Top 5 New Comics This Week: Spider-Woman Teams Up, Venom Battles, and Scrooge McDuck’s Marvel Adventure

The InvestComics Top 5 New Comics arriving on 6-19-24 that you won’t want to miss……

Spider-Woman #8 finds Jessica Drew entangled with familiar enemies and introduces us to “The Assembly,” a brand-new super-team. Fresh off a battle with Angar the Screamer, get ready for another revealing origin story from the New Champions. Jessica’s world is expanding, and the stakes are higher than ever. In Venom: Separation Anxiety #2, Venom squares off against the Purple Man, who appears for the second time with an arsenal of new, reality-bending tricks. This issue promises a complex battle where Eddie Brock’s fate hangs in the balance, and hints suggest that the Fantastic Four could play a crucial role in the outcome. Uncle Scrooge And The Infinity Dime #1 marks a historic crossover as Marvel and Disney collide. Join Scrooge McDuck in his first-ever Marvel adventure, crafted by Jason Aaron alongside a roster of renowned Scrooge artists, with a classic touch from Carl Barks. This comic is a collector’s dream and a fun ride for all ages. Venomverse: Reborn #1 plunges us back into the depths of the Venomverse, exploring the darkest corners of the multiverse with gripping tales of heroism and cosmic warfare. This issue aims to redefine everything fans know about symbiotes, promising a series filled with drama and high stakes. Destro #1 launches a new chapter for James McCullen Destro XXIV as he navigates the complexities of rising power threats and the enigmatic Crimson Twins. Crafted by Dan Watters and Andrei Bressan, this series is set to shake the foundations of Destro’s world with thrilling new challenges. Misery #1 introduces us to Cyan Fitzgerald, who steps into her own series amidst shadows cast by her mother, Wanda Fitzgerald, and her infamous ex, Al Simmons (aka Spawn). Todd McFarlane and Szymon Kudranski guide Cyan on her dark, intriguing journey, promising a deep dive into a character poised to carve her own legacy in the Spawn universe.

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