InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-3-10

hpfp5310.gif Thanos, Hawkeye, Legion of Super-Heroes, Hulk, and Ridder are just a few mentioned in this weeks Hot Picks. PLUS a MUST SEE video!!



Before we get started with the Hot Picks this week I wanted to share a video with everyone that recently aired on a San Francisco newscast CBS 5 KPIX. Julie Watts who is a reporter of the news station ran a report about how comic books are a better investment than the stock market. While many may disagree and some might agree, the point that a news reporter actually realizes and understands that there is a very large market of comic “collectors” out there that are collecting as an investment is pretty cool! I’m not saying to throw your retirement money into the comic book market or take the weekly advice that InvestComics™ supplies to you and spend your entire check, simply saying to realize that there IS indeed a market and room for investors. But do also know that InvestComics has been at your side for the past few years doing this exact thing of “investing in the comic book market” as this informative reporter’s piece states. Is InvestComics tooting its own horn? You’re dang right it is! BUT remembering ONE ALL important lesson while “collecting”….. have FUN doing it! So take a look at this video, which is very informative, runs only 2:29 and listen to what is being said, you might learn a thing or two here.


Hot Picks 5-3-10 (because of the holiday, comics will arrive on Thursday NOT wednesday this week) 

darkstarandwinterguard1.gifA Marvel solicit this week reads “The Winter Guard is back by popular demand!” Was this team really in demand? Do you know anyone that wrote a letter to Marvel? Maybe you know someone that started a petition to bring back Winter Guard? Well anyway, check out Darkstar and the Winter Guard #1 this week because “YOU” demanded it and if you really feel the demand to look for their first appearances, look no further than the 1 dollar bin at your local comic convention! The Incredible Hulk #393 (1992) has the dubious distinction of having the first hulkwinterguard1_1stdarkstar_reenastanicoff.gifWinter Guard, while the very recent Hulk Winter Guard #1 has the first Darkstar. The Incredible Hulk #393 has the awesome talent of Dale Keown, one of the best Hulk artist of all time, a reason alone to just have this 30th anniversary issue. After you’re done spending your 2 bucks for these comics, head on over to the 50 cent bin and pick up Soviet Super Soldiers #1 (Winter Guard). This issue features Angel Medina and Javier Saltares! That’s worth more than 50 cents right there! Avengers Prime #1 will be a nice pick up this week. Why you ask? Glad you did 2 names Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis. Brian is well……Brian and Alan is one of the most underrated artist of the past 10 years. This guy is great and this 5 issue miniseries will prove it once again. Do not miss it.

avengersprime1.gifadvcomics12.gifAnother great talent comes our way with Adventure Comics #12. Paul Levitz will reach back into the Legion of Super-Heroes archive to tell a tale as only Mr. Levitz could. Paul could write the words S-O-L-D O-U-T on this cover because it won’t be on the shelves very long. DC continues their onslaught of the Brightest Day with issue #3. The Green Lantern movie better be a good one, because Geoff Johns has really raised the bar as far as Lantern storytelling goes. Is it too late to have Johns write it? Oh well. Jokers Asylum #1: The Riddler starts the weekly coverage of Batman’s rouge gallery brought to you by some heavy hitter creators from the jokersasylum1_theriddler.gifbrightestday3.gifindustry as well as the Joker himself narrating the weekly series for us. The Ridder is up first, written by Peter Calloway, art by Clayton Henry and an unbelievable cover by Ethan Van Sciver. This will be a fun few weeks to hear what the Joker has to say and who shows up to bring the story to us.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird team-up in the new Hawkeye #1. If you want to get a look at the first time these two had a mini together, check out Hawkeye #1 from 1983. Yes that’s Hawkeye in his purple/blue duds and it looks awesome. Thanks to Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding for one of the best Hawkeye covers of all time.

Getting back to DC for a sec, Tony Bedard of Green Lantern Corps will be writing the origin of a very cool character from the Great Ten series. Check out this series with great art by Scott McDaniel as well as some good storytelling. Shaolin Robot will be getting the origin treatment in Great Ten #8, so check it out. The Thanos Imperative #1 will be the new world Cosmo order for Thanos. Get one thing straight, Thanos runs stuff in the Cosmos. Not Warlock, Galactis, Nova or even Silver Surfer. Thanos runs it…period. He’s back to reclaim his galaxy. If you ironman55.gifhave been out of the loop for a little bit as far as how high InvestComics™ is on this villain, check out (click) these Hot Picks 4-21-10, 4-28-10 and 5-5-10 and find out how this character has one of if not THE most underrated/undervalued first appearance in comics today. If you do not own Iron Man #55 (1973), you must get it…..period.




Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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