Famous Faces and Funnies and InvestComics Team Up!

Comic Book store Famous Faces and Funnies in West Melbourne Florida will begin filming the very first InvestComics Comic Book video review show called FFFIC!

The show will feature reviewers Sebastian Piccione, Shaun Sorenson, and filmed by Mark V. Sarno. So besides saying the funny name to the new show “FFFIC”, it’s going to be a blast to watch!

Check out Famous Faces and Funnies Comics and Toys in West Melbourne Florida. It’s a spectacular store that carries a vast array of toys and just about any comic book you could possibly imagine! If you can’t make it there, visit their very busy Facebook page with cool announcements, photos, and so much more. FFF rocks!

Click on their Store sign (left) to go directly to their Facebook page! FFFIC coming soon!!!

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