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Stormfront Entertainment announces the debut of THUNDER!, the new magazine
devoted entirely to the world of comic book movies and TV shows with exclusive
interviews, behind the scenes episode guides and much more.

Our debut issue includes a first look at the live action Avengers film,
featuring exclusive interviews with writer/director Joss Whedon and producer
Kevin Feige. From there we go behind the scenes on the made for DVD animated
film Batman: Year One (including one-on-one interviews with voice actors Ben
McKenzie, who stars as Batman, and Eliza Dushku, who voices Catwoman); and DC’s
first foray into the world of CG animation with Green Lantern: The Animated
Series. Sticking to the world of DC a little longer, we provide a preview of the
next film in the DVD series, Justice League: Doom. This in turn leads to a look
at season one of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Each issue of THUNDER! will take a flipbook approach by featuring a different
extensive episode guide to a television series. In the case of issue number one,
things are brought full circle by heading back into Avengers territory with the
most comprehensive guide to the animated The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,
in which supervising producer Josh Fine and story editor Chris Yost discuss all
26 episodes of season one while providing some tantalizing clues to year two.

THUNDER! is edited by journalist Ed Gross, whose wide-ranging credits include
Cinescape, Starlog, Femme Fatales, Fangoria, Total Movie, Film Fantasy, SFX,
Life Story, Movie Magic, Cinefantastique, SciFi Now and Geek Monthly.
Additionally, he has written a number of non-fiction books on film, television
and comics.

“For me, THUNDER! is the culmination of a lifelong passion for comics and film,”
offers Gross. “This is a great opportunity to combine and cover both of them in
a way that no one else is doing.”

“With the loss of Wizard magazine, we are trying to pick up where they left off.
I was a huge fan of their production value and we plan to hit that with this
book” said Managing Editor Hayden Cowan.

The quarterly magazine will retail for $7.99 and be available through Barnes &
Noble and most online venues like as well as local comic book stores.

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  1. I am really looking forward to purchasing this new magazine, Thunder, what with all the magazines that were once around, now we’re left with nothing. I’m hoping with Thunder! magazine, it will go back to the way it once was like the way it was when Starlog was still available. With journalist Ed Gross, who worked on Starlog and even Cinescape, this magazine will once again be purchased by those who miss those previous periodicals. I will be looking forward to the premiere date of this magazine and one other query I have is will this magazine be the same size as Starlog and Cinescape or will it be as big as those U.K. magazines(e.g. Empire). I can’t stand those oversized magazines, but if it comes out in the same size as Starlog and Cinescape was in, I will definitely run to the newsstands and buy it the first day it is out. Thank you for remembering all of us sci-fi and fantasy fans around the world for wanting to bring out another magazine for those who enjoy everything to do with Science Fiction TV and movies and Fantasy media and comic book memorabilia.
    Thank You, Darrel Shishido.

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