What is Shadowland?

What is the mysterious Daredevil-centric event that is said to be the next big thing after Siege?

The upcoming Shadowland event has been mentioned in interviews and teasers, but so far little information is known about it, not even at the official Daredevil message boards. We do know that Andy Diggle and Billy Tan will be the creative team, and we know that the event will focus on street level heroes, like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and involves some kind of prison, possibly underneath the streets of New York City.

Though Marvel has announced that they are done with big crossovers after Siege, this event does appear to have some crossover potential, with it being mentioned in books like Immortal Weapons, with books like Daredevil: Cage Match, focusing on the relationship between Daredevil and Luke Cage which will be a big part of the Shadowland story, and with the Daredevil story arc starting in issue #508, In the Shadows, being an obvious Shadowland tie-in. Chances are that this will be one of Marvel’s self-styled family events, crossing over only within a small group of related books.

One thing for certain is that the event will be the first Marvel crossover to focus on Daredevil, and will bring his book firmly into mainstream Marvel Universe continuity. In addition, Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool reports that an event in the first issue will be so shocking that Marvel will not even reveal who is involved in it until it happens. Stay tuned for future details.

Shadowland hits in Summer, 2010.


Source: Bleeding Cool

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