Unleashing This Week’s Epic Comic Covers: Superman, Batman, and More

Dive into this week’s InvestComics Best New Comic Covers, where drama and heroics leap right off the page—whether they want to or not!
Action Comics #1066 by Rafa Sandoval captures Superman in a bit of a pickle, caught in the clutches of Queen Brainiac. Batman #149, crafted by Gabriele Dell Otto, gives us a throwback with Bane looking like he’s ready for round two with Batman’s spine. Talk about holding a grudge! Another take on Batman #149 from Jorge Jimenez has Batman and Bruce Wayne in a stare-down. It’s a real ‘I’m my own worst enemy’ moment, but make it fashion. Spider-Woman #8 by Leinil Francis Yu features Spider-Woman going toe-to-toe with Hulk-sized hands. Because in her world, go big or go home—literally. Venom Separation Anxiety #2, illustrated by Adi Granov, presents Venom in all his badass glory. Because who needs subtlety when you’re a symbiote? Wonder Woman #10 from Daxiong shows Wonder Woman looking majestic with minimal effort. She’s not just powerful; she’s power-walking through the superhero scene.
Each cover this week is a mini-masterpiece of might and mayhem. Grab them, gaze at them, and maybe even get them framed—these artists are showing off, and we’re all here for the show.

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