Top 5 New Comics This Week: Deadpool & Wolverine Face Off, Scarlet Witch Battles Chaos!

Get ready for an electrifying week in comics with some epic team-ups, fresh faces, and unexpected twists! Here’s the InvestComics Top 5 New Comics hitting shelves on Wednesday, 6-12-24, guaranteed to capture your imagination and perhaps even a spot on your collector’s shelf.

Deadpool / Wolverine: WWIII #2 cranks up the heat as Deadpool and Wolverine find themselves in a snowy wasteland, up against the ominous ‘ENHANCED FORCES’ of THOSE WHO WATCH. The stakes? Only survival—and in true Deadpool and Wolverine style, this story promises a deadly showdown. It’s Logan vs. Wade, and it’s not a party until someone bites the dust! Spider-Boy #8, get ready for brain-teasing dangers as Bailey encounters the enigmatic Puzzle Man. This new villain turns Bailey’s world into a deadly game of wits and will. Can Spider-Boy outsmart this master manipulator and secure a reunion, or will this be his final puzzle? Scarlet Witch #1 welcomes you to Wanda’s tranquil retreat in upstate New York—well, it was tranquil until now. Steve Orlando and Jacopo Camagni turn the chaos dial up as Wanda faces primal forces bent on destruction. This issue is a must-read for fans eager to dive deep into the mystic arts and Wanda’s intense battles. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight – The Kryptonian Age #1 opens a new chapter in the Elseworlds saga, set in the Victorian era. Batman faces an assortment of challenges, from Catwoman’s schemes to an assassin and emerging superhumans. This issue is set to expand the 19th-century DC Universe in ways you’ve never seen before. Deadpool #3 sees Deadpool teaming up with Taskmaster to take on Crossbones. But it’s Deadpool’s new hire that might just steal the show, turning the tide in unexpected ways. Buckle up for a wild ride filled with typical Deadpool humor and some serious action.

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