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Avengers #42 – A new Phoenix will emerge. Maybe not finalized in this issue, but it’s been fun getting there. Writer Jason Aaron on his A-game. Pencils by Luca Maresca.
The Amazing Spider-Man #55  – The first print sold out quickly. The 2nd Printing is a shorter(?) print run and is starting at the $199 mark on eBay. With quite a few already being sold.
Star Wars The High Republic #2 – The red hot debut issue is selling for a premium right now, let’s see if issue two follows it. IDW Publishing also gets into the SW High Republic game this week with  Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #1.
Future State Wonder Woman #2 – DC’s Future State will eventually go away. Just like any and all gimmicks do. With some exceptions. Like the Snyder/Capullo New 52 Batman. That was and IS the standout that stuck around. The standout for DC’s Future State won’t be the first African American Batman in The Next Batman, it’s going to be the Brazilian Amazon Warrior Future State Wonder Woman. Writer/artist Joëlle Jones is bringing next-level stuff here. As did Snyder/Capullo. 

Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic


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Strange Academy #8
The Immortal Hulk #43
Venom #33 
Specter Inspectors #1 
Avengers Mech Strike #1 
Luna #1 
Sonjaversal #1  
King In Black Black Knight #1
King In Black Marauders #1
King In Black Gwenom Vs. Carnage #2
Deep Beyond #1 
Fear Case #1
Horror Comics Black & White #1 
Maniac Of New York #1
Man-Bat #1 
Transformers Beast Wars #1 
Averee #1 
Redemption #1 
The Devil’s Dominion #1 
Chained To The Grave #1 
Rick And Morty Worlds Apart #1
Marvel Spider-Man Legends 2021 6-Inch Action Figure – Gwen Stacy – Hasbro
Marvel Spider-Man Legends 2021 6-Inch Action Figure – Miles Morales – Hasbro
Marvel Comic Premier Collection Hulk Statue – Diamond Select




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