Comic Broker Report – More Modern Heat

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( March )

By Topher Seal

    This month is sort of a sequel to last month’s article concerning modern comics and the ridiculous prices being paid for new books.   If you love trading in volatile markets then this current comic market is the place for you.  Many collectors may be weary of investing at this time because of the similarity to an infamous bubble from the past.  Anyone who remembers the bad girl/Valiant/gimmick days can attest to what I speak of.   I always suggest caution when playing in the modern arena but many of these books have significantly lower print runs that the 90’s books and the writing is far superior to most of what was produced in those days.  ( Many Valiant titles are the exception here.  If you have never read Harbinger,  Archer & Armstrong or Solar then now is as good a time to buy sets as any. ) 

Invincible 19  

imagesThis one hasn’t blown up quite yet but it’s already  scarce due to it being part of one of the greatest superhero comics of the last 10 years.  So what’s so special about it now?  Yet to been confirmed, the similarities are hard to ignore as it is likely the first appearance of the Nowhere Men!  This book came out so long ago that it makes it a very interesting collectible.  Many previews or first appearances happen within the first few months of the title’s release.  In this case the situation is so odd you just have to love Image for it.  They continues to keep putting out great comics like the Nowhere Men.  If prices for early issues continue to skyrocket then this puppy is going to be huge.

Also see the Walking Dead 102 for a color preview of the Nowhere Men! ( look for the 2nd print also!)


Helheim  NYCC Sketch Variant


If you’re like me and you don’t put a premium of many modern variants then here is a rare exception.  Cullen Bunn’s been on fire with the Sixth Gun and much of his recent Marvel work has been great.  His latest work pits viking against Zombie!  That’s a money maker if I have ever heard of one.

Black Beetle 0,1 & DHP Vol. 2 11

dhGritty Pulp comics have a special place in my collection so when Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle appeared in DHP 11 I instantly knew he had a hit on his hands.  Francesco has done a limited amount of work but his earliest appears to be in the 1997 Comic Code Illustrated.  Early issues are already drying up so act now.

Judge Dredd Megazine 322


Diggle and Jock’s new Image mini is off to a good start.  Great art and writing almost always generate some buzz especially when the Image logo is on the cover.  The odd thing about this comic is that is was serialized in the Judge Dredd Megazine 322 some time ago.  They are nearly impossible to get in the states.  Buy and hold.

Peter Panzerfaust 8,9

pp imagepppsHook has made his debut in the beloved Image series set to be a TV show.  Issue 8 is his first appearance and 9 has a black cover making it very difficult to find in high grade.  That incredible close up on Hook’s hook doesn’t hurt its chances on the back issue market either.  It’s not often you see such rapid price increases but issue 9 was selling for 20-30 at online auction the day it came out.

Captain America Reborn 6 & Avengers 5 ( 2010 )


Both of these books have extremely rare variants.  If the Age of Ultron is popular with readers look to these two books for the Ultron War’s earliest references.   These issues that look to the future are always big with collectors.

Note:  The Ultron War was mentioned first via blackboard/timeline that has since been a bit overused.  One of my favorite splash pages that peek into the future is in The Amazing Spider-Man 695.  Check it out!

3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man ( Dark Horse )

$(KGrHqJ,!jYFDhpjMmUvBREEolh8sg~~60_57Last month I briefly touched on Matt Kindt’s Mind Mgmt and how it has been optioned by Ridley Scott.  If you haven’t read the series I suggest you buy the trade because there is no chance you will be able to purchase this book for cover anywhere online.  It’s a great read and the fact the Matt has included story elements that are specifically NOT being reprinted will make the individual issue that much more valuable.  I also recommend some of his earlier work such as the Pistolwhip Series and this gem above ( also the first appearance of Mind Mgmt. )

and finally…

With Grant Morrison’s Batman run coming to an end with Batman Inc. Vol 2 #8  there are many rumors surrounding the fate of Damian Wayne.  Damian has become a favorite among those who love Batman.   If Morrison kills of the bratty boy wonder it would be a real shame since it’s very hard to create new characters that generate  long lasting popularity.  One of the most satisfying aspects of the young Robin is the possible future where he has sold his soul to the Devil??? to protect Gotham the best way he can.  No matter what happens some of these issues are not that hard to find but that can change real quick.



The Mignola black & white variant above IS very hard to find.  Good Luck!



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6 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – More Modern Heat

  1. BLACK BEETLE is just awesome!I love that book!

    I have all the variants for JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST. I have no idea what the value is, but most of them were Kevin Maguire, and I’m ALL ABOUT Kevin maguire JLI! I picked up the non-maguire variants because, well…let’s face it, at that point I had the rest, and I “needed” them all.


  2. Topher, because of you I was able to get Invincible 19 and 20 together with Walking Dead 102! My distributor just found me Peter Panzerfaust for cover ( He owed me big! ) and because of you all the Black Beetles including DHPs 11 variant have been purchased for cover or less! All for the love….and profit never hurt either!!! Great stuff guys!!! Buy low and sell right!!!!

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