InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-5-11

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It’s week number 1 of InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2011, with 51 more to go! And before we begin, be sure to check out last Wednesday’s InvestComics TV show with Scott Williams of Project Fanboy.








Now let’s get started on week number 1 of 2011…..

There are 2 comics coming out this week that need to be on your radar, as the others should as well, but these 2 are goodies. DC’s Weird Worlds #1 will be the first of a six issue deal. Each month DC will give fans 3 NEW 10 page stories within Weird Worlds that will contain monsters, and cosmic goodness. This alone is a reason to pick it up for a good read. The best part about issue number one, which we hope the trend continues throughout, will be the introduction of 2 brand new characters in their own 10 page story. Aaron Lopresti introduces Garbageman, and Kevin Maguire introduces Tanga. This looks, feels, and smells like a tryout book for new characters. If by popular demand, one or maybe more than one of these newbie’s will breakout. Pick this one up, and wait for one of these characters to possibly appear someplace else in the DC Universe as a major player.

The second comic to really watch for this week is Earp Saints and Sinners #1. Here is a comic that has hit written all over it. A modern day re-imaging of Wyatt Earp from Matt Cirulnick, and David Manpearl. This comic is from the indie company Radical Comics, so don’t expect a big print on the first go around here. Yes, the second print will adjust all of those who missed out on this comic the first time. But, if you listen here, you’ll get your first print. There will be one very large issue with Earp when it comes out as far as sales go….. the cover price. A very steep $5.99 might have some collectors shying away a bit. A $3.99 would have been the way to go on this one, but we’ll see what happens. The Alex Maleev cover sure does grab your attention though doesn’t it?!

DC’s Steel comes out with a non-numbered comic. Steel looks total badas* on the cover doesn’t he? Kudos to Alex Garner for this cover. The shiny silver Superman reminds us a bit of Thor with that hammer. If you want to get John Henry’s first appearance (aka Steel), look for Adventures of Superman #500 (1987). You can find this comic at most of your local area comic shows in the long boxes for mega cheap.

Adventure Comics #522 is a prelude of sorts for the upcoming Legion Event, so check that one out. Batman Beyond #1 gets his own ongoing series, very cool.






Upcoming guest on InvestComics TV Tim Seeley comes out with Hack/Slash: Me Without You one shot. Find out the true beginnings of Vlad in this one and done book! Rounding out the week, we have Transformers Prime #1, prelude to the new animated TV series, and Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 from Jason Aaron, and Ron Garney will be a great read/pickup. 

Remember, every Wednesday is new comic day, but it’s ALSO NEW InvestComics™ TV day! Check out ALL NEW episodes every Wednesday! 

Invest wisely,

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