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We’re off to the races this week. Well not really, but Superboy and kid Flash are! More on that in a bit. Last week InvestComics Comic Hot Picks mentioned that Martin Pierro of Comic Times was going to appear on InvestComics TV. Instead Letter extraordinaire Jaymes Reed appeared! So THIS Wednesday, guess who is appearing on InvestComics TV? That’s right Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times! Great company, great comics, and a great guy.







DC has a race going on this week. It’s Superboy vs. Kid Flash. It’s the first time they will ever race. And from the looks of the previews pages on InvestComics, right here, it looks like it’s going to be a blast. DC first had a famous race back in 1967 in Superman #199. This classic issue is the 2 fastest heroes in the DC Universe going head to head in the very first race ever, Superman vs. Flash. The famous issue and race will cost you about $600, a beauty of an issue to have within your collection.

Marvel’s hostile takeover of CrossGen Entertainment finally comes to light this week. No it wasn’t a hostile takeover, just sounded cool. Marvel bought the rights to all of CrossGen’s property. This week Marvel tackles their first CrossGen character, Sigil. All of the CrossGen characters first appeared in CrossGen Genesis. That nifty little comic is only $8, while Sigil’s first solo comic, which first arrived as a customer review copy as Sigil #1 goes for $5. With Marvel at the helm, and with these strong character backgrounds that CrossGen put together, IF Marvel maintains the strength of this line, Sky’s the limit here. Look for an expansion into cartoons and even movies. So for $8 you receive full ownership of the first appearance of every CrossGen character. Not a bad buy at all.







More secrets abound in New Avengers #10. Don’t miss it! And everyone’s favorite black costume is back. Venom #1 comes out this Wednesday. Does he deserve his own book? We’ll see…..

That’s it for this week…..And this Wednesday, Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times on InvestComics TV. Check it out!

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-Last Week’s investComics TV episode with Jaymes Reed. For more great interviews, go to InvestComics TV right now!

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