Comic Broker Report – February 2013

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( February )

By Topher Seal

     I just cannot believe the online market for current comics.  People are throwing down some serious cash during poor economic times for unproven, highly speculative books.  Now I won’t recommend that you go and spend nearly 200 dollars for Peter Panzerfaust 1 or Saga 1 or any Thought Bubble or Hastings Variant but I do suggest you think about the future and put your money in wise investments.  Just because a comic property has been optioned by Hollywood or has a print run under 5k doesn’t mean it belongs in your fireproof long box.  A wise investor studies the market relentlessly and can recognize a bad deal when he/she sees one.  

Don’t Buy: Thor 344, buy this instead:

Thor 347  ( First appearance of Kurse )


Kurse will be in the next Thor movie and while collectors are already hoarding 344 this issue might be the sleeper.

Note: Kurse also has one of the greatest deaths in comics and that issue is very affordable!

Don’t Buy Justice League of America 183-185,


buy this instead:

The Forever People 1 ( First full Darkseid )


So a JLA movie will be coming out to set up the future of the DC Universe’s film franchises and there is already massive speculation as to who will be in the film and what storyline it will follow.  Many are buying up issues 183-185 assuming that elements of this story will be the basis for the film.  That’s too risky to drop the kind of money these books are demanding.  Plus the moment that info was released Darkseid became the new Thanos and appearances have quadrupled in price.  Guides list Darkseid’s first appearance as Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 and his second as 135 but both appear to be cameos.  His first full appearance is in The Forever People 1 and I would also scoop New Gods 2.

Don’t buy The Sixth Gun 1,2,3,4,5,6,……

Buy this instead:

The Sixth Gun FCBD 2011


This wonderful comic by Cullen Bunn has been optioned and is set to film for TV.  Here is an example of a property worth investing in.  If it’s done right it’s a sure hit.  Cullen Bunn is a superstar writer in the making and this is his best work to date.  Issue 1 is fast becoming a 50.00 book but eventually people will realize that the first appearance of The Sixth Gun was in the 2011 FCBD issue.

More Cullen Bunn,

Immortal Weapons 2


Early works by this amazing writer are sure to see significant gains in upcoming months.  This comic is part of a 5 issues limited series written by a variety of the industries best.  Mr. Bunn wrote issue 2.

Deadpool 1000, The Damned ( good luck finding these! ), Captain America 616 Variant and his first published comic work in…

Futurequake 4

Future Quake 4 Cullen Bunn First Pro Work


American Vampire 1 ( 2010 Diamond Retailer’s Summit Edition, cover by JIM LEE )


Scott Snyder has quickly become the hottest writer in comics. His resume may be short but it’s full of quality writing.  In an era full of talented writers it can be very difficult to stand out but Mr. Snyder has done it.  Collectors are flocking to his Detective Comics run and they should but there are few other comics he wrote worth picking up.  Iron man noir 1-4 is a good place to start and those books can be had for pennies. I have previously mentioned the Human Torch 70th Variant One-Shot ( his earliest pro work ) and now this issue variant with a Jim Lee cover!

I would also buy issues 2-5 and the 2nd print for issue 1

Buy: Iron Man 10 ( 2nd Print )


Another film rumor about the appearance of Pepper Potts Rescue Armor appearing in Iron Man 3 has been circulating the web.  Will it happen? If it does this is the one one to buy!

Buy: Masters of the Universe 1 ( 2nd Print )


Another great second print that’s tough to find and worth every penny!  Look in back to find out why Invincible collectors!

Sell: Peter Panzerfaust 1,2,3,4

This over hyped comic is well written but poorly illustrated. With a TV show from the BBC in the works Image has created a nice big bubble! Trust me when I say it’s not the next WD so sell high!

Hold: Green Wake 7


The true first appearance of Peter Panzerfaust  will have no ceiling if the show is a hit and it will cost you between 2-10 dollars instead of 200.

Sell: Revival 1 and all issue 1 variants

Hold: Image FCBD Sampler


Sell: Fatale issue 1

Buy: The Walking Dead 92 ( First Jesus )


It seems this new character is going to be a major player and we have all seen the value of key WD first appearances.  Oh and Fatale first appearance is here too.  Even if you have to pay out it’s worth it in this case.

Buy:  Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth, Nowhere Men 1, Non-Player, Multiple Warheads & Prophet 21 ( variant only ).


Tales of Suspense 50 ( First Mandarin )


Personally I think the Mandarin is a terrible villain but movies from Marvel turn crud ( whiplash ) into back issue gold and this book will be no different. His first appearance is not mired in confusion like Darkseid and the actor playing the master of the rings is one of Hollywood’s best!


26 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – February 2013

  1. Ok it looks like Morning Glories 14 predates Green Wake 7 by a week or so. So far i have been unable to confirm this but it appears to be very hard to find along with Mind MGMT 1 ( both covers ) due to, what else? Film rumors.

  2. I don’t know what happened to my comment from earlier, but what about American Vampire #1 1st printing? I have that one, but should I buy the 2nd printing?

    I also just bought Image FCBD Sampler, Immortal Weapons #2, and Thor #347.

    Which Multiple Warheads did you mean? Oni Press or Image? I am guessing Image.

    I could not even find listings for The Sixth Gun FCBD, FutureQuake 4, or Masters of the Universe 1 2nd print.

  3. Thanks! The 2nd print is really hard to find. Hope you got those books cheap! I enjoy all of Brandon Graham’s work. The new Warheads series shouldn’t be tough to get, the earlier work gets pricey. King City is worth it also and he did s sick cover to a recent issue of Elephant Men! As far as The Sixth Gun they are so rare due to low print runs. I like to mention really htf books like Future Quake just to show where great creators start out. I suspect the only way to get early issues of that is to fly to the UK!

    1. I have not heard about NBC opting a show for Revival and while it is a very good book I believe right now is the time to make a profit on it especially if you have the variants for issue 1.

      1. You are very welcome 🙂
        No, I did not buy one 🙁 and I decided not to chase any issues that I have misjudge by paying £10 instead of £2.30…
        I have a chance to buy Thor 347 for £4, shall I go for it even if the condition is not great?

    1. Trending right now-Mind MGMT 1, 1 Hernandez Variant, 2,3,4,5,6, and if you can find it- 3 Stories from Dark Horse ( first appearance Mind MGMT ) All are worth money and are excellent reads! I would also buy all the Pistolwhip stuff if you dig Matt Kindt.

      1. I found a few issues of Mind MGMT at my local comic shop. They were behind other comics so I think someone was trying to hide them.

  4. What is the hype with the Prophet #21 variant? I saw it today for cover price so I picked it up, but what should I be looking for?

  5. There’s a Rob Liefeld variant but I have found no information to suggest that it’s a 1:1 ratio variant. I like the 2nd print cover and think it may be the hardest of the the three to find down the road. The series is picking up steam due to the fantastic writing of Brandon Graham!

    1. That certainly matters but the first appearance of the main players is in the FCBD issue. It’s good that this is a well written series because there’s no guarantee that NBC won’t screw it up.

  6. To Topher, Jay and the IC Crew, you are all awesome!!!! Topher, I got a copy of Future Quake 4 shipped to me which never hit the stands because the front half of the book hangs a little over the back half but it is otherwise pristine! Straight from the UK!

    The He-Man 1 2nd print from Nov 2002 came in and has a preview of Invincible 1!!!!! So Tech Jacket 1 no longer holds the title? I see they were both done Nov 2002 sneaky, sneaky!!!

    1. If they came out the same month then Tech-Jacket and any other issue containing the preview are equally important. In the case of the He-Man comic There are variants so it’s worth finding them all! There’s a Graham Crackers Variant that is tough to find and a Museum Edition which none of us will ever find! ( I am not sure if the Museum Edition contains the Invincible preview though )

  7. Topher, I just found the last Black Beetle 0 and 1 near me and The DHP 11 with the Black Beetle variant just got shipped for cover price! You guys are great and I just found a copy of Damned 2 by Oni Press. Great eye Topher and I’ll keep you updated on Future Quake 4…CGC here we
    come. Thank You again!

  8. The Damned are definitely hard to find, been a few on Ebay lately here and there, even some sets, but they’re already going for some decent cash. The real scarce issue is from the follow up series Prodigal Sons. #3 from that series is nowhere to be found.

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