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Here are this week’s top Trending Comics, Best Cover Art, and Trending Collectibles headed your way this Wednesday 9-30-20

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1st Appearance of Shang-Chi
1st Appearance of The Daughters

Shang-Chi #1 – With the movie pushed back until July of 2021, Marvel will get an early start promoting Shang-Chi with a new series from writer Gene Luen Yang and artists Phillip Tan and Dike Ruan. Expect an early surge of interest here as there are no market standouts within the American channels of a martial arts monthly. InvestComics spoke of Shang-Chi back in 2010 and 2014. We’ll highlight what was said. Please note, nothing about a variant, or a rare comic, or some made-up nonsense to create a false market. Good old speculation that came to fruition and is even more relevant today.
2010: ……karate, and kung-fu comics were a hot item at one time. Will Marvel bring back the coolness again? Two words, Iron Fist. So with that, if you want to get your collector paws on Shang-Chi’s first appearance, you’ll have to look for Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973), brought to you by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin. ($80). ****A 9.6 CGC sold for $1,850 a few days ago**** 
2014: The comic that the speculator really should have in their hands is Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973). This comic features the first appearance of Shang-Chi. Written by Steve Englehart, with cover art by Jim Starlin. Yes, this would be a nice edition to have in your back issue stash.
2014: Check out The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32 from 1977. In there you will find a short story introducing “The Daughters” written by Chris Claremont. How cool is that?   
Strange Academy #3 – When InvestComics delivered a heads up about this series, all of the so-called experts then followed suit. Many of them made it their own, but we, as usual, we created the foundation for others to arrive at the same conclusion we did well before them. The nonsense of a variant cover selling for $30 (issue #2) because it was a cool variant cover is and was absurd. Nowhere near worth the over-speculation/hype money it sold for. It has since come down significantly in price. InvestComics of course had nothing to do with that. Maybe in the future (issue #2), will be valued higher due to the popularity of the Strange Academy name itself and its overall growth as a brand. It possesses tremendous potential.    
Spawn #310 – The hottest Spawn comic to hit since……last issue. Todd McFarlane announced that he will be creating a Spawn team. The way he’s going about it is pretty neat. Starting with this issue, Todd will introduce a new character on the variant covers of random new Spawn comics starting right here. Then a new Spawn team, a’la X-Men or whomever, will be introduced. Spawn #310 is our first look at Ninja Spawn on the cover.
Marvel will release several variant covers highlighting the Fortnite video game franchise this week. It’s not like they haven’t done these things before, but with today’s modern market, all one needs is for one of these Fortnite characters to breakout into their own comic or appear within the Marvel Universe and you’ll possess gold in the modern market. Their first appearance will be right there on the cover. A couple of standouts include, Fantastic Four #24 from cover artist Giuseppe Camuncoli and Savage Avengers #12, Adam Kubert Cover.
The Department of Truth #1 – A new series from Image Comics explores the inner workings of an underground agency that reveals the truths behind things such as the JFK assassination, reptilian shapeshifters, flat earth, etc. Maybe even Area 51, 9/11, and subjects like this will be covered as well. The new series is drawn by James Tynion IV and written by Martin Simmonds. This comic will sell out quickly, so look for some aftermarket action on this comic before and after Wednesday.

Shang-Chi #1
Spawn #310
Strange Academy #3
Fantastic Four #24
Savage Avengers #12

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Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse’s End #1 – Back in 2013, InvestComics caused a bit of a spike in the aftermarket with the mention of New Teen Titans #16 (1982). All we did was mention the first appearance of Captain Carrot and how much we dug the obscure character. And just like that, New Teen Titans #16 was desirable for a hot minute. Captain Carrot never really broke out. Who knows? Maybe this crazy year of 2020 will give Captain Carrot the attention he deserves. He dons the variant cover here this Wednesday, so that’s a start.  
Batman The Joker War Zone #1 – The first full appearance of Clownhunter. 
Avengers #36 – Moon Knight vs. Black Panther. What is not to love about this? Jason Aaron writes and Javier Garron pencils. 
Wonder Woman #763 – The second appearance of the new character Liar Liar. 

War Zone #1
Multiverse End #1
Titans #16
WW #763
Avengers #36

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Batman Three Jokers #2 – Some talk referring to a panel that will “irritate” long time fans a bit. It just leaked yesterday if you want to Google it. Besides that, our friends at Kingdom of Comics in Melbourne Florida loved the debut issue and are hoping the momentum continues. So do we. 
X-Factor #4 – X Of Swords part 2, right here. 
Giant-Size X-Men Tribute – The 45th anniversary of Giant Size X-Men. This tribute gives kudos to legends Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. The comic will feature 37 top artists contributing and recreating the original issue. Nostalgic remaking at its finest here. 
Justice League Annual #2 – Look for the possibility of an introduction in this issue. A villain?  
The Legion Of Super Heroes #9 – Part two of a special two-part storyline featuring writer Brian Michael Bendis and a slew of artists. 
Immortal Hulk Threshing Place #1 – Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Michael Del Mundo. Every week it seems a new Immortal one-shot is on the shelf. Last week readers and collectors witnessed the first appearance of Immortal She-Hulk.   

3 Jokers #2
X-Factor #4
Thresh Place #1
JL Annual #2
Giant Size X-Men

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