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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-20-13

A couple of things to get to before we get started….

First order of business this week is the mentioning of the newest sponsor to the InvestComics family. Zap-Kapow! Zap-Kapow is an itunes comic book price guide app that gives you instant prices right in the palm of your hand whenever you need. It’s a fantastic app that should be on every collector’s phone. Zap-Kapow will also carry InvestComics on their website as a token of their commitment to InvestComics under the Comic News tab. Check out their website right HERE and also go HERE to get the app! Or go to the Zap-Kapow Icon on the top of this article and just click. InvestComics and Zap-Kapow! a perfect match!

Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson are making waves with the new InvestComics Podcast Breaking the 4th Wall. Be sure to check out the show each and every week on Sunday’s. The boys have a lot of fun with it. Coming up shortly, InvestComics got a hold of Joe Harris to come on the show! That’s writer Joe Harris; Batman: Battle for the Cowl, The Fury of Firestorm, screenwriter on Darkness Falls, and much more. Look for that show coming up soon with Joe on. Fun to be had! And MORE guest announcements coming soon too. Look for them on the InvestComics Facebook page.

Now let’s get to this week’s chock full of number one issues. That’s 12 number one issues and one number zero. I can’t recall such a big week in which so many number ones have hit from different companies. Excluding the new 52 and Marvel NOW! of course.


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Five of the number one issues come from IDW Publishing. IDW is simply killing it right now! In case you have been living under a rock, IDW has arrived. With the recent success of 2 titles, selling out, it’s not a surprise to see IDW go back to the well here. Star Wars #1 was a tremendous success, so IDW is giving fans Gi Joe (2013 IDW Volume 3) #1. Great move here because a restart of the Star Wars franchise is just what the collector ordered. G.I. Joe will be no different here. Look for fast sellouts and some quick jump in aftermarket pricing. G.I. Joe originally appeared in the Marvel/Hasbro launch back in 1982. The CGC market seems a bit inundated with this issue. A total of 1,296 graded copies to date. 277 which are sitting in the 9.8 range while 332 sit in the 9.6 range. This doesn’t really help your aftermarket cause. That said, pull out one of your 1982 Joe’s in your collection and pair it up with the new Joe from IDW that will sellout out, throw it up on Ebay and watch the bids come in. The sellout of Joe will probably occur with My Little Pony Micro Series (2013 IDW) #1 as well. With the successful launch of the My Little Pony comic, the new Micro series (a la TMNT) will focus on each pony. Granted this comic may not be for the average fanboy, but the aftermarket money should be! Be sure to put this comic in the middle of your stack and not on the top. Not because of embarrassment, because you don’t want to tip anyone off that you’ll be selling this on Ebay in a few days for $10 apiece. The other IDW number one issues not to be ignored this week are Vitriol The Hunter (2013 IDW) #1, Fever Ridge MacArthur Jungle War (2013 IDW) #1, and Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood (2013 IDW) #1. IDW is rockin’ n rolling, be there or be square.

Marvel has some number one issues to offer up this week too. Alpha Big Time (2013 Marvel) #1 will be headed our way after a brief delay. Was there really a demand for this Alpha character to have his own book? Why is this happening exactly? Guess it never hurts to try something new right? Alpha first appeared a long long time ago in Amazing Spider-Man #692….um late last year. It’s probably still sitting on the new comic book shelf at your local shop. The main number one issue from the pair that are coming out will be Nova (2013 5th Series) #1. Why you ask? No really, you’re asking why? I’d spell it out for you with little dashes in-between the letters here but that will take too long. Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s it, that’s mostly what you need to know. With the debut of the Marvel Cosmo’s on the big screen, Nova would be a character to have in your collection. Nova #1 will be a quick sellout because after 5 tries of a series starring Nova, this time the interest will stay around a bit longer. Thanks in large part due to Marvel’s push of the Guardians movie. The new number one issue however is not the one collector’s should be clamoring after. The 1976 Nova #1, now this is the one you should have. You can get some VF- copies on Ebay for very affordable prices, but one should not settle for those. Look for some VF+/NM copies and grab them. Get those near mint comics graded asap. If you can pull off a 9.8, you’re probably in the money. 466 total graded copies and 70 at the 9.8 spot. Lots at the 9.6 slot. I’m telling you, get a 9.8 and hold on to this comic. It has tremendous upside.

We get introduced to a new villain this week from Marvel. Her name is Jet Black. Check out Captain America (2012 7th Series) #4 for her debut. The secret of Scorpio is revealed in Ultimates (2011 Marvel Ultimate Comics) #21. Scorpio’s first appearance is no secret to us though. Nick Fury’s sibling debuted in Nick Fury, AGENT of Shield #1 (1968) from icon Jim Steranko. Watch in the future for an originally signed Jim Steranko autograph for you to WIN from InvestComics’ video comic book review show FFFIC! Awesomeness indeed. Daredevil (2011 3rd Series) #23 begins a new storyline that claims to be a big one as well as a jumping on point. So jump! And Avengers (2012 5th Series) #6 will give us the origin of the Universe. See, Stan Lee is God.

DC comics Justice League of America (2013) #1 will debut with a variant cover, all of them with the same cover, but with a different flag for each state within the U.S. Very lame, sorry DC you dropped the ball again on this one. See the original tirade on this debacle on InvestComics Hot Picks #255, click HERE for that. In more lame news we get Justice League of Americas Vibe (2013) #1 this week. This comic falls in the same realm as Alpha #1 from Marvel. Is this comic necessary? Don’t look for much on this one, but Vibe’s first appearance is in Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984) if one feels so inclined to waste their time hunting for this. Batwoman (2011 2nd Series) #17 is wowing us with a new status quo. Really? Why a new status quo? Wasn’t this what the New 52 was supposed to do in the first place? Okay, let’s buy into it, see where it goes. DC guarantee’s that Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #17 will be THE book to own in the new 52 universe. Why is this? An answer that only Grant Morrison knows and for us to find out. The DC comic to really keep an eye out on this week besides Action Comics #17 has to be Legion of Super-Heroes (2011 7th Series) #17. Paul Levitz teams back up with Keith Giffen on a Legion book. Cool stuff here fans. Back in the early 80’s Paul and Keith were tearing it up as fans were loving it. The tandem first teamed up on a Legion book back in 1982’s Legion of Super-Heroes #285. They worked together in a backup story called The Forgotten Future. Here’s a nice kicker too, Adam Kubert was the letterer on the story. How cool is that? Three legends on one story!

Todd McFarlane continues his magic and amazing marketing plan on paying homage to several comic book covers. This week he pays homage to the most famous cover of all time in Spawn (1992) #228. He does a tremendous job as always too. Thanks for the eye candy Todd! X-O Manowar (2012 3rd Series Valiant) #10 debuts the new X-O Manowar so check that out. With the recent announcement of the Sixth Gun pilot on NBC, it makes sense to grab a copy of the latest Sixth Gun installment Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun (2013 Oni) #1. We all know Sebastian Piccione from FFFIC will probably be very happy to read this comic!

Rounding out this week we have Dejah Thoris and Green Men of Mars (2013) #1 (take a look at some of the variant covers on this one! Parental Advisory!), Hellraiser Dark Watch (2013 Boom) #1, and Baltimore Widow and the Tank (2013 Dark Horse) #0.

That’s it for this week, watch for the new InvestComics’ newsletter coming soon with some very special BIG news!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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