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Marvel Comics dominates the Hot Picks this week. With much to choose from there aren’t many slam dunks this week, but a promise of some good storytelling with limited market value……

 Go into this week with your reading glasses on instead of the mad money thought. The week brings in the aftermath of Secret Invasion as well as a possible aftermath of Civil War. Long live Iron Man! An X-Men comic goes into a second printing and the first printing hasn’t hit stands yet! Come inside the Hot Picks for this week with much more to talk about……..

xmen_noir.jpgX-Men Noir #1 This comic is so hot already that Marvel is going back to the presses with a second print already. Check out the VERY cool second print cover right here at InvestComics Marvel Exclusive Press Releases! This comic is mucho scorching and is asking for your attention pronto.





Death Defying Devil #1 This character is flat out ultra cool. Going with success, Dynamite is following up the hot series Project Superpowers. The Devil gets kudos from legend John Romita Sr. in a beauty of a cover. Dynamite has a winner here and you better not be caught sleeping on this one.



xspider_2.jpgX-Men/Spider-Man #2 Issue number one was met with a huge round of applause and issue number 2 is going to be doing the same. Anytime you tell a story that is well written, beautifully drawn and evolves the X-men and Spider-Man meeting up for the first time, it’s safe to say it’s a formula for success.




What If? Captain America Fallen Son This is one of those What If? stories that you simply can not miss. What If Iron Man died instead of Captain America in Marvel’s Civil War? This will probably be sellout and a second print to follow right away. Don’t get caught without the first print, this is the sleeper Hot Pick of the week. So wake up from your nap will ya!




Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel #2 The first issue did very well as this series will gather some steam as it rolls. Blue Marvel will be a player in the Marvel Universe and you should be jumping in on his origin stories.





Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1 Secret Invasion ‘continues’ with Dark Reign. 





Wizard of Oz #1 The Oz gets the Marvel treatment. No not the HBO series (although that would be quite interesting!). We all know the Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic, we all know Marvel Comics are kicking butt these days. It a match made in heaven.




Wolverine: Flies To A Spider #1 Lots of semi-colons in the Marvel titles this week! Written by Gregg Hurwitz. Worth a look…..




Gold Digger #101 New characters, new team, yada yada……’Great jumping on point’. Okay lets all jump together.





See you next week.

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