Writer Don Smith Comes to InvestComics™

1aaDonSmithheadshotSmith, the former managing editor at Cosmic Book News, will be reporting on the world of independent creators. More inside!

InvestComics™ welcomes writer Don Smith to their site.

Smith, a New Jersey based writer, has written articles and interviews with creators in the world of comic books, as well as created his own comic books.

“This is an amazing opportunity,” said Smith. “I had to jump at this chance.”

“We are excited to have Don come on board,” said Jay Katz, site publisher.

Smith, the former managing editor at CosmicBookNews.com, will be reporting on the world of independent creators.

“First, CosmicBookNews.com was an amazing experience and I will forever be grateful to Matt McGloin, the site’s editor and administrator, for the last 18 months,” said Smith.

He added, “Second, here at InvestComics™ I will be able to focus on reporting and writing about the many independent creators.”

Smith explained that while many sites focus on DC and Marvel Comics, many talented independent creators do not get the publication they deserve.

“I have had the chance to interview creators like Adam Worth and Comfort Love of The Uniques; Jason Dube from Scattered Comics; Rob Brown, creator of Bane of the Werewolf; and Rick Madison and Joseph Regis from Faithstar Nation comics.  It is time the world takes notice of these creators,” Smith said. “Furthermore, there are still many, many other great creators out there I want to highlight here for the readers of InvestComics™.”

For the next few weeks, Smith will be contributing in a temporary column called “Don’s Column” until the debut of his regular column.

“I know ‘Don’s Column’ sounds fancy,” Smith said with a laugh. “But in the next few weeks I will announce the name of the regular column.”

Besides CosmicBookNews.com, Smith has been reporter for the world of comic books, science fiction and cartoons for sites like ToyFare magazine (a publication of Wizard Entertainment) and Parcbench.com. Smith has also authored two local history books, HAWTHORNE from Arcadia Publishing (2006) and THE GOFFLE ROAD MURDERS (due out in 2011) and is contributing to a history book and a book on supernatural creatures.

Smith has written several comics for Bluewater Comics such as Political Power: Ronald Reagan, Political Power: Rush Limbaugh, Jesus Christ: Faith Series and S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister.

“The people at InvestComics™ have always been good to us at Bluewater Comics, and I believe Don and InvestComics™ will be a great fit,” said Darren Davis, publisher of Bluewater Comics.

Smith also contributed to the horror anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER from Heske Horror.

“I have interviewed many independent creators for my column IndieCreator™, but the independent comic book circuit is so huge, it will be great to have another column,” said Robert Heske.

Smith said he is excited about InvestComics™.

“I have become a fan of Robert Heske and he really acted as the ‘go between’ between Jay Katz, the owner of InvestComics™, and myself, so I thank him for this chance,” said Smith.

“I am excited to get Don for this site,” said Katz. “To add his voice to our amazing ‘choir’ of writers will be great for InvestComics™.”

To learn more about Don Smith, visit his not-quite-updated-enough web site, donsmith74.wordpress.com.

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