Top 5 Comics This Week 6-7-23

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on new comic book day. New Comics arriving 6/7/23.
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Deadpool Badder Blood #1A massive amount of first appearances will occur throughout this series. Rob Liefeld is leading the way here as writer/artist, with some assistance from writer Chris Sims. Liefeld says that Deadpool doesn’t really have a rogues gallery and this comic series should clear that all up. First up is a new character named Shatterstorm. This series will be so much fun! 
Star Wars #35 – The first full appearance of Dr. Cuata. He even appears on his first cover as well this week. 
The Ambassadors #6 – We’ve stayed with this Mark Millar series throughout the entire series. Recommending each and every new release. Now we get the first appearance cover of the entire team. When will this comic make it to the small screen or the big screen is the question. A stellar story and premise. 
Loki #1 – A new mini-series from writer Dan Watters and artist German Peralta. Marvel promises first appearances throughout. You should pick up this series, it’s going to be a good one. Oh yes, almost forgot, a Frank Miller variant cover as well. We’ll take one of those please, thank you. 
The Invincible Iron Man #7 – In this issue, Tony Starks introduces us to a new armor he’s building. Not too sure if it has anything to do with the Iron Man Sentinels’ first appearance in X-Men #23. The Iron Man Sentinels appear on the cover too. That blast Cyclopes is delivering though, yikes.

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