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The kids are back at Marvel, DC brings a new hot number one issue and Marvel has another status quo change in their Universe. Plus more if you click ahead! 

marvelsuper_herherosquad1.gifMarvel Superhero Squad # 1  Well isn’t this funny how Marvel gets bought
by Disney this week and here come the little superheroes and villains in their own book? Yes it is just a huge coincidence but it is perfect timing by Marvel here. How does one follow up with such big news like the Disney buyout? You release the next big cartoon/toy line (yes toys have been out) for kids by releasing their own comic that’s how. We all know that this cartoon will probably fare rather well, the toys are! What would be nice is to have these little guys join some Disney characters down the line someplace. My children would love this (well I would too!). So if Disney wants to make a boat load of more money, having these little heroes join up with some Mickey characters is probably the place to do it. Disney will not have the regular line Marvel characters anywhere near Mickey and Goofy, but why not have the Superhero Squad join forces with them? Yes the cartoons have been long made already and the comics have been placed out already as well for a storyline run before Disney came on board. That still doesn’t mean the next series of books won’t come out on a Disney comic book line with both the Mickey gang and The Superhero Squad. Keep your eyes peeled to this new series because WHEN Disney decides to let their gang into Marvel’s house, this will be the place that they will visit eventually. Maybe not this particular series of Superhero Squad, but maybe a new one down the line. The team up will most likely become a reality folks, a major reason why it probably will, DC/Time Warner. Time Warner after their buy out has still not capitalized on anything really as far as the Warner Brothers characters are concerned. Marvel has almost always either lead the way or made things better when it comes to DC, the movies, the storylines (tighter), the cartoons, etc. DC will be one step behind (again) when it comes to merging the 2 franchises. You heard it here first folks, Disney will indeed capitalize on the Mouse and the Spider being in the same house. So set up the traps and the bait because DC is about to be taught a lesson…….again.

captainamericacomics1.gifpepcomics11940_25k.gifThe Shield # 1 
If you were paying attention like the good students that you are, you’d already know that on Weekly Hot Picks from 8-26-09 The Shield appeared there. During that week, it was pointed out that The Shield first appeared some 14 months before Captain America did back in 1940. Captain America first appeared in Captain America Comics #1, which in a condition of a 9.2 bids for $190,000. So here comes pop quiz time! Anyone remember what that Pep Comics #1 (first appearance of The Shield) issue would sell for in NM condition?  Yes that’s correct, $25,000. Proving once again that Marvel can do anything you do but better! Well besides all that, The shield is going to be a nice go for DC here. They get their Captain America brand going and it’s going to be fun. So don’t forget that JG Jones Variant (more on this Variant on article ‘Covering Variants’) that will come this week too. Look for this series to do well and have a loyal following. This will be a good buy and hold.

darkavengersuncannyxmenexodusoneshot.gifDark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus # 1 

Well we have yet another status quo change comic from Marvel this week. Marvel needs to lose that ‘status quo’ line, it’s really old. Maybe say ‘Big Event’, nah  been done, maybe ‘Life changing’, nope, maybe ‘Life altering’, wow Marvel really has used up a lot of these lines huh? Well anyway, look out for this comic this week because supposedly it’s going to change the shape of the Marvel Universe (for the millionth time). A status quo change section is what we need here, then again, not enough room. Oh well…. 


Marvel Project # 2 
Read how everything in the Marvel Universe came to be. The Origin of the
Marvel Universe continues. We will be there, you should too.



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