InvestComics Comic Hot Pick 3-12-08

Superman goes Brazilian











Superman # 674


Not much happening this week in the speculation market. It came down to only 2 weak choices this week. It was between Serenity Better Days #1 or the Superman #674. Guess who won.


This Superman gives the collectors new series artist Renato Guedes. Renato is a Brazilian born artist who signed exclusively with DC not too long ago.  He’s done some work for DC already, Action Comics, OMAC and Smallville to name a few. Check out some of his work at this link: Some nice stuff.


DC is dubbing this comic as a “great jumping on point”, If we only had a nickel for every time they’ve said that! Anyway, Renato seems to have a pulse on the man from Krypton with his art style. We’ll see…..


Invest wisely.


Jay Katz


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