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Zap-Kapow!InvestComics’ awesome sponsor and friends over at Zap-Kapow! have a new Kickstarter campaign going and they need YOUR support! Zap-Kapow! is THE Premiere App for ANY comic collector. Simply put, there isn’t an App on the planet that covers comic book pricing the way Zap-Kapow! does. No one!

Now Zap-Kapow! is looking to expand their platform & Features.

Go right now to the Zap-Kapow! Kickstarter page to see the rewards and an awesome video put together by the Zap-Kapow! team as CEO Steve Roop breaks down the entire project for us. This video is full of awesome, a must watch!

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Check out the official Zap-Kapow! Press Release below.



First Comic Book Price Guide In Apple’s App Store Launches Kickstarter

Campaign To Expand Platforms, Features

Zap-Kapow!Zap-Kapow, a comic book price guide app, is looking for Kickstarter funding to expand to Android and desktop, add search by image functionality, real-time pricing, and more. 

On September 16, Zap-Kapow, “a guide to comic books in your pocket”, will launch a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with the goal of expanding from iOS to Android users, adding the ability to take photos to search for comics, and incorporating a full-scale comic book collection management system for desktop fans. An industry first “real-time” pricing feature is also in the works.

The first comic book price guide created exclusively for iOS, Zap-Kapow launched in the Apple App Store in 2009. Since then it has served over 14,000 iPhone and iPad users as a monthly resource for comic book price guide information, including full-color cover images and creator details.

Unlike printed price guides, Zap-Kapow can be more nimble and timely in its pricing information, as well as offer more functionality and detail.

Alex Sheehan of says “Zap-Kapow aims to do away with the mystery and provide a go-to pricing guide for Zap-Kapow!all comic books, so comic wheelers and dealers can say goodbye to those hefty outdated pricing guidebooks—and yes, they still make those.

“For anyone who’s hoping to avoid being ripped off when purchasing the latest addition to your collection of comics, it’s worth giving Zap-Kapow a shot for its convenience, accuracy and novelty.”


• Created and owned by lifelong comic book fan Steve Roop.

• The first comic book price guide in the App Store created specifically for fans.

• Used monthly by over 14,000 iPhone and iPad users.

• Regularly featured in the App Store’s comic book section during San Diego Comic Con.

• Learn more about the Zap-Kapow Kickstarter Project at


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