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InvestComics magazine #2

Before we get started, we wanted to give a huge shout-out to our friend Sully and his team over at CSSully on Twitch. Their Wednesday show What’s-It Worth-Wednesday features a segment with Trending Pop Culture/InvestComics as the main talking point. So, suffice to say, there are new fans checking us out now and we wanted to welcome you all to our platform. To those that have been with us, we implore you to check out the CSSully Twitch channel right HERE. Subscribe and enjoy the entertainment throughout the week Mr. Sully provides. 
A synopsis of how Trending Pop Culture/InvestComics have arrived at this point and what it is we do.
We began as a free magazine given out to comic shops here locally in Florida. We then began shipping out the free magazine in every order we sold on eBay. We soon after started up the InvestComics website and began a weekly Hot Pick post. One hot NEW comic of the week turned into many comic hot picks for the week. From there we quickly expanded because we were the first and only speculative comic site on the internet. We’ve mostly covered long-term investments with checklists consisting of old Avengers comics to old Black Panther comics. We also had exclusive webcomic content, comic convention coverage, interviews, YouTube vids with cosplayers, speculation checklist, reviews, creator spotlight, and so many other fantastic engaging posts.

Most of the Bronze age/Silver age comics we recommended are worth hundreds/thousands of dollars now. While slinging the oldies, we were also showing our skill set in picking the modern books as well (Hot Picks). Once again, fans were making their money back tenfold in some cases. Like everything in life, greatness is imitated. There is only one Michael Jordan, but Kobe will always be the imitation of sir airness. InvestComics is the GOAT. Over the years, many other speculation sites started popping up around the internet and we knew we had to make a shift. There were simply too many cooks in the kitchen and it was too watered down with recommendations for pretty covers being “worth money” with zero validity for it. No first appearance, no new costume, etc., nothing but a pretty cover. We’re not stating a nice cover isn’t of value to someone, but we are saying that the speculation about the book itself is zero. Purchase your “cover-love” comic for the sake of liking the cover, not putting a stringent value on it. The “covers for value” is only the tip of the iceberg. Every single back issue comic has become a “key issue” in some way.
Commanding higher monies with no resource within the book itself (cover-love) was becoming the new normal and we were never about that (but there is nothing wrong if you are!) So, we shifted our entire InvestComics catalog to Trending Pop Culture. We once again created a market within a market. All of these sites that originally borrowed from InvestComics soon started using the word “trending” in their vernacular. We created the “trending” market within the speculation market without having to dispel the notion of a new modern comic being worth money because of speculative reasons. We simply said, “Hey, look at that, that comic is popular! It sold out! Fans like it! It’s not within our confines to honestly recommend a comic to be “worth money” these days for a sustained run 25 years from now. When we recommended Iron Man #55 (first appearance of Thanos) for $100 or so, back in the early 2000’s (WAY before Thanos was even a thought in the Marvel cinematic universe), we were light years ahead of the curve. This cannot be done today because everyone has access to comic news regarding films and television. Everyone has become their own speculative guru. This isn’t a bad thing, just a space we don’t want to be associated with because of the consistent dip in the modern market value. So, the shift occurred and then over a year ago we arrived at another intersection in the road. Well, not so much an intersection, but a road, a new path, regarding InvestComics. We decided to bring back the GOAT. The decision was an easy one actually. Looking at the current landscape of the modern comic market, especially the NEW weekly comics. We wanted to become the “voice of reason” within the radical landscape. Too many have their own agenda and are simply creating a false narrative to sell comics. Not every appearance of a comic character on television or movie needs to be equated to a spike in the price of their first appearance. Not every first appearance is a “key book.” It’s a false narrative. Usually, 9 out of 10 times a “hot comic” comes crash landing and many people are left holding the bag. Regular fans of InvestComics know this already because we have explained this time and again. Our site prides itself on educating collectors, giving some form of information to make an educated decision. We do not go after the shiny object.
We have a very different approach than all of the comic speculation you may hear out there. A false sense of urgency does not exist here. A simple, sometimes a long explanation of what it is the collector is really looking at exists here. The weekly hot picks have become two-fold. One, to show fans the comics that are trending (showing signs of interest). Two, to get the InvestComics brand involved when necessary (see Darkhawk #1 1991 below). 
Trending Pop Culture and InvestComics now co-exist together as complementary yin and yang, each lending to each other to inform the fan, the reader, the collector in buying that comic you may like, simply to read or collect.
What else does Trending Pop Culture/InvestComics provide as far as content goes beside the weekly hot picks? Glad you asked! We provide several bits of content. One of our favorite content pieces these days is the Insta 5. Because we live in such a vapid short-attention span, give me everything now in under a minute world, we created Insta 5. This content consists of a rapid-fire q&a session with various trending figures, legends, entrepreneurs, authors, etc. The q&a is five questions and appears exclusively on Instagram, with an abbreviated version here on the site. You can visit the site page right HERE and see the heat we have brought in. The Top 5 Hot Comics of the week is a sought-after post many collectors flock to. (Mr. Sully himself gave the InvestComics team the top 5 idea!) It’s a shorter breakdown of our Hot Comics and Collectibles article, as we narrow things down to the top 5 trending/speculative comics for that week. We then have Dame 5. This is a Spanish language breakdown of hot comics arriving before Wednesday. Mr. Angel Rivera delivers these articles. Trending Pop Culture/InvestComics became the very first speculative comic site to ever post a consistent Spanish language article regarding weekly hot speculative comics. These are just a few of the content posts we provide. We are constantly educating the collector with various articles throughout the site. Our social media content is constant as well. Make sure to follow us on all media outlets. 
With all that, let’s get to this week’s comics, shall we?        

Joker #2 – It’s been 40 years since comic fans have received a regular monthly Joker series. In today’s climate, a darker vibe seems to resonate with comic fans. Look at the hotter comics at the moment, Something is Killing The Children, King In Black, etc. Take a look at the covers below too. Most if not ALL have an underlying dark theme to them. DC’s Joker series could break through in a big way if given a chance. “Chance”, meaning letting the series survive a long run with great storytelling and not having a relaunch after 8 issues. The relaunches are a constant killer in the speculation market. Too many new starts ruin momentum for something bigger. Longevity is a health monitor for books/series maintaining their status. This Joker series will present a huge upside if DC maintains the course. All that is needed is one, quality, introduction/first appearance and we are off to the races. The story also needs to remain strong in order to keep the interest and sales, thus lending to the spec side. With star-power creators like James Tynion IV, Mirka Andolfo, and Guillem March on this series, it’s going to be a fun ride regardless.       
Thor #14 – Speaking of firepower, it’s no secret that Donny Cates is the hottest writer on planet earth. Mr. Cates will be wrapping up his Thor storyline “Prey” and fans can always expect a surprise. 
Darkhawk Heart Of The Hawk #1 – The speculative market boomed the first appearance of Darkhawk a little bit ago and Marvel has responded with a one-shot Darkhawk comic. This is probably being done to test/gauge the market on the character. What exactly is the interest here Disney wants to know. Is there a real demand? We say “eh”. The speculative demand came from that “false narrative” we spoke of earlier. Yes, it’s the first appearance, but with zero substance to sustain its value at this time, thus leading to a quick price drop….again. Darkhawk #1 (1991) is a cool one-dollar comic bin comic in our eyes. Not saying the 1991 comic is a bad way to go, but let’s all pull back the reins a bit. 
Locke & Key Sandman Hell & Gone #1 – Here’s a team-up we can get behind. Two massive storytelling series’ collide with their respective writers. Joe Hill, who wrote Locke & Key, and the Sandman series written by Neil Gaiman will converge and definitely create some comic book magic. This is one of those times you scratch your head and say, “no way, really??” Yes, for real. Expect quick sell-outs here and a second print announced by the end of the week.   

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Locke and Key/Sandman
The Joker #2
Thor #14
Darkhawk #1 2021
Darkhawk #1 1991










Daredevil #29
Batman & Scooby #1
Spider’s Shadow #1
Superman #30
Batman Detective #1











Batman The Detective #1 – DC changed the title from Batman: The Dark Knight to what it is now. Why do you ask? Don’t know, don’t really care either. Both title names are cool and we just wanted to bring that up to create some banter. Anyway, Batman fans and collectors need to keep a close eye on this one. Although a mini-series, there will be first appearances within it. The superstar creative team made up of writer Tom Taylor and artist Andy Kubert makes for another reason to check this one out.  
Superman #30 – And speaking of first appearances, there could be one lurking in here. 
Daredevil #29 – It’s unofficial/official in this issue, Elektra is the new Daredevil! That said, warning signs from writer Chip Zdarsky teasing new characters upon us. Marco Checchetto pencils. 
Spider-Man Spider’s Shadow #1 – A story told based on the “what if..? factor. What if Peter Parker became Venom. Okay, we’re in. Where do we sign up? Chip Zdarsky writes and Pasqual Ferry will draw. 
The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #1 – Here’s a sleeper comic this week. This all-ages comic teams up Batman with Shaggy, Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang. The reason we say it’s a sleeper is because of two reasons. A short print run may create a buzz to try and find a minty fresh copy and the storytelling here brings the entire cast back in time to Batman: Year One. Yes, that one. The McFarlane Year One. Maybe we’ll get a panel surprise of Todd’s work from yesteryear? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Writer Ivan Cohen and artist Dario Brizuela. 

GOTG #13
Jenny Zero #1
Non-Stop Spm #2
Super Sons #1
You Promised…#1
Urban Legends #2









Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 – The all-new Guardian team debuts. 
Jenny Zero #1 – An introduction of a new character in their number one issue. Dark Horse Comics.
Non-Stop Spider-Man #2 – This new Spidey series is one watch. Writer Joe Kelly and artist Chris Bachalo are dialing up the all-out action. Some comic readers long for their action heroes to do more action, less talking, more fighting. This series will bring it. 
Super Sons #1 – Another Super Sons relaunch. Here’s a good example of what we spoke of earlier. These companies, the Big 2, need to let these series carry on without canceling and restarting in order to gain momentum in ever gaining traction for fans to take them seriously. These Super Sons were super hot at one point and now they’re an afterthought. DC has Peter J. Tomasi on board again. He’s awesome though and artist Max Raynor. 
You Promised Me Darkness #1 – From Behemoth Entertainment, a sci-fi/supernatural/thriller from writer/artist Damian Connelly. 
Batman: Urban Legends #2 – The new Batman anthology from various writers and artists. These anthologies are always a great read because they contain different styles of storytelling from various walks of life. 

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Freakshow Knight #1
Home #1
Karmen #2
Lighthouse #1
Goat and Bunny #1









Here’s a rapid-fire of the rest of the number one comics to look for this week. 

Freakshow Knight #1 – From Second Sight Publishing. Writer Jonathan Hedrick and artist Stefano Cardoselli. 
Home #1 – Image Comics. A story based on today’s border crisis in the U.S. Writer Julio Anta and artsit Anna Wieszcyk. 
Karmen #2 – Hey wait a sec, this isn’t a number one issue? Nope, but it’s two in a possible hot series from hot artist Guillem March. 
Lighthouse #1 – From Image Comics. Doesn’t the cover remind you of the old Marc Silversri days? Ah, good ol’ times. Creators; David Hine and Brian Haberlin.
Man Goat & The Bunny Man #1 – And the best comic title of the week goes tooooo. Zenescope Publishing. Creators Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini. 
Phantom On The Scan #1 – AfterShock’s new series from writer Cullen Bunn and artsit Mark Torres. 

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Hot Collectibles This Week

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Tusken Raider Barbaric Desert Tribe ARTFX StatueKotobukiya
POP Jumbo Marvel Galactus Previews Exclusive 10-Inch Metallic Vinyl Bobble HeadFunko
GI Joe Lady Jaye Canary Ann Bishoujo StatueKotobukiya











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Joshua Middleton
Andy Kubert
Will Robson
Takashi Okazaki
Riccardo Federici
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