data and more stats at his site !

I am always happy to hear your comments and thoughts/criticisms on any of my posts.

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