Top 5 Deadpool Villains We Will Never See In The Movies

Here are the top five adversaries of Deadpool we’re eager to see in the Deadpool and Wolverine movie on July 26th, although it’s unlikely they’ll make an appearance.
Starting at number five, we have Vetis, described as a mid-level demon. It turns out there are hierarchies in the demon world! Moving on to number four, meet Slayback, a character who might remind you of Deathlok. Slayback, having returned from the dead, seeks vengeance against Deadpool. Taking the third spot is Killpuddle, brimming with untapped potential, yet tragically killed off in his debut comic. In second place is none other than Evil Deadpool, also known as Dreadpool, a Frankenstein monster composed of Deadpool’s severed body parts. Intriguing, right? And, clinching the top spot is T-Ray. He asserts that he is the real Wade Wilson, introducing a fascinating twist that he might be the genuine Deadpool. These adversaries bring depth and excitement to Deadpool’s universe, and although their appearance in the upcoming movie is doubtful, the mere possibility sparks the imagination.

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