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Teen Titans Academy #1 – Just like InvestComics called Marvel’s Strange Academy to be a series to definitely keep your eyes on, this could be more of the same. This series is essentially DC’s answer to the success of Strange Academy. The Teen Titans open up an academy for students to learn their craft (powers). The best thing about this series and series’ like Strange Academy is there’s always a chance a new character can pop up at any time. Look for a new character or two to appear in this debut issue. Writer Tim Sheridan and artist Rafael Sandoval.
Carnage Black, White, And Blood #1 – When the aftermarket went Ga-Ga over the Amazing Spider-man #55 “webhead” Patrick Gleason cover, we knew there was going to be money lost eventually regarding the speculation side. And there was. Too many bought into the hype and bought at the top. A pretty cover usually tends to scale off rather quickly because there is no real substance behind the asking price. Every once in a blue moon a comic like Detective Comics #880 defies the odds and keeps its price steady. But that top right corner on those CGC grades of Detective 880 will always have an empty space with no wording there to define any true/real significance the comic may have. But that Joker Jock cover sure does something to fans, so they go with the word “scarce” as a selling point to continually drive up or keep that book at an overvalued pretty cover comic. Will Amazing Spider-man #55 be “that” book? Probably not. Maybe? Who knows?? But, with the massive success of the “webhead” cover, Marvel Comics and artist Patrick Gleason go back to the well once again. This time with a Carnage cover that borrows from the same concept as Amazing.55. The comic itself will be a treat for Carnage fans. Multiple stories told by top creators in the biz. Donny Cates, Ben Percy, Tini Howard, and Ken Lashley kicks things off.
Alien #1 – When Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise, comic fans eagerly awaited for Marvel Comics to reclaim their status as the Star Wars comic elite. Granted, the Dark Horse, IDW, and whoever else did a good job with their storytelling, but fans wanted Marvel Comics to get back to their once Star Wars glory. And they did. And they’ve kicked major ass since coming back. So, when Disney bought Fox, there were a whole bunch of properties comic fans wanted to see right away, but good things take time. This Wednesday Marvel will tackle the sci-fi Alien franchise for the first time with Phillip Kennedy Johnson writing and Salvador Larroca on pencils. This comic will be off to a roaring start indeed. From a speculative vantage point, the Alien comics could be a huge deal if/when Disney decides to make their first Alien film. Will they borrow straight from the comic books? A new lead character not named Ripley from the comics? A new Alien type creature? Will they borrow from the comics at all?? Maybe, so from the speculation point, we would keep a close eye on these books and what/if significance they could play in the future Alien movie franchise.
Batman/Superman #16 – Three new villains make their debut; Spider Lady, Unknown Wizard, and Dr. Web. Writer Gene Luen Yang with artists Danny Miki and Ivan Reis.
Harley Quinn #1 – Artist Riley Rossmo provides a new costume for a new series for Harley Quinn. Stephanie Phillips will write the relaunch.

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