InvestComics: Comic Book Debate – The New Teen Titans #2 VS. Swamp Thing #2

Welcome to the very first InvestComics: Comic Book Debate (A very special thanks goes out to @LyriaExchange on Twitter for inplanting this idea into my head). Deathstroke VS. Antone Arcane! Well not really…..Allow me a moment to explain the simple rules here first.

Each week, InvestComics will pull two comics right from the latest InvestComics Hot Picks (randomly) and pit them against each other for the investor to decide which one is the better all around investment. Some week’s will see things very one sided, some will not. This week we pull from InvestComics Hot Picks #287. OR there will be a random fight between two comics not featured in the InvestComics Hot Picks per the InvestComics fans request!

There is absolutely no right and wrong answers here. Formulate an opinion and run with it. Comment below, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Maybe someone will actually change your mind! Maybe not!

This new article will be run on a regular basis given that the debate below can be a fair/decisive/mature. If emotions get out of hand, you will be warned and the second offense will be a ban. WE MUST HAVE FUN. DO NOT BE SO SERIOUS!

So without further ado. The battle of the number two’s!

The first appearance of Deathstroke (The New Teen Titans #2) or Antone Arcane (Swamp Thing #2).

Tale of the Tape

The New Teen Titans #2 – (DC Comics) Released 1980. 9.8 CGC tops out at $300. First appearance of Deathstroke.

Swamp Thing #2 – (DC Comics) Released 1973. 9.8 CGC tops out at $900+. First appearance of Antone Arcane.

New Teen Titans #2 vs Swamp Thing #2

 Let the Debate begin!


4 thoughts on “InvestComics: Comic Book Debate – The New Teen Titans #2 VS. Swamp Thing #2

  1. Hmm interesting choice. Do these have anything do with each other? Just #2 issues ? Well I’m always going to recommend the older comic as it will likely have less high grade copies in existence. I can see a lot of Deathstroke fans driving prices of this book over time. So which is a better investment? I think that needs clarification. Are we talking about best return on your money. The cheaper book always has easier potential to increase at a faster percentage. It would take a lot less of an increase in $$ for the cheap book to go up 50% in value compared to the more expensive one. If you compare price guide values Titans #2 is $50.00 and Swamp Thing #2 is $140.00. 3 years ago both books were worth $10.00 less in Overstreet NM. So percentage wise over past 3 years the cheaper book has shown bigger growth. So depending on the length of term you invest will affect the choice you make. Swamp Thing is older and therefore become valuable at an earlier date. Therefore it seems more likely to have reached a plateau and will NOT likely make any moves up in the near future. Both books are over 30 years old so new copies are NOT going to surface of either of them. But the number of high grade copies will definitely be more common in the newer book. Of course a new DC series featuring either of these characters could drive up prices that could not be predicted right now.

  2. Hey Terry! Both of these comics have nothing to do with each other, as the Debate states, there will be 2 comics drawn randomly and pit against each other. Sometimes the comics will not be choosen from the InvestComics Hot Picks, but the end result should be that we all have fun and make fantastic points like you have.
    That said, not all “older comics” will show better growth or investment potential than the newer comic. There are a few exceptions to the rule.
    Thanks for weighing in Terry, you’re quite awesome 🙂

  3. Seems to me that NTT #2 is a better buy. Deathstroke seems like a character that DC will do something with in the movies and if they ever do, this could double or triple in price. Meanwhile, Antone Arcane? Unless there is some other prominence that I am missing with ST #2, then it is no contest. From an ‘invest’ perspective, NTT #2 is the better choice. I would take 3x NTT #2 vs 1x ST #2 every day right now.

  4. Trev, I like your speculative take on this and I agree with you. I think that Deathstroke has a huge potential value attached if DC does get him going on the big screen. I personally don’t think it’s a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when” with Deathstroke.

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