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hp52610fp.gifMarvel’s Secret Avengers take over this weeks Hot Picks. Also, a couple of women get their own books and the Cap gets a new penciler! Plus more…. 




Hot Picks 5-26-10 










The Secret Avengers #1 debuts this week with much fanfare. The Secret Avengers line up as we know right now consists of Moon Knight, Black Widow, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Nova, War Machine, Valkyrie, Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers and Beast. So let’s have a little fun (as Bob Ross would say) and take a look at the debut of these characters in the Marvel universe. The big dog Steve captainamericacomics1_1_jackkirby_joesimon_941_250k.gifxmen1_1963_jackkirby_25k.gifRogers we all know debuted in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. Legends Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were the ones responsible for delivering one of the most coveted comics of all time. This comic could be obtained in the 175K to 225k range. Look for this comic to explode once Captain America debuts on film. This comic is an absolute gem to own if you could afford one. The first look at Beast came in Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963). Once again Jack Kirby had his paws all over this one too. Get this comic at around 25K – 30K.This comic is a beautiful gem here as well, although the Captain America werewolfbynight32_1stmoonknight_1975_125.gifnova1_1976_johnbuscema_marvwolfman_firstnova_30.gifComics #1 issue being the better of the 2. Moon Knight, one of the most underrated Marvel characters in the Marvel Universe showed off his white cape for the first time in Werewolf by Night #32 (1975). Find this comic for $125 or less and you own the potential of a big first appearance of a character that could explode one day. There is no risk factor to purchasing this comic, it has been steadily increasing or lying flat at times year by year and will continue to do so and is a great comic to own at this price. Nova debuted in his self titled comic back in 1976 and with all of the hype, sales and madness going on in the Marvel Cosmic Universe these days and Nova being right in the thick of it, Nova #1 (John Buscema and Marv Wolfman) for $40?? It’s insane not to have this comic in your collection. The Irredeemable Ant-Man (2006) showed up in his self titled comic as well. This issue was brought to you by creators Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester. It can be found at your local comic shop for cover price or $5. So what theavengers83_1970_1stvalkyrie_roythomas_johnbuscema_100.gifironman281_1stwarmachine.gifare you waiting for? …Someone to read this and buy it before you?? Valkyrie broke onto the scene in 1970, debuting in The Avengers #83. The comic sells in the $85 – $100 range. Not too sure where or what will become of Valkyrie though. The Avengers #83 falls into the risk category. A second rate character that doesn’t show that much upside. On the other hand, War Machine has always showed some upside though. He seems not to be utilized in a way that Marvel fans are attracted to. Not quite sure what is up with that. War Machine has a great back story, is related to the Iron Man family books, kicks butt, and looks totally cool, so what’s the problem here? War Machine’s first appearance is in Iron Man #281 (1992) and prices for just $4. The problem here is an oblivious tos75_1966_1stsharoncarter_agent13_125.giftos52_1964_1stblackwidow_1000_1500.gifone. Back in 1992, Marvel was overprinting, just like mostly everyone else and thus making this issue a very accessible one, thus driving the price down. Simple case of supply over meeting demand. Black Widow is one of the only 2 women in Secret Avengers.You could roll back to a few weeks ago to Hot Picks 4-28-10 (Iron Man Hot Picks Special) and see some coverage of the Black Widow there. Tales of Suspense #52 (1964) comes in at the $1000-$1500 range. Here again, the Black Widow falls into the puzzlement of why is it that this character just doesn’t “hit”? A very pricey buy at $1000 and a better Black Widow buy would be the Amazing Spider-Man #86 (1970) for $200. Why you ask? Well go to the Hot Picks from 4-28-10 and find out! Sharon Carter is the last of our covered Secret Avengers. amsm_86_1970_johnromitasr_200.gifcaptainamerica606.gifTales of Suspense #75 (1966) comes in at about $125. Jackson “Butch” Guice will be penciling Captain America #606. He’s an awesome talent and fans can’t wait for this veteran to show his Guice like style on Cap. If you want to find the first time Butch ever drew Captain America, you’d have to go into the back issue bins and pull out The Avengers annual #12 from 1983! The annual sports a great cover from Al Milgrom. $4 should make you a proud owner of the first Guice Captain America. How about Dazzler coming out with her number one issue? Who would have thought this? With names like Byrne, Austin, Claremont and Romita Jr. comes The Uncanny X-Men #130 (1980), which happens to be Dazzler’s first appearance. Look at those skates! Anyway, this issue will set you back about $55. A price tag that goes deep into the wallet for a first appearance of a third rate character, but theavengersannual12_1983_jacksonbutchguice.gifuncannyxmen130.giflet’s face it folks, you’re really paying for the 4 creator names just mentioned. If Lindsey Lohan could get her act together, she will probably be in the starring role in the Dazzler movie if there is one ever made. This will drive the comic collector’s interest thus making this book climb a bit faster, but for now the names associated with this comic as well as a first appearance makes it a nice slow progressive moving issue. Now with the above just mentioned, go exactly ONE issue prior to Uncanny X-Men #129(1980) and that brings us to X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1 coming out this week. The SAME creative team brings the first appearance of Emma Frost in issue 129. This time, look to spend a bit more here, around $65-75. Why more money you ask? It’s only Emma Frost. Well this issue carries the first appearance of Kitty Pryde as well, so essentially you’re getting a uncannyxmen129_1980_80_1stkittyandemma.gifdazzler1_2010.giftwofer. Unlike issue 130 though, you’ll get more bang for the buck with this issue. So if Pamela Anderson was 20 years younger and could act, maybe she would be Emma Frost in the feature film? Lindsey and Pamela in a team up movie, Dazzler & Emma, wow wouldn’t that be lovely??

Staying with the pairing idea here, don’t forget to check out the debut of 2 new creators in one book! DC’s Teen Titans #83 introduces Rex Ogle and Ted Naifeh. DC bringing in new blood, always great to see the talent “before” they get real famous! 









Invest wisely.

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