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The latest from Chris comes your way. Some great picks in the back issue bins! Click ahead to find out what you need to be buying…..soon!

The Comic Broker’s Corner
by Topher Seal
Just returned from my local shop’s FCBD extravaganza and I must say that The Time Capsule in Cranston, Rhode Island pulled no punches trying to get every last person a free comic. I was pleased to see the store packed with kids instead of stoned fanboys and trust me when I tell you that the girl dressed as Harley Quinn nearly caused a few accidents as she bounced and giggled up and down the sidewalk.
Since then I have spent the last few days reading the comics I left with and posting tweets as Agent Orange: Larfleeze! If anyone knows where I can find a Larfleeze mask let me know, I want to create an avatar of him drinking on Orange Julius.



What if ? Featuring Planet Hulk (1st Skaar).
The son of Hulk makes his way to Earth to meet daddy this summer and that can only mean one thing-stalemate. Even so the action should be fun and generate good sales for Marvel so look to this book for the first peep at Big Banner’s offspring!





Wizard of Oz Book Market Variant Issue 1 (Marvel 2009)

cbboz.gifPersonally I don’t get the hype on this book but it already has a following so large it can’t be denied.  Though I am happy that a kids books has become so popular I have to wonder why parents would bother when you can give your kids the original books?  Comic adaptations like this bother me in some ways because they usually only act as a summary for  masterpieces.
With issue 1 selling enough copies to equal the oz.  weight in gold of the entire yellow brick road I think it’s time to tell people there is a book market variant for the first issue.  From what I gather it is the hardest version to find.




The Surrogates 1-5


Better get your copies of all 5 issues of this baby cause by the time Bruce Willis’s adaptation hits the theaters you are gonna be sorry.  With one of the more creative sci-fi setting this trader has ever read through,  the Surrogates manages to keep me highly entertained despite an artistic style that’s not quite this trader’s  thing.






Penny Comics of the month: SPECIAL DEADPOOL SECTION

I told you all last week to check back for Deadpool appearances.  Listed here are some of my favorites you just might not know about.

Wolverine 88 (Vol.  1)


Add Deadpool as a primary villain in Wolverine’s new action flick and this meeting between the two equals  back issue bargain.






cbbhfh10.gifcbbhfh11.gifHeroes for Hire 10 & 11




Silver Sable 23







New X-men 22 (Cover Only)




Blue Chip Book of the Month

cbbgreenlantern29.gifGreen Lantern 29 (Vol 1)

DC’s Blackest Night Storyline running through the GL books looks to be another engrossing read this summer.  Revealed in FCBD’s Blackest Night # 0, the Black Hand is a Lantern set to unearth more un-dead treats from the list of DC’s Deceased.  This classic  features The Black Hand’s first appearance.  I started my search for one and to my surprise I snuck one out for under thirty bucks in VF+.  Take a look around now before its too late.





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