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Dazzler X Song #1
Uncanny X-Men #130
Living Legends #1
She-Hulk #35
Immortal Hulk #1

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Just a quick note regarding something from the speculative market that needs to be addressed. I saw this and had to share my thoughts because I see too many being swindled out of believing something that is simply a falsehood being driven by a market that needs to get with it a bit. This is one of the many reason the InvestComics website switched gears over the years and eventually arrived to a Trending brand. Comics can trend, but making stuff up to upsell is simply not a vehicle anyone should drive. Maybe I can make sense of it for you a bit. Maybe not. Maybe we can have an open discussion, like grown-ups on one of our social media pages. Weigh in and see what other collectors may think about this. A quick reminder, this is an opinion for MATURE readers, not fanboys with emotions that cannot read without formulating a solid foundation for an adult debate.
Please share this with your friends and others that have a rational sense of thinking. Be sure to let them know you have seen the light because of Trending Pop Culture if you agree.
Recently arrived from the Orlando MegaCon show and saw on a dealers table the Scooby Doo/Harley Quinn Team-Up comic with a yellow sticky that read ‘Rarest Harley Quinn appearance ever’. Priced at $30. This comic bears absolutely no significance at all in the grand scheme of collecting. It does not….at all. Zero. Let me break this down to you this way. Realize the ridiculousness of this sell…every single superhero or villain has a ‘rarest appearance’ leading up to their 352+ appearance (more on that in a moment). Every. Single. One. Thanos does. So does Deadpool. So does Starlord. So does Nightwing. And so on. Any hero or villain ever put to print has a comic that was the shortest print run during their tenure. It’s a FACT, no getting around this. Why are their RARE appearances not a ‘get’? Is it that the Scooby book sold 10k and the rarest Deadpool sold 12k? Seriously? You see how absurd this is? Please, utilize your monies and maximize it to the best of your capacity for your collection to be filled with tangible books. Wasteful spending on a 352nd appearance of a character as a ‘RARE’ appearance is not a good investment no matter how anyone wants to sell this. Yes, through calculation, counting Regular Quinn, Animated Quinn and Post Flashpoint Quinn, up until the 2015 release of the Scooby Doo Team-Up comic, she appeared in approximately 352 comics (More not counting some hard covers, TPB, reprints or various other continuities) to that 2015 appearance. That’s a whole lot of Quinn. So, what exactly is it with this comic (and countless others) that have so many in a tizzy? $30 well spent someplace else if you ask a true speculator. The Scooby Doo Team Up #12 is at a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $7.99 in some places on eBay. So many stuck on the high end with this comic, it’s not using your best judgement but following the madness of a website(s) or word of mouth.

Deadpool #1
Deathstroke #32
Justice League #1
Nightwing #45
Spawn #286

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Ant-Man hits this week with a few number one comics. Two that will trend are Ant-Man And The Wasp #1 from Mark Waid and Javier Garron and Ant-Man & The Wasp: Living Legends #1 from Ralph Macchio and Andrea Di Vito. Must be an Ant-Man movie coming out or something. Within the pages of Ant-Man & The Wasp: Living Legends #1 comes the reemergence of Living Eraser. A third-rate villain that first appeared back in 1963’s Tales To Astonish #49. Which also happens to be Giant-Man’s first appearance. The character quickly fell through the cracks to be revived in 1992 by John Byrne in Sensational She-Hulk #35. The ‘New’ Living Eraser! The crowd gasps! No, they don’t, but hey a great book coming from creative team Ralph Macchio and Andrea Di Vito? We’ll take that. And a new series from Mark Waid and Javier Garron? Yes, we’ll take that too. Thank you Marvel.
The Dazzler character has always been one of those characters to be on the cusp of something, but not quite sure what. Sort of like with Moon Knight, but more wonky. She’s appeared in countless comics throughout her storied career, but never managing to go next level. With the influx of the female heroes/villains making a major impact on the industry within the last decade or past few years, it’s no wonder we go back in time and grab Dazzler to try and make it work….once again. First appearance raw copies on eBay have sold between $40 – $80. An Uncanny X-Men #130 graded CGC 9.6 sold for $130 two months ago. Not that much demand in the open market there. But, that doesn’t mean writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Laura Braga will not take Dazzler X Song #1 to a new era of interest on new comic book day. It’s a different market these days for the female character. Let the interest spark you, buy a copy, check it out.
Deadpool #1 will be the sixth volume with a number one issue attached to it. Too many restarts? Probably yes, but fans eat this stuff up. Making a new Deadpool series with the number ONE in the upper left-hand corner someplace is like printing money for Marvel. Add in super creative talents like Skottie Young, Scott Hepburn and Nic Klein, you have more of a reason to want this comic upon its release. Some of the many, many variants are already sold out. Remember, as its been said on here for years and years. The guts are the same (inside of the comic), don’t overpay for ONE page that’s different (cover).
Mark Waid is a busy guy these days. A new Doctor Strange series. Doctor Strange #1 Writer Mark Waid artist Jesus Saiz.
For a long time, It was written on this site about the title ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ as a big downer for the book itself as for any potential first time reader for the comic. The comic was good, but the title was atrocious. Eventually Marvel saw the harm this approach was producing and finally that title went away. This Wednesday, a more ‘mature’ approach from Marvel; The Immortal Hulk #1 from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennett. This is good. Very good. And the comic will hammer out some fantastic Hulk tales with this creative team on board. Looking forward to this.

Superstar writer Scott Snyder brings his stardom to another Justice League relaunch. Justice League #1 with writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Cheung. A few variants of course accompany this release, but the Jim Lee Batman cover is just….okay. Nothing really jumping out here.
Speaking of Batman, Deathstroke and Bats keep up the fight in Deathstroke #32. Part three Batman vs. Deathstroke.
Have you seen the new Nightwing #45 cover? The John Romita Jr. cover will draw the ire of some. Maybe. We’ll see if this trends because of the graphic nature of it. Maybe it’s nothing too. We’ll see.

Ant-Man Wasp #1
Doctor Strange #1
Brother Nash #1
Aberrant #1
About Betty’s Boob

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Trending Pop Culture Indie Hot Picks; Indie comics do not always show up on Ebay right way. Please check back on a regular basis, some of the smaller print indie books usually list after new comic book release day or a few days after.
An interesting comic from Boom Studios this Wednesday. Not only for it’s interesting title (a snicker will occur when seeing it), but because of its content. About Betty’s Boob is a realistic/comic book approach unto a particular female (Betty) who loses her left breast to cancer, but also loses her boyfriend, her job, her will, but things are lining up for Betty as the day is lining up to become the best day of her life according to writer Vero Cazot and artist Julie Rocheleau. This hard cover will be an interesting read indeed and should be beckoned as a film if someone wants to make a movie about awareness, perseverance and the will to overcome any obstacle thrown your way in life. Hopefully a comic book form of this hard cover reaches stores someday, but this Wednesday, buy the hardcover and read About Betty’s Boob.
For some reason Spawn #286 will be arriving to local comic shops with eight (at last count) variant covers. All covers are Todd McFarlane team-ups with other industry artist. Most of the covers are sold out already. Why the influx of variants here is a bit perplexing. Is there a major storyline happening here? Something…? Anything? Either way, some of these cool covers will be trending across your social media page shortly.
Brother Nash #1 (Titan Books) from Bridgit O’Connell is sold out.
Vagrant Queen #1 (Vault Comics); Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith. Sold out.
John Byrnes Stowaway To The Stars #1 Special Edition (IDW); All John Byrne stuff and a new John Byrne story!
Halo Collateral Damage #1 (Dark Horse); Alex Irvine and Dave Crosland. Sword Daughter #1 (Dark Horse); Brian Wood and Mark Chater. Danger Zone’s Aberrant #1; Rylend Grant and Zsomber Huszka.
Cellies #1 (Lion Forge Comics); Joe Flood and Dave Scheidt.

Sword Daughter #1
Cellies #1
Halo #1
Stowaway Stars #1
Vagrant Queen #1

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