Comic Broker Report – May 2013

The Comic Broker’s Report

by Topher Seal

This month’s report is going to be a quick one as I slave away on next month’s UK Special.  Until that time I suggest you:

Pass on Iron Man 3 and rent John Dies at the End, then watch it three times.

Don’t believe the Marvel Miracleman hype!  ( I may have to eat my words down the road on this one. )

and take comfort in the fact that Twinkies are coming back so you can eat the rest of  that 4 month old last box you bought on Ebay.

Batman Beyond 1

Batman 20 concluded Scott Snyder’s surprisingly good Clayface tale and as an added bonus we get to see the Gen 1 Batman Beyond Suit!  There have been some great appearances by the future Batman over the years but if you are looking for the one with the most  potential on the back issue market then this is it.  There is also a free version that was made available 1 month later, a newsstand edition and a Six Flags Giveaway!


Bodie Troll 1


Collected from digital work this new indie gem is incredible.  The art is fantastic and it looks like a prime candidate for a cartoon adaptation.  For now you can get this one cheap  but the FCBD 2013 issue will generate buzz.  I can see first issues slowly drying up over the next few months.

The Stuff of Legend FCBD 2009


Of all the recent properties to get optioned ( Hoax Hunters, The Test and even Rachel Rising ) it is this wonderful comic that deserves the most attention.  Early issues are hard to find but none as tough to track down as this 2009 FCBD issue featuring the first appearances of the title.

Kung Fu Fighter 1 ( first Bronze Tiger )

This week DC is rolling out a host of characters into the New 52.  Bronze Tiger is easily my favorite.   The new design looks amazing and despite the small chance of commercial success I still say Kung Fu Fighter is worth  purchasing because it isn’t that easy to find in high grade.

New Teen titans Annual 2 ( First Cheshire )


A sick Perez cover has to be larger than all the rest!  As I mentioned above DC is introducing new blood into the failing New 52 with Cheshire?  Well lucky for this comic it has a great cover and is also the first appearance of The Vigilante. If you can find a CGC 9.8 for under 50 it’s worth it.

Adventures of Superman 465, 466


Get the newsstand variants for these forgotten Superman comics!  Hank Henshaw ( Cyborg Superman ) will be making his debut in the New 52 and is likely to have the most success with readers.

Rescue One-Shot


The new Iron Man film is splitting fans down the middle.  I won’t tell you why but one of the best parts of the film is actually Pepper Potts.  There aren’t many appearances of Rescue but this one-shot is heating up on Ebay and if Pepper ever wears the suit in film you will be sorry you passed this one up.


DC it flat out crazy announcing a Bat-Cow Comic!  For those of you who love Pet characters like Titus Wayne and Dex-Starr then you should look for this super rare DC comic featuring the first Bat-Cow!

Rachel Rising 1 ( 3rd Print )


Terry Moore’s latest is quite an effort and when it was optioned sales exploded.  But issue one does have a high print run compared to under 1500 for the third print.  Buy and hold to cash in down the road!

The Walking Dead 95


Robert Kirkman loved Rachel Rising so much he put a preview in the back of Issue 95.  No one really noticed and even though the preview  came out right before the trade for the first few issues the fact that there is an early appearance of Rachel Rising in a WD book means the heat is coming.

Strangers in Paradise 1


If Rachel Rising hits big don’t forget about this classic!  Moore recently revealed that Rachel Rising occurs in the same universe as Strangers in Paradise!  It’s pricey but worth every dollar paid.



Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. This article is used as a guide for investments and entertainment purposes. Please use your own discretion when investing.




12 thoughts on “Comic Broker Report – May 2013

  1. I’ve said it each month in FFFIC, RACHEL RISING is an awesome book! I’m hoping its proposed show fares better than Cullen Bunn’s THE SIXTH GUNN seems to be.


    1. it’s really too bad about the Sixth G considering it is one of the best comics on the market. If sales drop significantly collectors should learn a lesson from it. It’s not always wise to shell out serious money for speculative comics even ones that are green lit for a pilot. Chew prices have held despite no Showtime but that’s an Image book and will fare better than the Sixth G. Combos for issues 1,2 hit the 300 mark at auction and I can safely say that those prices will not been seen again unless another Network picks it up.

  2. Mind slaving away on a SHIELD report!?

    I missed all the FCBD this year because of a destination wedding, but I’m sure vacation was better than a few free comic books.

    Bodie Troll has been talked about a lot, but is it going to be overlooked because of the publisher and Regular Show right around the corner?

    Invincible Iron Man #10 2nd print made me a lot of money. I’ll look for the one shot over the weekend.

    I don’t see Rachel Rising rising for much longer. I see a plateau coming, but what do I really know.

    The Walking Dead #95 I can’t sell for $15. I’ve had it listed for maybe 3 months, but maybe more people will start hearing about the preview.

    Thank you!

    1. No Prob Tommy! I will do a SHIELD report eventually! By the way as far as I know there is no plan for Bodie Troll to become an animated feature but I think it would be a good idea.

  3. Topher, on the money as usual! Thank You brother. I found a couple of The Stuff of Legend FCBD 2009 and Batman Beyond 1 along with Rescue One-Shot for pennies so your timing is awesome! Your info on WD 95 had me running to the long box grinning! Another great surprise like in the back of Invincible 19! Bodie Troll for the Win as well!

    By the way Topher, have you seen what MileHigh is selling BatGirl 13 newsstand non-diecut for?!! I have some great Newsstands left that still sell comics and I see the Adventures of Superman 465, 466 newsstand reference here so any luck on a Newsstand Variant Special past, present and future? I found some great DC WTF 19 variants without the flap and they look awesome juxtapose to the ones with the flap and extra image to complete the cover story. Thanks as always!!!

  4. Topher,
    I love your site and try to keep up with it every week. My want list has grown exponentially since I started reading your reports.

    I used to deal in comics back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and quit due to overseas employment. Late last year my 9 year old and I started dealing again in comics but I’m still struggling to get caught up with all the latest stuff.

    My question has to do with previews such as Rachel Rising. I don’t own WD 95 so I haven’t seen it but is it a first appearance, a cameo, or just an advertisement. Is it as significant as say, a Hulk 180?


    1. Hmmmmmmm……seems like I have read this argument before. There seems to be a lot of cgc boardies lurking round investcomics these days! Thanks for reading though.

      1. LOL I had to read this several times before I figured out I got blown off. I’m not exactly sure what a “CGC boardie” is but I think I get the idea.

        I thought I was leaving a legitimate question that my brother asked me because he reads your site as well and just started collecting comics.

        For the record I was honest about my history and if you stop by my booth at a show in the Dallas area you can tell by the fact that 99.9% of my comics are pre-1994 that I told the truth.

        You have my contact information since I signed up on your site, let me know when you come for a show and I’ll be happy to show you my booth.


        PS. I still like your site.

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