a newly costumed SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and SCARLET SPIDER Team up

MARVEL has revealed the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN/SCARLET SPIDER crossover in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #2 and SCARLET SPIDER #20. But that’s not all, the covers reveal an all new costume for the now (apparently) Parker-less Superior Spider-Man.

After THE ASSASSIN’S GUILD send Kaine to NY to try to kill Wolverine, Kaine decides to stop in Manhattan and check on his “brother” (read source material for his cloning) Peter Parker. It goes less than perfectly, apparently ending with huge ramifications for Kaine.

Check out the interview with Chris Yost on Marvel’s page to get the full story.

Spidey1 Spidey2 Spidey3


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