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This week rumors of a Sandman movie have stabilized thanks to Twitter.  Clues to the production include #prelude and talk of Gaiman being involved.  It’s also rumored that WB wants someone other than Goyer to write the script ( thank god!)

There is a rabid fan base for this acclaimed Vertigo series and the market is already buzzing.  Even before the recent news, speculators took to the internet buying up key issues.  You can thank AMC Preacher rumors for that.  It seems collectors are getting more savvy so you can expect issue 1 ( Morpheus’s first appearance ) to command high prices for the foreseeable future.   Here are a few I would stockpile:

Comics Interview Sandman Special 1993


Good luck finding this one!

Sandman 8 ( Karen Berger Editorial Error )


Errors like this make collectors go nuts.  This one is very rare with an estimated print run of around 600.

Sandman 19 ( printing error )


Another printing error puts this one on the list.  Pages 18 & 19 were printed out of order.

Sandman 25 ( First Deadboy Detectives )


These detectives are coming back to DC this year and this is their first appearance.  There is also a  limited series written by Ed Brubaker with art by Bryan Talbot and Dave Mckean covers that is worth a look.

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 1,2,3


Sandman 22 ( first Daniel Hall )


2000 A.D. 488 ( first published comic work by Neil Gaiman )


When it’s all said and done Mr Gaiman will be remembered as on of the greatest writers in comic history.  His comics have influenced many, helped to cement the quality of  a brand and crossed over into other mediums.  When the Sandman film gets made collectors will once again deplete the original series from every back issue box they can wrap their greedy, wet tentacles around.  But in case you are wondering where the man got his start look no further.  Funny thing-so many of those who set the standard have either received their break from 2000 A.D. or been published in it.  It’s a series worth collecting for many other reasons.  If you have yet to enjoy writing by Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and also enjoy collecting rare issues, variants, posters, Nemesis the Warlock and badges I suggest this famous UK series.

Ambush Bug Nothing Special


Swamp Thing 84, 118


I have mentioned this undervalued gem in recent months.  Once people realize it’s the third appearance of Dream expect prices to rise.

Hellblazer 19


Sometimes it is worth repeating information like this.  Like Swamp thing 84 this issue features a rare early appearance of Dream outside of the regular Sandman series.

Who’s Who in the DCU 5 ( loose leaf )


Merv Pumpkinhead: Agent of Dream One Shot


This one is a favorite of mine.  It’s an excellent read, difficult to find and it’s treatment of cats makes it worth the full purchase price.


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