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Carrie Kelley is being introduced in this month’s issue of Batman and Robin.  While DC has little to say about the direction of the character, fans and collectors should look for these books to see market gains. Even if she doesn’t end up as Robin her introduction into New 52 continuity has generated more positive interest in a replacement for Damian Wayne than Harper Row or even Stephanie Brown.  Whatever her Role is it’s encouraging that she is going to be included in arguably the best Batman title currently running.

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The Dark Knight 2 ( First appearance Carrie Kelley/Robin/Catgirl )


This one is a bit obvious but is always tough to find cheap and in high grade.  It will forever be included in comics canon and should be placed in that part of your collection that you just cannot seem to part with.

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Mazing Man 12


This oddball series concluded with a pretty bad ass  cover featuring Carrie Kelley.  It’s quite rare these days and it’s a last issue so the print run is low.

The Comics Journal 101


Anyone remember the Comics Journal?  This series is a must read for both comic scholars and collectors.  This issue’s white cover features Carrie Kelley as robin and an interview with Frank Miller, making it a rare treat.  I doubt t any would make the 9.8 grade but it’s gem no matter what condition you may find it in.

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Batman: Brave and the Bold 13


Kids comics can be very difficult to track down depending on where you live.  This one is no exception and feature an all Robin cover by Rick Burchett!

Batman and Robin Adventures 6


Here is another example of a Carrie Kelley kid’s comic that is going to be tough to acquire,  especially in NM.  These comics tend to be handled more making them that much more collectible.

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15 thoughts on “Carrie Kelley – Checklist

  1. Hi Topher,
    thanks for all the interesting tips that so nicely you put together for us to enjoy 🙂
    Just an OT here, would you advise to buy XO-Manowar #4 following the rumor in 2012 of an imminent(?) movie on Shadowman? Fair price you think? Thanks

  2. Yea I would buy that book, you will have better luck finding really cheap at your LCS. The internet is depleted. Hopefully you live near or can drive to stores that offer back issues at a reasonable price. There are a ton of key Valiant comics from the 90’s left. They are fun to collect because they achieved something rarely done in the 90’s,for the most part they were well written. Ad to that many of the comics I list here are collectible based on rarity, variation and historical content.

    Magnus Robot Fighter1,2,3,12 first Turok, last 2 issues, 57 error,
    X-O Manowar 1,2,3, 4, 15 Pink Logo variant
    Solar 10 and the 2nd print, first three and last 3 issues also.
    Eternal Warrior 4 first Bloodshot plus the last 3 issues
    Rai 1-5,33
    Visitor VS the Valiant Universe 1,2, both 2.50 cover variants. Others do too but they don’t come to mind.
    Turok 22,23 newsstands and the last 5 issues
    Secret Weapons last issue
    Hard Corps last issue
    Shadowman 43
    X-O manowar Wizard 1/2 gold variant
    Archer and Armstrong complete plus the gold issue 1 variant
    Bloodshot last five issues
    Harbinger 1-10, 0 pink cover variant,
    There’s a lot more, tons of gold variants, and officially signed books!

    1. Topher, this was a great one as usual! Found the last of those Mazing Man 12 and Batman and Robin Adventures 6 so please keep it up! On a sidebar how much do you think is fair to charge for my future quake 4 if I get it slabbed? Future Quake advised me since the front half folds slightly over the other half it was just kept in house. It is pristine otherwise and I kept the letter and envelope for documentation. I appreciate you all at IC as always!

      1. it probably won’t grade high due to that issue so I don’t know if slabbing is the way to go on that book. Also it is a little known comic despite it’s huge upside as Cullen’s first published comic work. I would hold it until the NBC show Sixth gun hits and then try to move it on Ebay just make sure you note first Cullen Bunn Sixth Gun in title. How did you get that comic? Nice find!

        1. Thank You for that Topher, duly noted! I got Future Quake 4 due to your recommendation and decided to ask about it right at the source and only paid for shipping straight from the U.K. ( last one, you are awesome! )Just like you guys and gals at IC, I love what I do and sometimes you make a friend or two! I go into Sherlock Holmes mode and voila your recommendations appear. We should talk lol.

        2. Oh, yeah…what happened to the Damian blade contest//Shadow of the Bat Zero Hour//update? I was digging to answer you on Twitter only to research your same body of work lol! Great stuff man!

    2. Thank you for your reply 🙂
      Nice list indeed. I live in UK and found a copy of XO-Manowar #4 for $28…is that too much to pay you think?
      Thanks again.

      P.s. it would be very nice if you would include in your so useful articles your opinion of the price we should pay in order to grab those issues mentioned. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

      1. sometimes I include values of comics or whether I recommend buy/sell/hold and give the reasons why. Yes I think 28 is too high for that comic because it can be found cheaper. If you are going to pay 28 it had better grade out at 9.8 otherwise I would put your money elsewhere, if it is movies related comics that you feel are worth investing in you could put your money in better places like the Sixth Gun or even the Beasts of Burden 1-4 set from Dark Horse. I believe it has been optioned plus it’s a great comic. I will be talking more about that one next time!

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