Insta 5 – Rapid Fire Q&A with Writer/Artist Peach Momoko

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1. Trending Pop Culture: What was your first comic book work?
Peach Momoko: My first major published comic book work was for Marvel’s Marvel Rising cover. Or if published comic magazine counts then it was for Heavy Metal magazine.2. TPC: How excited are you to reimagine the Marvel Universe in your new title you’re writing and drawing: Demon X-Men #1 and what can fans expect?
PM: I was very happy and honored when CB contacted me for the start of the series.
Fans can expect how I will be reimagining the loved marvel characters in my Momoko-verse version. Also, my merged story of the Japanese classic folktale x modern Japan x Marvel. (Issue one was about the feudal japan but starting issue two, I am telling a story in the modern times)TPC: Your style is amazing, who were/are your influences?
PM: Thank you. Because I grew up mainly with Japanese Anime, many of my influences are the anime in the 90s.TPC: What is your favorite movie of all time?
PM: I have too many favorite movies to name. I do mainly enjoy suspense and horror genre and of course anime.TPC: What should fans be watching/streaming right now?
PM: I do love any Takashi Nakamura anime. So, any of his works “tree of palme” , “fantastic children” are movie/show that i rewatch over and over again.Thank you Peach Momoko! Out today, Demon Days: X-Men #1!!!
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