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A white dress, a white venom and The White Knight himself all make it to this weeks Hot picks! Click ahead with your white arrow…..
archie601.gifArchie # 601 
Well here it is fans, 68 years in the making and it’s finally going to happen. After switching back and forth between 2 girls, after the countless bickering, after the fist fights, after the 600th issue of Archie comics, Archie is getting married. This is a very big deal in the Archie fan community as well as pop culture. The issue is offering up a surprise ending that promises to leave us speechless. My guess here is he marries Betty and not Veronica (Veronica marries Reggie). Everyone who is an Archie fan agrees, ‘why is Archie marrying Veronica and not Betty?’ Betty is the more wholesome girl, while Veronica has always been a total….jerk. This Wednesday really marks an event if Archie does indeed marry. Its Archie comics all grown up!

vengofmk1finchvariant.gifVengeance of Moon Knight # 1  Here we have one of those characters from Marvel that they just can’t seem to figure out. At last count, Moon Knight has had 9 different restarts, mini’s or specials under his belt. When will Marvel get it right? Will it be now? Here are some things to consider about this go around. Artist Jerome Opena (Wolverine:Flies to a Spider, Punisher) gets the nod to draw pictures, while writer Gregg Hurwitz (Foolkiller, Punisher MAX, Wolverine: Switchback) gets the writing duties. Both are rather newbie’s in the industry, which is a very good thing, Moon Knight needs fresh blood on his title. One of the best things about this new series is going to be the eye candy covers from Mr. Moon Knight artist himself David Finch (check out some more of David’s awesome Moon Knight stuff over at right now in the Covering Variants article). This is the deal, David Finch owns the White Knight. He is the only artist to ever bring this character to an edge (besides Stephen Platt, he was the first) of darkness and total bad as* like no one else could. As I say in the comicnews info article, when, when Marvel desides to make the Moon Knight movie, they will first look at Stephen Platt’s MK, then they will go to the ‘finished product’ in David Finch’s MK. Finch simply brings it when it comes to MK. It will not be long before Finch is back to doing the interior of these books because he does the only Moon Knight on the planet that is worth even a look and Hollywood will think so too. 



Brave And The Bold # 27 

Fan favorite J. Michael Straczynski comes on board one of the newest Batman titles. He brought Spider-Man to another level, no reason to think he won’t do the same here. That Spider-Man #30 comic still commands a few dollars and that J. Scott Campbell/Tim Townsend cover still rocks! 





Rebels # 8 

This issue has an appearance by the ‘All new, All different’ Omega Men. Want the original Omega Men? The first appearance would only cost you about $12 in Green Lantern Vol 2 #141. You should buy this because DC is gearing up for the Omega Men regular ongoing. 




Amazing Spider-Man Presents:  Anti Venom New Ways to Live # 1  Pick up the first appearance of Anti Venom at cover price in Amazing Spider-Man #569.



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