Top 5 Comics This Week 8-30-23

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Action Comics Presents Doomsday Special #1 – Another Doomsday story from DC Comics. Writer Dan Watters and artist Eddy Barrows. The real reason this made our Hot Pick cut is the first appearance of Doomhounds. 
Knight Terrors Night’s End #1 – DC Comics exceeded expectations with their Knight Terrors event. It all wraps up in this issue. Not only will it conclude here, but we’ll get the first appearance of Dr. Hate.
Death of Venomverse #3 – We’ll reiterate for the millionth time, that first appearances are running rampant within the Spider-Man universe. No matter if it’s a Gwen, Silk, Spiderverse, Miles, India, or a Venomverse comic. You need to stay on top of these comics because if a breakout happens, you’ll be back here listening to InvestComics say, “Told you so!” And is that the first appearance of Spider-Ham Venom on the cover? It’s very hard to keep up with all of these first appearances these days! 
Wolverine #36 – There will not be a bigger speculative comic this week than this comic right here. Another mash-up from Marvel Comics that has the potential of a massive aftermarket uptick. Think of the first appearance of Weapon H in Totally Awesome Hulk #22. Does anyone remember how crazy-hot that comic was when it arrived? This has that type of vibe to it. Ghost Rider mashed up with Wolverine to become Hellverine. Not too thrilled about the name, but that’s what they came up with. The pricing has come down tremendously on the Totally Awesome Hulk comic, so expect the same here if it takes off. Pricing will eventually come down if Marvel doesn’t follow up with an animation or really push Hellverine as they did for Weapon H for a bit, ran out of story for him, which then eventually affects aftermarket pricing. But you truly need to grab yourself a copy here this Wednesday. Hellverine!!  
Deadpool Badder Blood #3 – Rob Liefeld (featured in our Creator Spotlight this week), said he’ll introduce a bunch of new characters during his run with this title. That’ll probably continue this week, and Rob will also bring in Venompool to shake things up a bit. One thing that is hard to believe, Venompool first appeared 15 years ago in Cable and Deadpool #50








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