Top 5 New Comics This Week 11-15-23

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The Top 5 Speculation/Trending Comics arriving on New Comic Book Day. New Comics arriving 11/15/23.
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Deadpool Seven Slaughters #1 – This oversized comic takes us on a week-long journey into Deadpool’s life. What day will we start? Will it be a Tuesday, Thursday, or a weekend? Marvel got the co-creator of Deadpool back for another book where he is the writer/artist, Rob Liefeld. This time though, Rob is joined by several other creators. We’re guessing everyone will have an input in a “day”? Or maybe they’ll have their own day? Anyway, books like this usually have a tendency to carry a first appearance in them, so pay attention.
The Deviant #1 – A new horror story about an ax-wielding Santa Claus from James Tynion IV (writer) and Joshua Hixson (artist).
Killadelphia #31 – A new story arc starring Spawn. Writer Rodney Barnes, artist Jason Shawn Alexander.
Star Wars Visions Peach Momoko #1 – It’s safe to say at this point that comic creator Peach Momoko is a bad ass. So much so that the folks at Marvel have given her full reign (write and draw) to recreate most of the new Marvel Universe, Manga style. She has slowly created an entirely new universe for a few years now. Where is this all going exactly? Are we to enjoy the unbelievable work she’s done so far to have it all go away eventually? That wouldn’t make much sense and would be wasteful, because it’s very good storytelling (and art). We hope Peach’s new universe will be expanded onward once she is done laying down all of the groundwork. Her “Vision” is now expanding to the Star Wars sector. What is to come with the new Star Wars universe? Peach Momoko is a bad ass. 
Superior Spider-Man #1 – Writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley. Look for a possible first appearance here. Well actually, there will be a guaranteed first appearance on the cover once again. Marvel will continue their first appearance Spider-Man 2 video game covers featuring a never-before-published Spidey in different costumes. What is your take on this week’s offering? Cool suit!

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