Best $2000 Comics To Buy Right Now

A month ago InvestComics released an opinion/speculative post on the top $1000 comics to buy. Solid investments we think will hold their value and increase in time. While the majority of those comics we wrote about were already covered at least 15+ years ago by us, we are revisiting many of our hot speculative picks in these investment articles for the sake of reiterating what we already informed THEN and adding even more value to the investments NOW. A perfect case in point that we do in fact still move the needle in the comic book speculative market, like we always have, with REAL valued comics, not a useless variant with a pretty cover. After the release of our Best $1000 Comics To Buy article hit, a few days later and a week or two later, many news articles hit (again) regarding Namor on the movie screen. CBR, Screen Rant, Inverse, GeekTyrant, just to name a few, were all talking about what InvestComics just wrote about, Namor. We spoke Namor years and years ago as a pick-up when it was in the dollar, five dollar, and ten-dollar bins. What we gather from the constant leadership we provide is to always tell our readership here, pay attention around these here parts and do your own homework.  

Best $2000 Comics

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Fantastic Four #9 – Right out of the gate we will stick with Namor. A book you’d want to add to your collection is this Fantastic Four comic from 1962. Stan Lee writes and Jack Kirby pencils. The book features the third Silver Age Namor appearance and CGC 8.0 last sold for $2195. Granted it’s not 2k, but with some bargaining skills, getting to the 2k mark should not be that hard at all. A very early appearance of Namor for 2k, at an 8.0 grade, is definitely on our list and should be on yours too.
Fantastic Four #49 – When Marvel acquired Fox films, there were so many comics that increased in value due to the speculation of Marvel (Disney) doing THEIR version of the particular said character or group on film. One team we are quite fond of is Galactus and Silver Surfer. We call them a team because you simply do not get one without the other (usually). The special thing about certain covers is their relevance to the pop culture world. Let us explain a comic book cover as a relevant commodity as opposed to a comic book cover with zero relevance. Yes, the Spider-Man web-head cover is nice (Amazing Spider-Man #55/Patrick Gleason), but to hold its value in the long haul makes zero sense because of the easy accessibility and more so the nothingness on the inside to sustain its interest. No major first appearance generates no one looking for this comic at an alarming rate. The big factor to consider is the 4 or 5 or however many reprints came out in different colors of that cover. It really has no value in the grand scheme of things. The once hundreds of dollars for a CGC 9.8 have come down to $99 in some places. Even that is too much. We created the “CGC top right-hand corner of the label test” years and years ago. What this is, on any label, especially the blue, look at the top right side corner description of a CGC graded book. If it is empty or in this case says; “Amazing Spider-Man #856”, then guess what? You have paid an adsorbent amount for a regular comic that contains the same insides as the other 5 color covers with nothing major to report about it. You’ve been got-got. A pretty cover serving no purpose other than to make someone else money. Your appreciation value will deplete over time to a comfortable place and never be purchased. With Amazing Spider-Man #55, the value is sitting at $99 and probably goes down further as interest and constant reprints in a different color scheme devalue the original, once “hot” cover. Now, with this all in mind, we bring you to the comic cover we will invest in. This is an investment, not a made-up forced spec comic so that websites and apps can make money on poor unsuspected saps. When Disney finally gets around to the entire Fantastic Four universe, Galactus and Silver Surfer will play an obvious major role. This comic contains the first FULL appearance of Galactus and the second appearance of Silver Surfer. That’s not really why we’re here though. We’re here because a CGC 6.0 graded sold for about 2k recently and is the first appearance of both of them on the cover. First appearing on a cover for only a 2k price tag? Yes, an absolute bargain once Disney get a hold of them. Any grade level with this comic is a bull market for us. A 6.0 at 2k is a fire comic.
Silver Surfer #4 – Comic covers and their relevancy……Here is a prime example of no guts (nothing significant within the inside of the comic), but that cover sure as hell serves a purpose in our investment world. The John Buscema cover is as iconic as it gets as far as comic covers go. When Disney gets their Fantastic Four universe in order, Silver Surfer will in fact be a part of it. He has to be. But, the clash of all cosmic power will eventually crash with the God Of Thunder and create this cover to come to life. When this happens, this comic rises tenfold. A recently signed Stan Lee CGC 6.0 sold for 2k. A steal for anyone to add to their portfolio. This cover matters and when Disney creates it Live, it will be magic on screen and your stock value. 
Captain Britain #1 – Here is a comic magazine we touted when it was at the $30 mark back 11 years ago (2011). One of the many we have spoken about at bargain-basement prices as they grew in value over the years because we gave them the light. Every time we wrote about a particular comic, the market reacted. It still does. Not all of our speculative books grew exponentially, but very rewarding nonetheless in most cases. Countless times over the years we have written about the Marvel UK invasion. We were big on Union Jack at times too, but that’s not what we will touch on right now. With the recent popularity rising in Peggy Carter (Captain Carter), it’ll be enjoyable to revisit some of the commentaries we have made regarding the Marvel UK universe. Before we do that, we want to fill you in on the recent sale of a CGC 9.8, first appearance, and origin of Captain Britain. It sold for only $1,993. That’s a sweet book considering it’s not a comic book, but more of a newsprint magazine. So, one would think it could be harder to find in a higher grade, right? Nope. Not at all. In fact, it’s a bit top-heavy with 139 CGC 9.8’s sitting out there. That’s the most of any grade, with only 106 sitting in the 9.6 spot. One may ask, so what is a good takeaway here, if any? Well, there is some good news. The good news is there are only 659 total graded copies of this 1976 release. Either there aren’t many copies out there or collectors are simply sleeping on this book. Want more good news? Sure, why not? FOUR of the 139 graded 9.8’s are signature series. Only four. Two signatures are very available on the comic convention circuit too; Chris Claremont and Jim Steranko. Yes, plus column indeed here.
Let’s jump into the time capsule and read some of the great things we had to say about the Marvel UK universe…….
2011 – ……the character was first introduced in the UK (naturally, right?) in 1976. Captain Britain #1 debuted with writer Chris Claremont and artist Herb Trimpe. A beautiful creative combo here to say the least. You would be hard-pressed to find this newspaper weekly in Near Mint condition (not many graded at all at the time), but that shouldn’t deter you from owning the first appearance of Britain’s “Captain America”. A mere $30 could get you ownership of this book. Not bad at all considering the possible upside to the character. Upside pertaining to all of the re-launch possibilities, the movie possibilities, and the fact that Marvel hasn’t really had a breakout overseas of a “non-American” character in a while.
2014 – …….The UK Marvel Universe is making its move. Like I said in a previous Hot Pick articles, Marvel/Disney is essentially feeling out the UK market to see if it’s worth exploring further (cinema). Of course, this is complete speculation, but do know that Disney never does anything for the sake of just “doing it”. I personally think it will happen. Captain Britain, Union Jack, or somebody will get the nod eventually to appear in a movie or cartoon down the road. This week UK Marvel addition to the shelf will be Revolutionary War Knights Of Pendragon #1, with Union Jack and Dai Thomas getting their names in the solicit spotlight. And their first appearances pan out like this; Union Jack in Invaders #7 (1976) and Dai Thomas in Marvel Preview #3 (1975). The Invaders #7 is without a shadow of a doubt the book to own here. Not only do you get a first appearance in a Roy Thomas story, but a Jack “King” Kirby cover? Yes indeed, a comic to buy and hold onto once the UK Marvel Universe hits the scene in a big way someday. The Knights of Pendragon team first appeared in the Excalibur one shot: Mojo Mayhem (1989) as the Weird Happenings Organization. They then appeared in their own self-titled comic; Knights of Pendragon #1 (1990) which lasted only 18 issues.

2014 – …….Captain Britain would make a spectacular hero on the movie screen, wouldn’t he? Maybe Marvel/Disney will someday explore the possible international heroes they have at their disposal one day on film (now watch how many articles come out regarding a wish list of Marvel/Disney international movies. InvestComics leads I tell ya!).

And here is a great speculative offer we found from 2014 while diving around for the Marvel UK stuff. Totally 100% on point here;
2014 – Also on the movie front we have Doctor Strange rumored, but almost certain to be part of the next phase. Besides the Doc’s first appearance and Doctor Strange #169 (his REAL number one and first solo comic) which are obvious pick-ups, Dr. Strange’s main adversary is the one to go after! The villain will only command aftermarket bonuses up until a few months before the release of the movie, you’re looking at a long-term investment book you’ll need to dump at the right time. Otherwise, the market will correct itself and you’ll either break even or lose on the deal. Strange Tales #126 (1964) could be one to pick up now. The comic gives us a first look at Dormammu. Will this be the villain Marvel goes with in the new Strange movie? Who knows? My bet is they go right here. 

Well, there you have it. Always ahead of the curve. Captain Britain #1 for #30? Geez, that’s a decent return, no? And that Dormammu pick, crazy. We’ll be back with our next article, “Best $3000 Comics To Buy Right Now”. Until then, as always, thank you for your support, have fun and invest wisely.


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