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1st App. Carol Danvers
1st App. Binary

Captain Marvel #35 – Marvel says this will be the biggest expansion of the Captain Marvel universe in like….ever. Spoiler alert coming up………the secret cover has Binary on it and it looks amazing!
Dark Knights Of Steel #3 – The following text ahead is all based on the speculative side of things. As each issue arrives, we keep explaining that there is a new DC Universe being created here. New DC characters are becoming “Knighted” every issue and they look badass with swords. How far will the new DC Knighted series go? Who knows really? The way this upside-down modern market is these days, all it takes is a dope Knighted Joker cover by Jock and we’ll be off to the races. Be on guard modern spec collectors.
X-Men #6 – Marvel will be starting off the new year with a bang regarding their X-Men title. Both for the reader and the speculator. A new character is introduced; Captain Krakoa. There he is right on the cover too. The cell phones are out taking pictures of him. Will this character pan out though? One plus is having writer Gerry Duggan at the helm along with artist Pepe Larraz. It’s a wait-and-see here, but definitely a pick-up on Wednesday.  
Nocterra Special #1 – This special issue is a major origin issue. Writer Scott Snyder doing his thing here with artist Denys Cowan.
Darkhold Omega #1 – It’s one day into 2022 and already Marvel is cranking that hype machine. They claim this issue contains an introduction of a hero that “will take the Marvel Universe by storm!” Sounds like a bit of catering and pandering to the speculative side here, but Marvel is well aware of that out-of-control modern market. And just like the X-Men book forthcoming, it’s a wait and see here. Writer Steve Orlando will bring the story as he always does and Cian Tormey will do his art thing, so this again is a plus. 

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Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
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Detective Comics #1047 
Elektra Black White & Blood #1  
Inferno #4
Spawn #325    
Shang-Chi #7  
Black Widow #13 
Batman #119 
Bylines In Blood #1 
Pantha #1

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