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DC’s new summer event begins with Knight Terrors First Blood #1 (one shot) this Wednesday. It continues throughout the summer with quite a number of comics to follow. Within the same week no less. The First Blood comic will introduce a new character, Insomnia. The premise of this event will focus on two-issue miniseries throughout, each spotlighting a DC Super Hero or Super-Villain confronting their worst nightmares in a “Nightmare Realm”, as said by DC Comics. Naturally, the characters all get stuck in this realm and it will be up to Deadman and Batman to figure out who Insomnia is, what he or she wants, and how to resolve this issue. Here are the slated titles to accompany the First Blood issue this Wednesday. Knight Terrors Batman #1Knight Terrors Joker #1Knight Terrors Black Adam #1Knight Terrors Ravager #1, and Knight Terror Catwoman #1. Within all of these nightmares, we’re almost certain new characters will emerge. Keep your eyes open.
Captain America #750 – Marvel and DC love to go back to original numbering when they want to sell more books. Granted, DC has changed the numbering on some of their books to recognize longevity, but Marvel hasn’t done that at all. Once in a while we’ll hear of a special 500th issue and have that reaction, huh? Oh yeah yeah, they must be counting from 60 years ago. This week is one of those weeks you say, oh hey look at that, Cap is at 750 for real. It would be nice to go back to original numbering so these obvious money grabs aren’t so….well, obvious. So, after this 750th issue, we’ll go back to issue 23 or whatever they’re up to. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s neither here nor there and Marvel doesn’t give a rip about what we’re saying. Okay, now that we have all that out of the way, what exactly will Cap 750 bring us? For starters, it’s going to give fans a new direction for Sharon Carter. Then we’ll also get the secret origin of Sam Wilson’s new shield. This oversized issue will be star studded with various comic creators. Oh, and one more thing, the Adi Granov variant cover truly gives us “America’s ass”. 
Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #1 – Legendary writer Ann Nocenti begins a new Captain Marvel era with a new villain on board. Artist Paolo Villanelli.
Edge Of Spider-Verse #4 – Dream-Spider makes her solo story debut. Our regulars around here know better than to miss any of these new SpiderVerse, VenomVerse, GwenVerse, ANY Spider-Man, blah blah blah comics when they hit. We consistently remind collectors to not pass any of these comics up. Case in point would be our warning label on this series from Hot Picks 10-19-22 article; Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 – DC Comics has their “dark” Batman Universe, so what took Marvel so long here? They’ll venture out and begin the Spider-Man Dark Universe here. Probably won’t be as dark as DC’s take, but this will be fun to watch as the new Spidey universe unfolds. This series produced the first appearance of Dream-Spider in Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5. A recent raw copy sold for $25 and a CGC 9.8 sold for $100. Not a bad ROI at all. Also, J. Jonah Jameson gets bitten by THE radioactive spider. That should be fun.
Extreme Venomverse #4 – Speaking of the craziness of everything Spider-Man/Verse, there are three very big first appearances happening in this comic on Wednesday. First, we have Venom Noir. Second, we have artist/writer Peach Momoko introducing a “Groot” like Venom character. and saving the biggie for last, an Anime/Manga character that will “take the multiverse by storm”, according to Marvel. That’s her right on the cover with the other two new characters. The Anime character will get her own variant cover though. Check that out too. The bottom line here, this is a must-get. Full stop.














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