DC announces new GREEN LANTERN creative teams!

So, after coming back from another of those retreats that comic creators go on, DC has announced to MTV who will taking up the reins now that Geoff Johns, and the entire GREEN LANTERN creative line-up are stepping down.  The answers?

Green Lantern Robert Venditti and Billy Tan.

Green Lantern Corps Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang.

Green Lantern: New Guardians Justin Jordan and Brad Walker .

Red Lanterns Joshua Hale Fialkov is pulling a double tour of Lantern service along with Alessandro Vitti.

Larfleeze will keep his creative team of Keith Giffen treatment and Scott Kolins, from his THRESHOLD back-up feature.

Plus, this look at BILLY TAN’s art from GREEN LANTERN suggests that Hal will be coming through his current situation A-OK!


4 thoughts on “DC announces new GREEN LANTERN creative teams!

    1. Seriously, Dennis? yes, you do!

      Joshua Hale Fialkov = Last of the greats; I, Vampire

      Justin Jordan = Strange Talent of Luther Strode; Legend of Luther Strode

      Robert Venditti = Surrogates; X-O MANOWAR; Demon Knights

      and Keith Giffen = Nearly every comic ever.

      1. alright, Keith Giffen is a given. Ambush Bug!

        You are right; I should know these teams because I love those books. My excuse is there are too many comics to remember everyone. Yeah, that sounds like a good excuse.

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