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TS3511A new Broker’s Corner sets its sites on the Thor film, and what Thor books you should have in your collection.



So here comes another summer packed full of comic book films! The odds of them all ending up hits are slim. Despite the fact that none will measure up to the industry standard that is Batman: The Dark Knight, let’s hope The Green Lantern comes close.

But if Thor were to out due both Hal Jordan and Captain America I think enthusiasts would be surprised.  The film does seem to have a lot going for it.  The Destroyer looks amazing and the casting is incredible.

I don’t often recommend Thor books for they rarely experience heavy gains unless they are pre-Bronze Age.  The comics here are the ones I would want to own especially if the film hammers the heavy favorites this summer.



Thor Vol. 1 502

“Last issues” from this time period are usually valued high. This one is not as rare as some of those but it is still scarce. Often only found in the cheap seats it too often suffers from storage without boarding. The result is usually a near mint book with the flaw being a moderate to large spinal crease in the center.



Thor: Vikings 1-5

All of these comics are cardstock covers by artist Glenn Fabry and written by Garth Ennis! The covers are gorgeous and NM sets are out there. It is an affordable tale featuring Zombie Vikings!!!




Thor vol. 1 405  ( Mignola story )

There sure aren’t very many Thor annuals I would suggest you rush out and purchase. Here is a nice treat though; Mike Mignola submits his talents in a short tale.





Journey into Mystery 97  ( 1st appearance of Bor! )

There aren’t a lot of Bor Appearances out there never mind high grade copies of this classic. Who is Bor?  Besides this book, check out Thor Vol. 3 issue 12, Thor 99, & 600 for some other appearances within the current Marvel Universe!





Journey into Mystery 118 ( 1st appearance The Destroyer )

This Thor villain will be in the motion picture and he looks sick but it will take a good showing at the box office for this issue to see a considerable value increase.




Thor 411 & 412 (First New Warriors)






Thor vol 2  80 & 85

These books are part of the Avengers Disassembled Storyline which remains key to current story arcs in the Marvel Universe Today. Note: Issue 85 is also the last issue in Thor Vol. 2.







Next time I feature the king Conan! With a rebooted film franchise on the way now is the time to start thinking about digging around for some barbarian tales!


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