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ic42810fp.gifWith the release of Iron Man #25 (New Armor) and the Iron Man 2 movie coming, a very special Hot picks this week brings the KEY Iron Man books that need to be in your collection. Plus the week that was…..








With the release of Iron Man #25, and the Iron Man 2 movie, this week’s Hot Picks will be taking a look at the Iron Man collection. What KEY Iron Man books should you have in your collection? Well, since Iron Man has been around since 1963 the character has gone through some things to say the least. There have been countless major storylines involving Tony Stark (Illuminati, Avengers Disassembled, Secret Invasion, and the unforgettable Civil War, plus MANY more!). One standout storyline involving Tony Stark happened in his own Iron Man title. ironman120.gifironman115_johnromitajr1stfullwork_1978_20.gifThe story arc was called “Demon in a Bottle”. This story really gave the rawness of Tony’s addiction to alcohol. The very first part of this arc started in Iron Man #120 (1979), brought to you by the team of John Romita Jr. and writers David Michelinie and Bob Layton Sr. If you could buy this comic within the $15 range, actually the entire run up to issue #128 for less than $15 a piece you will arguable own one of the greatest story arc’s of the Iron Man series ever. Think of this run as the “Frank Miller Daredevil” run. It’s the defining moment in the series. A very nice nugget hidden away in the Iron Man series is Iron Man ironman128_1979_johnromitajr_boblayton_davidmichelinie_15.gifironman25.gif#115 (1978). If you are a fan of John Romita Jr. then this comic should already be in your collection. This issue was John’s first full art work of his career. This beauty of an issue could be found for only $20 in some markets. This is as unvalued as they come in the collection world. InvestComicsTM suggests that you find this comic, buy it in Near Mint condition, and store it. This gem is a firm collector’s item!

Iron Man’s very first appearance came in Tales of Suspense #39 (1963) and comes in at the $20,000 to $40,000 range, but it wasn’t until Tales of Suspense #48 (1963) did we first see the Red and Gold armor. Found this issue for about $2000 and you have yourself Gold without the Red. In the new release of Iron Man #25 this talesofsuspense52_1964_1200.gifamsm_86_1970_johnromitasr_200.gifweek, Tony Stark dons the new look armor. Wouldn’t you want the original Red & Gold to go with the latest? TOS #48 is a strong buy. Sticking with the Tales of Suspense series for a sec, Issue #52 is the first appearance of the Black Widow ($1000-$1500). Yea Scarlett is looking mighty fine in those tight black latex pants in the Iron Man movie. Check out Amazing Spider-Man #86 (1970) for $200 where the Widow dons the Black latex for the first time. That issue is penciled by the legend John Romita Sr. sequel. If you’re more of a “modern” person and need that Black Widow first appearance in her “tight” black outfit, look for this issue instead

ironman21_1970_archiegoodwin_60.gifironman47_1972_roythomas_barrywindsor_smith_50.gifLet’s get back to the Iron Man series, and lets go in chronological order too. The number one issue from 1968 is a VERY affordable $900 to $1200 right now. Unbelievable considering how much play this character will get for the next 10 years. Iron Man #21 (1970) is the first Bronze Age issue and could be yours for $60 or less! Do you really need to be told to get your butt on this one? Iron Man #47 (1972) is written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith, and is an early origin issue for a measly $50. If you’re in the market for ironman55_1973__1stthanos_jimstarlin_250.gifironman100_1977_50.gifan origin issue, this one would be it. As InvestComicsTM has already covered in its Hot Picks 4-21-10; Iron Man #55 is one of the premiere buys as far as investments go. Buy this comic at $250 and love it. You’ll see why in 10 years. An anniversary issue pops up in Iron Man #100 (1977). This will cost you about the same amount for that origin issue number 47. Jumping ahead 18 issues later to Iron Man #118 (1979) the world was introduced to Jim Rhodes. This John Byrne issue is only $15-$20. It takes Jim Rhodes 52 issues to get the nerve to put on the Iron Man suit in issue #170 (1983 – $10). Then the ironman118_1stjimrhodes_1979_johnbyrne_15.gifironman170_jimrhodesasironman_dennis_denny_o_neil_1983_10.gifWar Machine armor makes its first appearance in Iron Man #281, then War Machine first appears in Iron Man #284. Both of these issues fall into the $7 – $10 range.

So that’s it for a look at the Iron Man KEY issues. Are there others that didn’t make the list? Of course there are. Do you want to talk about them? Go to the InvestComicsTM Forum and discuss them under the Hot Picks 4-28-10 thread.

ironman284_1992_1stwarmachine_8.gifBesides Iron Man #25, the list is quite small as far as bang for your buck goes. One thing about the Iron Man #25, make sure to get your hands on the Herb Trimpe variant Iron Man #25 cover. This comic will far exceed any of the others as far as the investment side goes. Look for this comic to be a hot book for an extremely limited time. Yes Tony Stark is changing his costume (armor), but it’s not a “drastic” change like a Spider-Man black costume. Don’t sit on this book too long or you will miss the opportunity to dump it at a high premium. As far as the other new releases go this week, Deadpool #22 has an introduction of a new villain in it. Husk #1 from Marvel might be a sleeper, so check that one out. Everyone’s favorite clone is deadpool22.gifhusk1.gifthor609.gifspiderman1allages.gifback, Thor’s clone comes back to do battle with the Asgardian in Thor #609. Should be a great fight! And a new Spider-Man #1 for all ages hits the shelves this week.





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