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Top 5 Comic

Batman #106 – The first NEW LOOK Robin will appear. 
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 – A new Spidey series from writer Joe Kelly and artists Chris Bachalo and Dale Eaglesham. Marvel promises new villains to appear within the series, so be on alert. On any given week, this comic would be on fire. While it still is a fire comic, Nocterra #1 and BRZRKR #1 are making fire comics third on the list.
Nocterra #1 – If BRZRKR #1 was not arriving this week, this comic here would be the hottest comic on the shelf. A very close race actually. Writer Scott Snyder along with artists Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey bring this new horror/sci-fi adventure.  
Demon Days X-Men #1 – Red hot artist Peach Momoko will draw and write this new series. A reimagining of the Marvel Universe. A new reimagined character could break out, so be vigilant. 
BRZRKR #1 – There is so much to be said about this comic, good and bad. Not even sure where to start, but we’ll randomly go all over the place, just follow along. A quick disclaimer here too before the text begins. Not looking to hurt anyone’s feelings or sh*t on this comic. Just simple observation, opinion, speculative thoughts. An opinion that’s been around these here parts for many years. Been right and wrong about things, but you won’t get hyperbole here, no hidden agenda, just straight talk.
First and foremost, this comic has a pre-sale of well over 600k. That, by today’s standards, is a whole lotta comic books. So, with that, right off the bat, we get rid of the scarcity portion of the equation. Well, somewhat. There are so SO SOO many “limited” variants available, it’s borderline absurdity. Think Marvel Star Wars #1. And we all remember how that faired out, right? We can’t remember the last time a Marvel Star Wars #1 limited variant was shown on a social media outlet, let alone discussed. Actor Keanu Reeves stepping into the comic book arena feels a bit like Oprah Winfrey stepping into the Sirius XM model. When she signed a big contract with Sirius XM, she never made a public announcement (marketing ad) on television, cable, nowhere. She simply took the money and ran. Which is okay, anyone has the right to sell their name like this to cash in, money is enlightening, makes some feel warm inside. Oprah really wanted nothing to do with satellite radio, she just liked to see her own channel name. She never appeared LIVE on the channel. The experiment lasted a few years and Sirius XM dropped the channel. Now, with Keanu, it’s a tad different. He’s signing some comics (more on that in a little), and he cut a video promo for BRZRKR #1. This is immediately more than Oprah has done after receiving her millions of dollars from Sirius XM. So, Keanu is off to a good start regarding the comic book he’s writing/involved with. Here’s the thing. In order for this comic to sustain its mainstay in 10 years’ time (when the series is long over and forgotten), a few things have to occur……
Number one, Reeves has to be involved in a good story here. He’s teamed up with one of the best in the comic book business, Matt Kindt. The interest must have readers coming back, otherwise, we are looking at one of, if not the biggest bust in comic book history. Artist Ron Garney will absolutely kill it. This dude is fire and will have the eyeballs all over it. So, the artwork is not even a question in tow, the story will be the deal breaker. Number two, Keanu has to be proactive in promoting the book. A one-cut video promotion will not have a lasting effect because it’ll have the feel of being dated. No one will care about a promo from 3 months ago. Yes, it’s wonderful to have an actor of Keanu’s caliber marketing the comic book industry, but if this is a one and done, that’s not good news for anyone. Consistency will always win. Always. A consistent marketing campaign will have fans interested and coming back. The hype machine should never cease (see Todd McFarlane). Three, find new innovative ideas in promoting the comic. The signed limited edition number one issue is great and all, but what next? Anything going to occur for issue 3? Issue 5? Keeping up with hype means enticing fans with new shiny things. The upside-down modern market is full of useless spending and hype and now is the time to strike.
A few days ago, a limited signed Keanu BRZRKR #1 sold for $2500. That’s some nice change. Here’s what else you could buy RIGHT NOW for $2500 or LESS. First appearance of Iron Fist (CGC 9.6) for $1700. First Appearance of Shang-Chi (CGC 9.6) for $2200. First appearance of Moon Knight (CGC 6.5) for $1600. First appearance of Black Panther (CGC 8.0) for $1900. We can go ALL DAY with this, but you get the idea here. So, is the Keanu signature more scarce than some of these comics, yes, but the iconic substance of the comics listed will always and should win outright. 25 years from now, that Moon Knight first appearance will outshine that signature tenfold. Why? The sustainability of the Moon Knight character will still be known, a validity unmatched, while the actor will be forgotten. Not in a bad way, just not as important in a collectors market as the debut of a character like Moon Knight. With Moon Knight on the cusp of some HUGE gains (again) we spoke of the Werewolf By Night #32 back in 2009. By our math, that is 12 years ago. At the time, a decent copy would have put you back a hundred bucks. Let that sink in. InvestComics speculated the Moon Knight first appearance at $100 at one time. Actually, we consistently spec’ed that comic for YEARS and YEARS. We’re just showing off here, let’s get back to Keanu, shall we?
Let’s wrap this up and weigh the pros/cons before you go throwing hoards of money at BRZRKR #1. Is this a precursor to a possible film? If so, this will be a hot commodity until the film ever does arrive. The 600k release is a bit of a turnoff regarding the regular release. Yes, there are the limited variants, but no matter, 600k does not sit well with a release of the same comic on the inside across/over half a million copies available. The opposite bodes well too. A limited-edition signed Reeves copy is a nice addition to any collection. Although, if BRZRKR is nothing but a quick hobby for Keanu, that signed copy could become a Keanu Reeves fanboy collectible and that’s it. In turn not fetching the numbers it is now. Remember the few examples given earlier of books to get at or below $2500 right now, those are true key comics, this new release here is a gimmick that will solely depend on two things. If Reeves continues the comic book career and if BRZRKR becomes the next Rocky, Terminator, Aliens, or even John Wick.

Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic

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