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Robin #1 – A new Robin series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Gleb Melnikov. Look for a new character or two or three within the first few issues. 
Spawn #317 – New character alert. All things lead to the new Spawn universe. 
Detective Comics #1035 – The first appearance of Mr. Worth. Looks like DC’s answer to Marvel’s Kingpin. Modern-day of course. Writer Mariko Tamaki brings this new character to life and artist Clayton Henry gives us the visuals. 
Fantastic Four #31 – Writer Dan Slott will introduce Marvel readers to a new Marvel realm. Enter Onomatopeiacolypse.  
RWBY Justice League #1 – Anime meets the new version of Justice League. Writer Marguerite Bennet and artist Mirka Andolfo.

Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic
Top 5 Comic










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Here are the rest of the trending comics and items headed your way this Wednesday from our flagship article; Hot Comics and Collectibles 4/28/21 (LOTS MORE there. Including Best Cover Art of The Week! Statues, and more….)

1st App. SILK

Action Comics #1030
Silk #2 Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014) – Amazing Spider-Man #4
Beta Ray Bill #2 – Thor #337
Batman Black & White #5 
Savage Avengers #20 
Miles Morales Spider-Man #25 
Crossover #6 
Helm Greycastle #1
O.B.E. Out Of Body Experience #1 
Shadowman #1 
Spider-Man Curse Of The Man-Thing #1 
Sonjaversal #1 
The Marvels #1
Ultraman Ace A.N.I.M.E. 1/6 Scale Figure– ThreeA Toys
Marvel Video Game Gallery Spider-Man PS4 Spider-Noir PVC Statue – Diamond Select















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