Ex Machina tackles abortions!

Final story arc of BKV and Tony Harris’ political superhero story is called ‘Pro-Life’. Oh boy.

In an interview with CBR , Brian K Vaughan reveals that the final storyline of Ex Machina, which starts this week in #45, is to be called ‘Pro-Life’.

We’ll save any ambiguity for
the politics, as Mitchell continues to learn that neither the right nor
the left seems to have the answers to our most complicated problems.
We’ve already explored everything from gay marriage to domestic
terrorism, so I’ll let people guess which hot-button issue we’ll
finally be tackling in our last storyline, which DC/WildStorm somehow
let us title “Pro-Life.”

Ex Machina has never been afraid to tackle the big issues, from Gay Marriage to the legalization of Marijuana, but this is the biggest hot button yet! I can’t wait to see how BKV handles it. His previous explorations of politics have been surprisingly well-done. But this is sure to enrage Conservatives, which is good!

The interview also discusses the other events of the series’ conclusion, and BKV’s exit from ABC’s LOST and future comics projects from the writer.

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Posted originally: 2009-09-15 16:05:47

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