Trending Comics & More #547

Here are this week’s top trending comic books and new items headed your way this Wednesday 10-10-18
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Trending Pop Culture will be at New York Comic Con 2018 from October 4-7. We hate to leave without proving our fans with some sort of Trending picks, so we’ll give you a condensed version this week. Rapid fire style.
Red Hood and The Outlaws #27 – The new Red Hood shows off his new ways in this issues.
Catwoman #4 – Writer Joelle Jones and artist Fernando Blanco begin to explore parts of Catwoman’s past. Her origin is deepened.
Spider-Geddon #1 – This comic not only features the hot new video game spidey character, but it’ll also introduce some new characters as well. Maybe one of these new spider characters will be the next big thing. Better stay close to this one if you want to be in on the know. Writers Dan Slott, Christos Gage with artist Jorge Molina.
What If Punisher #1 – This Chris Stevens covers says it all. The Spider-Punisher character looks like a total bad as*. Look for this comic to trend big.
Wonder Woman #56 – The second part of “The Witching Hour”.

Red Hood Outlaws #27
Catwoman #4
Spider-Geddon #1
What If Punisher #1
Wonder Woman #56

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Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 – DC Comics doing their horror comics thing with a whole bunch of creators crammed into one comic to tell different horror tales. Just like the old days kids!
Infinite Dark #1 – New series from Image Comics. Writer Ryan Cady and artist Andrea Mutti.
Murder Falcon #1 – Another new series from Image Comics. Writer Daniel Warren Johnson and art by Mike Spicer.
The Last Space Race #1 – AfterShock debuts a new series from Peter Calloway and Alex Shibao.
Devil Within #1 – Black Mask is back with a debut of their on this Wednesday. Creators Stephanie Phillips and Maan House.

Infinite Dark #1
Last Space Race #1
Cursed Comics #1
Devil Within #1
Murder Falcon #1

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