Comic Broker Report – Collecting Sega

Sega has announced the eventual TV/Film? adaptations of some of its most popular properties.  This is great news for fans of games from one of the most beloved console in the history of gaming!  While I was hoping for an early announcement for Alex Kidd it looks like I’ll just have to make do with these:


Playing the game was pretty darn fun until the end.  I remember trading it for Zillion 2 which was a huge mistake.

This is the first comic appearance.


First appearance of Shinobi:

Sonic the Comic 1 (uk )

Not only is this Shinobi’s first but you can add Golden Axe, Wonder Boy, Kid Chameleon(  Preview ) and  Streets of Rage (preview) to the list!

sonic the comic 1 first shinobi

and the German Version

Sonic Der Comic reprints part of the first Shinobi appearance but I do not believe it contains any appearances of the other game characters mentioned above.


Shinobi and SOR also have early and rare appearances in The Sonic Poster Mags:


288 290

Shinobi – Dark Circle was printed in the 92 Yearbook

sonic yearbook

and SOR’s first full appearance is in Sonic the Comic 7


Sega has announced that Virtua Fighter may be in the works.  Here is the earliest Virtua Fighter comic I can find:


Crazy Taxi, Altered Beast and Rise of nightmares have all been mentioned but I have yet to find comic appearances of any.  Who knows what will be announced down the road but I hope Decap Attack,  Kid Chameleon, Alex Kidd, Wonderboy, and

559437 all get made!

If there are any I missed or games you would like to see added you can find me @Larfleeze!


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